Samsung Smart Tv Capabilities

Samsung Smart TV. Overview of features and functionality

Samsung Smart Tv Capabilities

Televisions have long ceased to be simple devices for watching television channels. A modern TV can be safely considered a multimedia platform in functionality reminiscent of a productive computer. If earlier it was possible to consider connecting a home theater to a TV set and building a high-quality system for watching movies on its basis as the ultimate dream, today with the mass distribution of Smart functionality it became possible to connect a TV to the Internet.

Samsung was one of the first companies to successfully integrate a TV and a computer in one device, as well as provide an efficient Internet connection. Years of evolution and development have led to the emergence of Samsung Smart TVs on the market, which are considered “smart” models with enhanced functionality. We will get acquainted in detail with the very essence of Samsung Smart TV, find out what it is, list the main features of productive devices, and also talk about new Samsung TV models that support the proprietary Smart TV platform.

What is Samsung Smart TV

Users accustomed to operating TVs without Smart TVs do not always understand how smart models differ from ordinary ones. In addition, after consulting the seller and purchasing a Samsung Smart TV, some users do not use even a tenth of all the capabilities of the purchased model, continuing to watch terrestrial television, and occasionally going online to watch online movies. That is why it is so important to figure out what will be discussed at all.

Samsung Smart TV is a TV that is equipped with Samsung’s proprietary Smart platform, which turns it into a multimedia center with direct access to large volumes of media content on the Internet. Such a device is close to a computer or smartphone in its communication capabilities. Installation of specially designed applications allows you to turn the TV into a kind of communication point for communication on social networks, exchange of information and access to the necessary content.

The level of Internet integration in Samsung Smart TV is very high. The vast majority of the TV’s capabilities involve an active connection to the network. Without an active Internet connection, the purchase of a TV with a Smart platform becomes unjustified. I would like to note that it was Samsung that was one of the first to implement in its TVs the ability to install applications and services for the most efficient use of Internet opportunities. After we have figured out what Samsung Smart TV is, we can proceed to examining its structure and functionality.

Samsung Smart TV features

Even the not-so-expensive middle-class TVs have a ton of useful features. Below we list the main ones.

Samsung Search All makes it very quick and easy to find the TV show or content you want on the web or in your home collection.

Samsung Social TV allows you to chat about the movie you just watched or leave comments on your blog. While watching, you can chat via Facebook, Twitter or Google Talk.

Samsung 3D opens up a wide world of surround cinema and high-quality sound for the user. A high-quality 2 D to 3 D image converter converts your favorite movie into a 3D format and allows you to get a decent 3 D picture.

Samsung’s Depth Rendering Technology is responsible for the reproduction of lively surround sound, which increases the comfort of watching movies and makes it possible to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening.

Connectshare Movie turns your Samsung Smart TV into a true movie theater. You can play movies from media such as flash drives and external hard drives.

Thanks to these features, Smart TVs are becoming very popular. Conventional models do not have access to the Internet, which automatically reduces the range of tasks to be solved. Other useful features of Samsung Smart TV include:

  • Display of digital (cable, satellite, terrestrial) television
  • Playback from external sources (HDMI 1.4 interface)
  • Ability to view IPTV
  • Internet surfing
  • Access to widgets and online services
  • Access to YouTube hosting
  • Skype calling support

Direct use of Samsung Smart TV starts with the launch of SmartHub. Visually, it resembles the desktop screen on a computer, but instead of shortcuts, the screen contains icons of installed widgets and all kinds of applications. You can also display a small window in which the selected TV channel will be displayed.

Samsung TVs have a very well designed interface. If desired, anyone who has mastered an ordinary mobile phone can deal with the basic set of features. The first associations when launching SmartHub are similarities with smartphones. However, the Smart TV platform is a more complex system, because the specifics of work and screen resolution are completely different.

It is very easy to physically control the TV using a special touch panel with a QWERTY keyboard. The presence of the sensor makes it easier to launch the necessary applications, the sensor itself resembles a computer touchpad with which many are familiar. It is no exaggeration to say that with the advent of Smart TV, users received a mega-functional and well-designed entertainment center.

Cinema application ivi. Ru is a fairly large and convenient content catalog. After installation, you will get access to a huge number of high-quality films, TV series and cartoons. The interface of the application is very user-friendly; finding the desired movie will not be difficult. Not a very pleasant moment is that watching movies is paid. A monthly subscription costs 300 rubles, some films can be watched only for a one-time fee of 100-200 rubles.

The Stream Interactive application is a collection of popular Russian TV series, documentary chronicles, reports and TV programs. All content is completely free.

The t vigle.Ru application provides access to a large number of Russian TV series, documentaries, clips and other content. Viewing any is also free.

Very often, the owners of Samsung Smart TVs install YouTube, the TV version of which is practically no different from the original.

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The foreign service Explore 3D contains a lot of specially prepared in the 3 D format. This service is especially useful for owners of 3 D TVs who do not have free access to volumetric content.

The Yota Play service provides access to the latest full-length films in high quality. The cost of watching one movie is usually less than 100 rubles.

Other popular applications include:

  • Skype
  • Gismeteo
  • Google maps
  • Social networks (Google Talk, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Sport-Express

And finally, let’s take a quick look at Samsung’s 2014 TVs, which will be equipped with a proprietary Smart platform.

Samsung Smart TVs

Smart capabilities will be available in premium, mid-range and, in some cases, budget models. If we talk about TVs in 2014, then the Smart functionality will be supported by representatives of the model range of the series:

  • HU9000
  • HU8500
  • HU7500
  • HU6900
  • H8000
  • H7000
  • H6500
  • H6400
  • H6350
  • H6200
  • H5500

We took a closer look at the functionality of Samsung Smart TV. We decided on the peculiarities of the Samsung’s proprietary Smart platform. Now, before buying a new “smart” TV, you will have a clear idea of ​​all its intellectual capabilities.

Channel setup

Next, you need to search for all available channels and save this list. To do this, you need to carry out the following manipulations:

On the turned on TV device, go to the setup menu using the button of the same name.

Further, in the menu that opens after this, we find the item “All settings”.

Then a new dialog box will open, in which you need to select the “Channels” item.

Then we select the sub-item “Channel search”.

Further, we select the channel source. It can be an ordinary antenna, it can be a signal from a cable operator, it can be a set of satellite equipment. It is also recommended to carry out this operation in automatic mode and this option must be selected in the next window. After that, all available TV channels will be searched.

At the end, you will need to save all the results obtained.

After that, the TV can already be used to watch programs.

Operating systems and internet connection methods

At the moment, such TV solutions are equipped with the following software shells:

The universal software in this case is “Android”. This shell is most often used by manufacturers such as Sony or Philips.

Another common operating system is Tizen. It was developed by the Samsung company, you can find it only on the devices of this company.

A possible alternative to the above two skins is webOS, which is mainly found on LG TVs.

There are two possible ways to connect such television devices to the World Wide Web: using a twisted pair cable and using Wi-Fi wireless technology. In the first case, setup is greatly simplified, but the need for additional cable pulling negates this advantage. Although such an operation as setting up “Smart TV” on a Samsung TV via Wi-Fi is more difficult at the configuration stage, but in everyday use it is much better and has a higher transmission speed. The latter allows you to receive information at a speed of up to 300 Mbps, and this ensures comfortable playback of clips in the “4K” format.

Installing the device. Connection

The first step is to set up. This is the assembly of the TV and its commutation. On the first of them, we install the TV on the supports, fix them, then place the device in a permanent place. Next, we connect the power cord to the outlet and the corresponding connector. We bring a wire from the TV signal source to the ANT IN port. In case of connection to the Global Web using a twisted pair, we bring this wire to the corresponding port of the device. If you plan to receive information via Wi-Fi, then there is no need to connect any additional wires. How to set up “Smart TV” on a Samsung 5500 TV through “Wi-Fi” will be further discussed.

Account. How to set up Smart TV on a Samsung TV? Tips Tricks

This material will describe how to set up “Smart TV” on a Samsung TV. The tuning algorithm will be given for the 40H5500 model with a 40 ”diagonal, but in reality it is universal and can be used when configuring any similar devices. As will be shown below, there is nothing particularly complicated in this procedure, everyone can handle it.


At the previous stage, the algorithm for how to set up Smart TV on a Samsung 5500 TV was completed. Now you need to check the correctness of the configuration and make sure that the device is fully operational. To do this, do the following:

After turning on the TV, we check the image and sound quality of all the channels found.

We go to the application menu and check the performance of each of them step by step.

Open a browser and check the loading of pages from the Global Web.

If everything is done correctly, then no problems should certainly arise at this stage.

Forkplayer Features for 2020 Samsung TVs

Forkplayer is a special browser adapted for TV software. That is, this program can be called a web browser. There are many options available to users, for example:

  • Free watching movies online.
  • Access to social networks.
  • Parental control function.
  • Listening to music.
  • Ability to create your own playlist.
  • Design changes, etc.

The presented application is provided free of charge, you do not need to purchase it to install. And all the content available in the program is taken directly from the Internet.

Series J. Year of manufacture 2015, Tizen system

The instructions below are not suitable for all TV sets in this series. It will not work if you are using models J4500 to J5205, for them you will have to follow the procedure described above.

The rest of the 2015 J line will require a USB stick. Previously, installation was done through the standard Divan TV application. Now this method does not work. Instructions explaining how to install the ForkPlayer widget:

  • First download the installer to your computer.
  • Insert the USB flash drive into your computer and follow the formatting procedure.
  • Create a folder named “userwidget” and drag the downloaded file into it. No need to unpack.
  • Then insert the USB device into the TV and open the file. The installation will be done automatically.
  • At the end it is recommended to restart the TV set.

Do not forget to remove the USB flash drive, otherwise the widget may be reinstalled.

How to install and configure Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV: step by step guide

Forkplayer for Samsung smart TV is a useful service that includes many different functions and provides additional options for users. In the article, we will consider what this resource is, how to install and configure.

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How to set up Forkplayer for Samsung Smart TV

Setting up Forkplayer for Samsung does not require complicated steps. The service has many different parameters. It is not worth describing each item, because when you hover over a specific option, the system will show a detailed description. Among the main functions are:

  • Parental control.
  • Changing language settings.
  • Picture-in-picture function.
  • External design.

When you select a movie or TV series, a description will be displayed on the right side, information regarding the quality of the image and sound will also be shown there. You can view on any sites, including YouTube, using a TV.

The Store Portal’s section contains many collections with different and audio. To open all the possibilities, for example, saving music, adding sites to the favorites tab, synchronizing with other devices, you will need to register on the official Fork Player website.

Samsung TV 2016. 2018 (KU, MU, NU series) Tizen OS

As a preliminary note, the following solution is complex and requires the use of the Tizen SDK. Procedure:

  • Initially, you should download the program.
  • You should also install Tizen Studio.
  • If you get an error related to a directory, create a folder and name it “tizen-studio” on any disk. Then right-click on it, go to the “Properties” tab, and then in the “Sharing” section, check the boxes next to all the items. After that try to install Tizen Studio again.
  • Open package-manager.Exe and install Tizen SDK Tools.
  • Then start Tizen Studio and click on “File / Import”.
  • Select Tizen and in the dropdown click on Project.
  • Leave the checkbox next to Archive File and download the installer.
  • In the line “Profile” select “TV-samsung”.
  • Launch Develop MODE on your TV.
  • Open “apps”.
  • On the remote, press numbers from 1 to 5.
  • Turn on Develop MODE by dragging the slider to the “ON” position.
  • Then go back to your computer and press the key combination. “WinR”.
  • Enter “cmd”. This will open a command line where you need to specify the command. “ipconfig”.
  • This will tell you the current IPv4 address. In the future, it must be entered in the parameters of the TV in the “Host PC” section.
  • Turn the telly off and on.
  • We return to the computer again and in Tizen Studio go to Device manage. Click on the image with a magnifying glass.
  • Next, scan by clicking on the corresponding button.
  • The system will detect the device. In the Connect column, drag the slider to the On position.
  • In Studio, in the top panel, you need to select the name of your TV.
  • Then press the run button. Run Empty, which will open the project on TV.

After the actions taken, the application should appear in the list of standard programs on the TV.

Series C, D, E, F. Year of issue 2010-2013

If you have a C, D, E or F series TV that falls under the model year 2010-2013, do the following:

  1. Go to the standard Smart Hub app. If the remote control has a button “A”, then press it to go.
  2. Sign in to your Samsung profile. In the login tab, write. Develop. Leave the password field blank, it will be generated by the system.
  3. Then you need to go into the parameters and find the development section.
  4. Accept the agreement.
  5. Then in the parameters where you can change the IP addresses, enter one of the values ​​-,
  6. After entering, go to sync settings.
  7. Wait for the sync procedure to complete.

Finally, log out of Smart Hub and log in again. As a result, the widget icon will appear on the main application page.

View setting

In the widget installed on Smart TV, you should correctly configure your personal data. It consists of the following sequence:

  • First of all, you need to create your own page to enter your personal account. It is more convenient to do this on the Tricolor official website. You should record your data (login, password) specified during registration;
  • Open the widget on TV, the program will require data entry. This is where you need to specify the recorded name and code;
  • You will be logged into your own account, where you can, by prompts, pay for the desired package from the list provided.

How to install the widget and customize the view

The installation algorithm will not differ from other widgets, because Tricolor is an official product, the correct operation of which is constantly supported by a large number of company employees. Therefore, if difficulties arose in the process, the support service will always help its client.

Now, as mentioned earlier, the widget can only be supported by two operating systems. Android and Tizen. That is why the Tricolor application for LG Smart TVs, which are equipped at the factory with their own firmware called WebOS, is currently impossible to install at all. The only exception can be the additional purchase of an Android set-top box.

Only certain requirements should be met for installation:

When the download process is complete, the new application will appear in the general list. But to start watching, you need to pay for the package you like, which opens access to a certain number of TV channels. On the Tricolor website there is a special section called “Packages and Services”.

Features of the Tricolor application on Smart TV

Absolutely all TVs with the Smart function differ significantly from their predecessors, broadcasting only conventional television broadcasting. You no longer need to worry about receivers, set-top boxes, smart card replacement and other complications. Many Smart TVs are capable of options like a PC or a smartphone.

The installed programs help to expand the scope of possibilities:

  • Browsers;
  • Communication;
  • Games, etc.

One of the favorite smart TV widgets for experienced owners is the very Tricolor. Its main task is to provide the user with high-quality digital television, but it competes with similar analogs (of which there are also quite a few) for the following additional capabilities:

  • No need to rush to catch the broadcast of your favorite show or movie. The server stores the history of all the content that was broadcast during the week. There is easy access to it and you can simply open the desired file for online viewing on your TV screen;
  • Convenient player with rewind, pause options;
  • Easy search for the desired channel. This is achieved, among other things, by sorting them by genre;
  • Nice, modern interface;
  • Under the running program you can always find a description of what is currently on TV.

It is for all these options that the widget has gained a lot of fans, the number of which is growing every day.

Which TV models support the Tricolor application

Unfortunately, not all “smart” devices support the installation of Tricolor. There may be several reasons for this. One of which is that for some models it is simply not yet developed.

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To evaluate Tricolor TV, Smart TV must necessarily meet one of the specific requirements:

  • The Tizen operating system, which all Samsung TVs are equipped with (at least 2.3);
  • Android OS (firmware above version 5).

In addition, a consistently high speed of the Internet connection is required (at least 12 Mbps). Since all work is provided only via the Internet.

Tricolor TV application for Smart TV: installation methods on Samsung and LG TVs

Don’t know how to properly configure the Tricolor TV application on your device or just can’t do it? In this article you will find answers to any problems you may have related to the program.

  1. Features of the Tricolor application on Smart TV
  2. Which TV models support the Tricolor application
  3. How to install the widget and customize the view
  4. View setting
  5. How to use the app

How to use the app

The operation of the Tricolor widget is usually not difficult even for inexperienced users. Conventionally, the TV screen can be divided into several parts:

  1. Left. Icons that have a corresponding topic of channels in the list (music, educational, news, etc.).
  2. Center. A list of possible broadcasts at the moment. By operating the arrows on the control panel, you can revise this list.
  3. Top bar: search, list of recommendations, and TV channels.
  4. On the right side, you can start a TV program, get acquainted with it, decide what you can watch the next day.

To select a TV channel you like, just select it with arrows and press “OK” on the remote control. The broadcast will load very quickly. To call the control menu in this mode, just touch the “OK” key again and you can control the player or other interesting program functions.

To exit the running broadcast mode, you need to find one of the possible buttons on the remote control (depending on the device model):

  • “Output”;
  • “Back” or something similar.

Quite a little time is enough to get used to, understand the basic principles and use of the specially installed Tricolor Online TV program for Smart TV will only bring pleasure.

Tricolor is a popular platform that provides analogue TV to a huge number of subscribers. And a specially developed application for Smart TVs allows you to significantly expand their capabilities. By installing it on TV, you can appreciate the following benefits:

  • Online viewing of a large number of TV channels of any genre and for different tastes;
  • Affordable packages for payment, where you can choose specifically for your preferences and financial capabilities;
  • Thorough interface;
  • Modern player and other options listed earlier.

At the moment, not all Smart TV owners have access to Tricolor, since an application has not yet been written for their devices (for example, for LG). However, owners of Samsung or other manufacturers (running on Android) can start installing the widget and rate it now.

Smart TV control

Multimedia functions Smart TV

Modern TVs with Smart TV function provide wired or wireless (via wi-fi router) access to various multimedia content on the Internet. All models support access to dedicated rental services as well as display additional content broadcasted on TV channels (the HbbTV feature discussed earlier). Among other things, Panasonic and Philips TVs are able to create lists of recommended TV shows, and Philips, in turn, can even find a movie in the online rental, focusing on your preferences. At the same time, this Smart TV uses the TV programs and movies you have already watched to calculate. Of course, this function can be disabled.

What is HbbTV

Alternative to gesture control

All high-end smart TVs come with an additional gyroscope remote control for easy navigation: an air mouse. A kind of analogue of the controller for the Wii game console: as soon as you pick it up, a pointer appears on the screen, which you can move with a movement of your hand and thus select and open menus, switch channels and browse websites. Control buttons for the main functions: volume control, channel selection, on the remote control are easily found by touch and have a well-thought-out arrangement. I think this solution is more reliable than the gesture control system. Control technologies for SMART TVs are constantly being improved and developed. Currently, new smart TV models are capable of recognizing entire sentences and complex hand gestures. Today, more and more manufacturers are implementing the voice control function in their SMART TV models. Samsung has been successfully integrating voice control into TVs since 2012, and other manufacturers have followed suit in 2013. I would like to note that during 2013 Samsung has significantly optimized this technology:

  • Smart TV began to respond clearly to commands
  • Better understands the user’s full sentences
  • Improved accuracy of recognition of the viewer’s hand movements.

As for LG, in 2012 the company launched the release of SMART TVs equipped with voice control and gestures, which, however, this function is implemented through a proprietary remote control. Magic Remote. The improvement of this accessory allowed him to understand whole phrases. One of the innovations in smart TV models from LG is the ability to control the movement of the finger, and this functionality is provided thanks to the built-in HD-camera. Since the beginning of 2013, Panasonic’s top-end SMART TVs offer a similar voice control option via the remote control.

Smart TV Gesture Control System

In addition to voice control, Samsung has built a camera into the top of the case, which allows interaction with the TV using gestures. This function is activated with a short wave of the hand, so there is no danger of false alarms. The gesture control system allows you to move the pointer to the desired point on the screen with the movement of the palm, and menu items are activated by clenching the hand into a fist.

Playback on TVs SMART TV

Now, even low-cost TVs have streaming capabilities, a user-friendly browser with support for Adobe Flash technology, and the ability to install applications as standard functionality. Smart TVs with built-in media players, unlike other models, are capable of playing most modern formats from a USB HDD or USB flash drive, including MKV files with sound in DTS format and 3D movies, both recorded on a flash drive and presented in online cinemas. Modern devices display most of the files from USB drives or from the Network (DLNA). Problems only arise with older TVs, in which the multimedia playback function is either completely absent or incompletely integrated, thus they do not have support for MKV, DivX or audio formats DTS tracks. The playback of “heavy” HD. The latest models of “smart” TVs wirelessly runs smoothly and without unpleasant delays, of course it depends on the quality of your wireless network.