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Samsung Smart TV. overview of features and functionality

Samsung, smart, capabilities

Televisions have long ceased to be simple devices for watching television channels. A modern TV can be safely considered a multimedia platform in functionality reminiscent of a productive computer. If earlier it was possible to consider connecting a home theater to a TV set and building a high-quality system for watching movies on its basis as the ultimate dream, today, with the mass distribution of Smart functionality, it became possible to connect a TV to the Internet.

Samsung was one of the first companies to successfully integrate a TV and a computer in one device, as well as provide an efficient Internet connection. Years of evolution and development have led to the emergence of Samsung Smart TVs on the market. which are considered “smart” models with advanced functionality. We will take a closer look at the very essence of Samsung Smart TV. find out what it is, list the main features of productive devices, and also talk about new models of Samsung TVs. supporting proprietary Smart TV platform.

Users who are accustomed to operating TVs without Smart TVs do not always understand how smart models differ from ordinary ones. In addition, after consulting the seller and purchasing a Samsung Smart TV, some users do not use even a tenth of all the capabilities of the purchased model, continuing to watch terrestrial television, and occasionally going online to watch online movies. That is why it is so important to figure out what it will be all about.

Samsung Smart TV is a TV that is equipped with Samsung’s proprietary Smart platform. which turns it into a multimedia center with direct access to large volumes of media content on the Internet. Such a device in its communication capabilities is close to a computer or smartphone. Installation of specially designed applications allows you to turn the TV into a kind of communication point for communication on social networks, exchange of information and access to the necessary content.

The level of Internet integration in Samsung Smart TV is very high. The vast majority of the TV’s capabilities involve an active connection to the network. Without an active Internet connection, buying a TV with a Smart platform becomes unjustified. I would like to note that it was Samsung that was one of the first to implement in its TVs the ability to install applications and services for the most efficient use of Internet opportunities. After we have figured out what Samsung Smart TV is, we can move on to examining its structure and functionality.

Even the not-so-expensive middle-class TVs have a ton of useful features. Below we list the main ones.

Samsung Search All allows you to quickly and easily find the TV shows or content you want to see on the web or in your home collection.

Samsung Social TV allows you to share the movie you just watched or post comments on the blog. While watching the video, you can communicate through the services. or google talk.

Samsung 3D opens up a wide world of surround cinema and high-quality sound for the user. A high-quality 2 D to 3 D image converter converts your favorite movie into a 3D format and allows you to get a decent 3 D picture.

Samsung’s Depth Rendering Technology is responsible for the reproduction of live surround sound, which increases the comfort of watching movies and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of what is happening.

ConnectShare Movie turns your Samsung Smart TV into a true movie theater. You can play movies from media such as flash drives and external hard drives.

Thanks to these features, Smart TVs are becoming very popular. Conventional models do not have access to the Internet, which automatically reduces the range of tasks to be solved. Other useful features of Samsung Smart TV include:

  • Display of digital (cable, satellite, terrestrial) television
  • Video playback from external sources (HDMI 1.4 interface)
  • Ability to view IPTV
  • Internet surfing
  • Access to widgets and online services
  • Access to YouTube video hosting
  • Skype calling support
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Direct use of Samsung Smart TV begins with the launch of SmartHub. Visually, it resembles a desktop screen on a computer, but instead of shortcuts, the screen contains icons of installed widgets and various applications. You can also bring up a small window in which the selected TV channel will be displayed.

Samsung TVs have a very well-designed interface. If desired, anyone who has mastered an ordinary mobile phone can deal with the basic set of features. The first associations when launching SmartHub are similarities with smartphones. However, the Smart TV platform is a more complex system, because the specifics of work and screen resolution are completely different.

It is very easy to physically control the TV using a special touch panel with a QWERTY keyboard. The presence of the sensor makes it easier to launch the necessary applications, the sensor itself resembles a computer touchpad, with which many are familiar. Without exaggeration, we can say that with the advent of Smart TV, users received a mega-functional and well-designed entertainment center.

Cinema application ivi. ru is a fairly large and convenient catalog of video content. After installation, you will get access to a huge number of high-quality films, TV series and cartoons. The interface of the application is very user-friendly; it will not be difficult to find the desired movie. Not a very pleasant moment is that watching movies is paid. A monthly subscription costs 300 rubles, some films can be watched only for a one-time fee of 100-200 rubles.

The Stream Interactive application is a collection of popular Russian TV series, documentaries, reports and TV programs. All content is completely free.

The t application provides access to a large number of Russian TV series, documentaries, clips and other content. Watching any video is also free.

Very often, the owners of Samsung Smart TVs install YouTube, the TV version of which is practically no different from the original.

The foreign service Explore 3D contains a lot of specially prepared videos in 3 D format. This service is especially useful for owners of 3 D TVs who do not have free access to volumetric content.

Yota Play service provides access to fresh full-length films in high quality.

Other popular applications include:

  • Skype
  • Gismeteo
  • Google maps
  • Social networks (Google Talk.)
  • Sport-Express

And finally, let’s take a quick look at Samsung’s 2014 TVs, which will be equipped with a proprietary Smart platform.

Smart capabilities will be available in premium, mid-range and, in some cases, budget models. If we talk about TVs in 2014, then Smart functionality will be supported by representatives of the model range of the series:

  • HU9000
  • HU8500
  • HU7500
  • HU6900
  • H8000
  • H7000
  • H6500
  • H6400
  • H6350
  • H6200
  • H5500

We took a closer look at the functionality of Samsung Smart TV. We decided on the peculiarities of the Samsung’s proprietary Smart platform. Now, before buying a new “smart” TV, you will have a clear idea of ​​all its intellectual capabilities.

XSMART 3.0. Widget for Samsung Smart TV C, D, E, F, H and J, K, M series on Tizen OS

XSMART 3.0 is a new version of a free widget that makes it possible to comfortably view various video content on Samsung Smart TVs C, D, E, F, H and J, K, M series on Tizen OS.

XSmart 3.0 download

download XSmart 3.0 for installation via SDK

How to install XSMART 3.0 on Samsung Smart TV

How to install XSmart 3.0 widget on TV Samsung K, M series via SDK is described here.

After checking the network status, select the “IP Settings” menu item

Next, click on the “DNS Settings” menu item and select the “Enter manually” option

How to use smart features of Samsung UA32TE40FAKXXL Smart TV

Click on the “DNS Server” menu item and enter DNS After that, we confirm our actions with the “Ok” button

In newer firmware versions 1422 and newer, Samsung removed the ability to install applications from a USB drive, so we launch the widget via DNS.

Press the “Menu” button on the remote control, go to the “Network” section and go to the “Network Status” menu item

Next, click on the “DNS Settings” menu item and select the “Enter manually” option

Click on the “DNS Server” menu item and enter DNS After that, we confirm our actions with the “Ok” button

Open the TV Menu, select the item “Smart Hub”, then “Samsung Accounts”, then “Login”. In the menu that appears, select “Login”. In the window that opens, enter the develop login, no password is needed and click Login.
2. Next: go to Smart Hub, stand on any application, press the central button-cross of the remote control and hold it until the pop-up menu appears.
3. In the menu that appears, select: IP Setting, then a window will appear for entering the numbers of the IP address. We enter all four groups of numbers, confirming each by pressing the central cross button of the remote control (IP address for setting is
4. Re-holding the same button. call the Synchronization Menu again and select the Start User App Sync item.
Next, an inscription will appear about the request for custom applications from the server and they will be installed.

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Login as user “develop”
– Press the button on the regular Menu remote control (or the Misc button on the touchscreen, use the arrows to move to the Menu button on the on-screen remote control)
– Select the menu item “Smart Functions”
– We choose “Uch. app. Samsung “, select” Login ”
– Enter “E-mail”: develop
– We put a tick “Remember password”
– Press “Login”
– Exit the menu
Adding a new IP address

Login as develop user
– Press the button on the SMART HUB remote
– Press the red button (A) to enter
– Enter username: develop
– The password will appear automatically
– Click OK. You are in Develop
Adding a new IP address
– Press the “TOOLS” button, then at the very bottom select “Settings”
– In the next window, select the last line “Development” and click ok
– Then go to “Server IP address settings” and write your IP with widgets or IP. (XSMART 3.0). OK
– Click “Synchronize User Applications”
– Widgets will be installed
– Exit the installation to the menu, press the red button “A” this will leave the Develop user
– Be sure to leave Smart-HUB, otherwise the widgets may not appear, go back

Key features of XSMART 3.0 widget

The XSMART 3.0 widget has a Cinema section in which a huge number of movie sites are presented. And also the TV section, which has both paid and free services for watching IP-TV. Also, it is possible to add your playlists through your Personal Account, save bookmarks in the “cloud”.

Samsung Smart TV features

The generation of Smart TVs is in a hurry to replace old TVs. Much credit for this belongs to ordinary computers. It is their functionality that smart TVs are now acquiring. If the old models were an improved modification of radio receivers, then the capabilities of modern ones are simply amazing.

What are the unique features of Samsung TVs?

A list of the main features, apart from watching terrestrial TV:

  • watching Internet TV (IP TV);
  • installation of various applications and widgets;
  • voice and gesture control;
  • communication via Skype;
  • face recognition function;
  • multitasking;
  • work with social networks;
  • multimedia playback (video, photo, music) from portable drives (hard drives and flash drives);
  • synchronization with other devices via Wi-Fi network;
  • games and entertainment;
  • and much more.

Another novelty is gesture and voice control. However, if voice commands are available in some languages, then gestures are international and universal.

There are online services for browsing the Internet. There is a whole selection of educational and simply interesting films for your children. The series is called “Children”. Taking care of the ease of maintaining a figure and health, Samsung has created the “Fitness” service. Its essence lies in the fact that you do not just watch the video, but also enter your results into a special database. This allows the pace of progress to be monitored and efforts to be made more accurately. The Family Story service allows you to share moments of life with relatives living far away.

Technologies and new capabilities of Samsung TVs are constantly evolving and everyone will find some functionality for themselves, and if it is not in the basic package, then you can probably find an application that will satisfy your needs.

What about security?

A gadget connected to the Internet often remembers passwords and anyone can access your accounts, for example, in the same social networks. The developers have significantly expanded the capabilities of Samsung Smart TV and have taken it one step further. The latest technologies have protected personal data very reliably. the built-in camera recognizes your face and no one except you will be able to use protected information, applications or login to social networks.

Samsung Smart TV Tips & Tricks.Smart DNS Proxy

A special scanner will process the resulting image even if a stranger approached the device. the TV will just lock.

The possibilities of Samsung Smart TV are not limited to this. A logical question. processors are updated at least once a year, so won’t my “smart TV” become outdated in a year or two? Of course no. In this case, it is possible to install an additional set of Samsung Evolution Kit. This add-on will selectively enhance your TV by either replacing a dual-core processor with a quad-core processor, or adding the ability to watch videos in Full HD quality.

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Thanks to the high frame rate, you will be able to enjoy the movie with the most dynamic scenes without the slightest flaw. This also provides the ability to view high quality 3D video.

How to enter the TV service menu

To enter the service menu, you must have a standard TV remote control (below is a photo of a standard remote control). The standard remote has more control buttons, some buttons are used to enter the service menu. Smart remote control for entering the service menu is not suitable.

Samsung standard TV remote control

Warning: work carefully with the service menu. Incorrect operations may result in the TV being unable to turn on. By entering the service menu, you fully take responsibility for the further operation of the TV under your own responsibility.

Commands for entering the service menu of the Samsung TV

You may not be able to enter the service menu the first time. Try it a couple of times. To protect against accidental entry into the menu, the aLGorithm for pressing the buttons is regulated. The buttons must be pressed once, the time between presses also matters. To enter the service menu, you need to press the buttons once, do not rush and hold it for a short time. Violation of the pressing aLGorithm does not initiate the launch of the service menu. With the correct aLGorithm for pressing the buttons, the LED on the TV after starting the TV will continue to blink, which means that the TV is loading software. After 3-7 seconds, the service menu will be displayed on the TV screen. If the power-on LED is constantly on and the service menu does not appear, something was done wrong and the procedure for entering the service menu must be repeated.

Engineering menu Smart TV Samsung

Since a modern TV is a rather complex device. To control it, configure and diagnose, and, if necessary, repair it, you need to control the TV at the level of primary commands. To do this, there is a service (engineering menu) on the Samsung TV. To enter the engineering menu, you must press in a certain sequence the buttons on the TV control panel. We will tell you what combination of buttons you need to press below.

Method 5 of entering the service menu

When the TV is in standby mode, press DISPLAY, MENU, MUTE, POWER on the remote control.

What can be changed or tested in the service menu

Using the service menu, you can change the settings and operating modes of the TV, as well as test the TV components. You can use the service to do the following.

What is Custom Menu on Samsung TV

An ordinary user has access to a custom menu. This is the menu that you will see by pressing the menu button on the TV remote control. Only 10% of the TV settings are available in this menu, and service commands are not available at all. The manufacturer believes that this is quite enough.

I changed the settings in the service menu, the TV does not turn on, what to do

Quite a common situation, a service menu for specialists who understand what they are doing. If you choose the wrong settings, it may well happen that the TV has stopped turning on. If you have a situation that occurs when you change the TV settings;

  • when turned on, the TV is constantly overloaded
  • the Samsung logo appears, and then a black screen
  • the power-on LED blinks several times, and then turns off, the TV does not work.

We will try to explain why this is happening. And practically nothing can be done on your own, since the problem is at the level of the operating system. The correct solution is to restore the operating system in a service center.

A TV is a smartphone with a certain modification of the operating system. OC must be written to the memory of the permanent memory chip and when the TV is turned on, the operating system will be read and loaded.

So OC is the same for all TVs, but the settings can be drastically different. For example, the screen type may be set in the settings; if this setting is changed, the TV may not work. If the wrong parameter is set in the settings, then when loading, OC freezes or an endless restart occurs.