Samsung Smart does not connect to Wi-Fi

What to do if the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi?

A fairly common problem on TVs of different manufacturers is that TV does not connect to Wi-Fi. Maybe he does not find a network at all, does not see a specific network, tries to connect, but to no avail. This problem may be accompanied by an error or do without it. The failure is spread due to the fact that there are quite a few settings that can interfere with the connection: from the most banal on the router to more complex, located in the TV system menu. We will deal with all problems in the order of quick leadership. Although we will not dwell in detail at each point, we will consider all the decisions.

  • Incorrect DNS;
  • Too loaded channel;
  • Unsupported frequency of work;
  • Lack of support for a specific encryption method;
  • The Internet is not fully configured or the wrong mode is selected;
  • Installation of the MAC addresses;
  • Poor signal quality;
  • Problems with the setting of the Wi-Fi region;
  • Damage to TV software;
  • A malfunction of the built-in Wi-Fi Module.

What you should know?

In the process of preparing Smart TV to connection, it is recommended to clarify a number of criteria, which will allow you to determine how to configure the Internet on Samsung TV.

  • The presence (absence) of the built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If such a module is absent, it will be necessary to ensure its availability and attach it by USB (synchronization with the television system will occur in automatic mode).
samsung, smart, does, connect, wi-fi

Watch the video review of an inexpensive network adapter for TV samsung:

It should be taken into account that when choosing an adapter, it is necessary to take into account the TV model, since the compatibility of the devices is determined individually.

  • Wi-Fi connection parameters. Here, the conditions for the provider’s tariff plan, the quality of the signal, the functionality of the router, etc. Should be taken into account. D. If you plan to view a pre-downloaded media content (on a computer), it is enough to use Wi-Fi-D technology this method involves synchronizing a TV with PC, duplicating the contents of the computer monitor and subsequent viewing of content on the large screen.

Direct activation excludes the possibility of using Smart TV as a device for Internet access and does not allow you to work with applications. The router with this method is not required.

samsung, smart, does, connect, wi-fi

What you need to know before connecting

Before the connection procedure, it is recommended to consider the following aspects:

    Whether Wi-Fi adapter is built into TV. Samsung has models in which the built-in adapter is not provided, so you have to use the USB port to connect to Wi-Fi. Choose an adapter for connecting a Samsung TV to the Internet, according to a specific model.

Wi-Fi connection steps

Automatically the TV is connected to the Internet when you first turn on to the network after buying. If the device is not connected to a cable connection, then the search for an available Wi-Fi system will conduct on its own. Re.Connect samsung you need to be as follows:

    By clicking on the “Network” button, the transition to the parameters is made where you need to select the “Network Settings” key. All actions are performed using the remote control, pressing on “settings”.

SAMSUNG TV won’t connect to wifi solved!!!! April 2020

After the TV is connected to Wi-Fi, you need to make additional settings, namely, through the menu to find the “support” option, and press the Smart Hub key. Thus, access to the content ready for viewing will be opened.

Internet setting manually

The connection error may be caused by the fact that the DHCP server is disconnected in the router, which is responsible for automatic determination of the parameters. In this case, you need to enter the settings on the TV, find the “Network” item and select “Manual Settings”. To set the value of the IP address, you need to choose any of the local range for this router. You can find out this range in the settings of the router in the browser.

The next field “Mask subnet”. The value is indicated for the addressing of the local network. Most often it is “ “. “Gateway” is an IP address of the router. It is the same that is necessary to launch settings through the browser. It can be found in the instructions.

samsung, smart, does, connect, wi-fi

Advice! To find the necessary data for configuration, you can also use any PC connected to this network. Having launched the “command line” application, enter “ipconfig/all” and watch the result.

Reasons why the TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

Unfortunately, a situation where the TV does not see Wi-Fi are not uncommon. The malfunction occurs both at the stage of synchronization of devices during the first connection, and during operation. Problems arise due to various reasons:

  • Inappropriate settings of Wi-Fi router or television receiver. An error often occurs when using router not recommended by the provider that refuse to work. In difficult cases, the help of a professional may be needed.
  • Insufficient power of the Wi-Fi signal, interference. The radiation level is checked by a special program on a smartphone.
  • Problems of the provider. If the signal does not enter the Internet cable, you need to call Support to find out the reason.
  • Outdated versions of Smart TV operating systems. Tvs with old operating rooms may not be connected with a router on a wireless network. It is necessary to maintain software in the current condition.
  • Program failure. Occurs without visible external causes, is treated by reloading the device.

The reasons why the TV does not catch Wi-Fi much more. But here are typical malfunctions that can be eliminated by users on their own.

Samsung Wi-Fi Support

As mentioned above, the main sign of the absence of support for Wi-Fi television receiver is the absence of sections in its menu with appropriate settings (it is also possible that the sections are present, but you can’t enter them). However, this does not mean that the TV cannot be connected to a wireless network-it simply does not have a built-in Wi-Fi Module. The only way out (not counting the use of the wire connection to the network using the Lan cable) is the use of an external USB receiver, which will have to be purchased separately.

Here are a couple of ways to check support for Samsung TV wireless connection:

  • The Samsung television settings menu contains the Samsung Section section. In it, among other things, the MAC addresses of network adapters are represented: “MAC addresses of the wired device” and “MAC address of wireless Internet”. If the second point is absent or nothing is indicated on the contrary or only one zero is indicated, then the TV does not support Wi-Fi.
  • Information on the available model of the Samsung TV can always be obtained from the official site of the manufacturer. It will be enough to open the technical characteristics of the device in which Wi-Fi support will be indicated. If, regarding Wi-Fi, something like “optionally” is indicated, this should be perceived as the ability to connect an external Wi-Fi-adaptor (usually USB) to a television receiver.

We add from ourselves that even if the Samsung TV does not support the connection of an external Wi-fi adapter (due to the absence of USB ports or for other reasons), but it has a LAN port, it can still be connected to a wireless network using a reopiter (retransplant )-devices receiving a Wi-Fi signal, and then transmitting it through a wired LAN connection. The image below shows one of the such adapters:

But the use of such adapters, in fact, is no different from connecting a TV to the Internet using LAN cable. However, repiteers eliminate the need to extend the network cable from the Wi-Fi Roter to the television receiver.

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Check the router

If the TV does not see the signal that the router gives out, then the reasons for this may be in the settings of the router. To eliminate the malfunction, they act like this:

In the parameters of the router, it is also recommended to check security. If the customer recognition function is included in the MAC address, it should be disconnected. How to do this depends on the brand of the router.

To find out the MAC address of the TV, you need:

  • Go to the “Installation” section;
  • Choose the column “Manual network settings”;
  • Go to the subsection “View network settings”;
  • Click on the inscription “Start”.

The following manipulations are performed for the LG TV:

Moving the router

If the TV cannot connect to the Internet, it may be the case of an incorrect location of the router. It is recommended to put a router closer to the receiver. You should also install the device so that there are no obstacles between the devices for passing the signal.

Replacing the adapter

So we approached the hardware malfunction. If the TV stops connecting to a wireless network, then the reason for this may be a faulty built.In radio module. In order not to repair it, but at the same time gain Internet access, you can use the external adapter. For this, the device is simply inserted into the corresponding nest on the TV.

In case of breakdown of the radio module, you can also connect TV directly to the router using a cable. To do this, one end of the wire is fixed in the receiver’s nest, the other in the jet on the router. After that, you can enter the Internet. This is a temporary measure and when the opportunity arises, it is better to repair the module.

When the TV does not connect to the network, it is not necessary to immediately contact the service center. You can try to solve the problem yourself, trying different ways for this. Contact specialists if not one of the options given above helped to eliminate the malfunction.

Write in a comment on what method helped you. If you know more solutions to the problem with the wireless connection of TVs, I will be glad if you share!