Samsung S8 Camera Does Not Focus

The sales of the South Korean flagship smartphone of 2017 did not have time to start, as there were already a large number of users on domestic forums complaining that they had received a defective Samsung Galaxy S8. We will deal with the most basic defects that owners of a high-profile novelty had to face.

Samsung S8 Camera Does Not Focus
  1. Red tint displays. When users began to actively complain about the excessively red color of the display, Samsung representatives said that this problem can be solved by changing the settings. However, even after working with the settings, the problem of the owners of S8, including S8, did not find a solution. After Samsung published the news according to which a software update will be released that will save users from a red tint. Also, the manufacturer assured everyone that the reason is definitely not in the display itself, but in the software. If the software update does not help, Samsung will offer the owners of the gadget to change it to another.
  2. The quality of the camera is poor. It is not known whether smartphones with a defective camera actually come across to users, or whether this is the case with all gadgets, but owners of the S8 observe blurriness and lack of clarity in the pictures taken.
  3. The gap between the display and the housing. A rare marriage, but he was still seen. A small gap between the display and the case is a significant problem, because with constant use a lot of dust and dirt will fall on the display, which can cause it to malfunction.
  4. Large backlash of the buttons to lock, turn on and off the smartphone. A common problem, not only with the Galaxy S8. Roughly speaking, the buttons wobble too much. the defect does not affect the device’s performance, but still when a person gives 60 thousand rubles for a smartphone, he wants to get a S8 of high-quality assembly. In addition, during a short operation with the Bixby button, it began to jam.
  5. The jingle of the tactile response of Home. One of the users on the forum said that such a problem was noticed only on S8, but not on S8. Therefore, this fact cannot be called a “branded chip” of the manufacturer.
  6. Inoperative matrix. Since Samsung is sure that the pink color is just a software bug, we made a separate item with a poor matrix. Some users after a short work with the smartphone began to notice an incomprehensible color change on the screen, and stripes of dark green appeared. One user said that he tried to solve this problem by resetting all the settings. But as a result, it only aggravated the situation. the screen stopped working completely. Samsung quite often had problems with the matrix before, so if this “trouble” happens with the S8, it is unlikely that anyone will be surprised.
  7. The smartphone takes a very long time to charge. In general, an hour and a half should be enough to charge the S8 (if done correctly). But a number of owners said that it took about six hours to charge a smartphone to 100%. this is a clear flaw in the gadget.

Most likely, in the near future, the owners of S8 will still publish new shortcomings of new items. At the moment, everyone is worried about the pink, reddish hue of the screen, which after calibration of colors does not disappear. If you encounter this problem, we recommend that you wait for the promised software update. if it does not solve the problem, you will have to contact the service center. You will have to either come to terms with all the other defects or send your smartphone for examination.