Samsung S6 Not Working Touch Screen

Samsung Galaxy phones, especially the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S5, are known for their problematic screens. Many users either have a blank screen, a black screen, although the phone is fully charged, response points or unidentified points have stopped on the screen screen. If you just bought one of these models and thought, do not worry. In this article we will tell you the reasons for these failures, how you can return your data and how to fix the screens. The most common problem is that Samsung does not have a sensor. Let’s see how to fix it.

The touch screen of the phone is completely unresponsive to touch. What to do?

Reasons why Galaxy touch screen does not work

Samsung does not produce a defective product. But phones are exported long distances around the world. This may affect the operation of the touch screen.

Samsung phones are pretty thin. The touch screen controllers that they use reduce in favor of the size of the phone. This can affect their performance and durability.

There could be several reasons that caused the Samsung Galaxy screen problem. Depending on the problem, you can narrow down the causes of the faulty touch screen.

I. Blank screen

This is a very common problem for all smartphones, not just Samsung Galaxy phones. This is usually caused by the following:

The application or function in your Samsung is frozen, frozen;

There is not enough battery to power the device;

Actual physical damage to the touch screen.

II. Screen does not respond to touch

Screen insensitivity is usually caused by a system failure, be it software or hardware. A software problem will be easier to fix. Here are some of the reasons for a screen immunity:

Problematic third-party application;

Your Samsung Galaxy phone is frozen, frozen;

There is an error in one of the hardware inside the device.

III. Dead pixel

These unknown spots are caused by dead pixels that were caused by:

A third-party application continues to crash;

Physical damage to the screen in a specific area;

The GPU has problems with a third-party application.

The manufacturer’s marriage, in this case, contact the warranty and they will change your phone.

Samsung does not work sensor. methods of correction. Phone Reboot

The sensor does not work with Samsung, or the problem with freezing can be solved by turning the phone off and on again. Press and hold the power button and volume down button for 7 seconds. The phone will be disconnected. The problem will most likely be resolved after downloading it. If the phone does not respond, remove the cover and remove the battery, then reinsert and turn on the phone.

Remove SIM

Shut down your Galaxy and remove the Sim card. Now re-insert Sim after a few seconds, turn on the phone and see if anything has changed?

Boot Phone in Safe Mode

This is another useful step to get rid of problems with the touch screen, if this is some third-party application that creates the problem. Safe mode temporarily disables all third-party applications, and if you do not encounter a problem in this mode, it must be a third-party application that causes this problem.

To boot the phone in safe mode, follow these steps:

1. Turn off the device completely

2. Now press the power button for a few seconds until the Samsung Galaxy logo appears

3. Then release the power key and press the volume down button. The phone will restart.

4. Continue to hold this button until the phone restarts.

5. It will show safe mode in the lower left corner of the phone.

Once you make sure that these are third-party applications that create this problem, uninstall them by going to Settings application Application Manager swipe the loaded parameters select the desired application Delete and finally click OK. If you have many applications, removing them one at a time can take a lot of time, so you can reset the factory data (explained below).

Clear Phone Cache

Another solution is to delete the cache. Here’s how to do it.

1. Turn off your smartphone completely

2. Press and hold the Home button and the Volume Down button, and then press the power button

3. Continue to hold the buttons, and when the Samsung logo appears, release the power button, but hold the Home button and the Volume Down button

4. When you see the Android logo, release the other two buttons

5. The message “Install System Update” appears, and then the recovery screen appears.

6. To highlight “Wipe cache partition”, use the volume down key and press the power button to select it.

7. When this is done, use the volume down key again to highlight the “System Restart Now” option and select it using the “Power” button.

Samsung S6 Not Working Touch Screen

Samsung does not work sensor

Let the Phone Relax

A Samsung Galaxy touch screen malfunction can be stopped by preventing overload. A phone tends to freeze if it is overloaded with work, unlike other phones that quickly heat up or discharge a battery. It just freezes. Most users mistakenly solve the problem with the touch screen, while in fact most of the internal parts of the phone are at a standstill. This can happen if you play games or shoots for a very long time. Wait a while before using the phone again.

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Faulty GPU. If you use your Galaxy for the game, your graphics processor (GPU) can be stretched to its limits. To clear these dead pixels, you need to clear the RAM cache, close all running applications, and restart the phone.

Perform Hard Reset

If you find that all the above steps do not resolve the problem. Samsung does not have a sensor, try a hard reset. It will delete all files and applications from your Galaxy and return the phone to factory settings. The following are the steps to perform a hard reset:

1. Press the volume, power, and home buttons and hold until you see the Galaxy screen.

2. Now leave the power button, but continue to hold the other two buttons.

3. Release the two buttons when you see the Android recovery screen.

4. Use the volume up and down buttons to highlight options and the power button to select.

5. Select factory data resets that will delete everything from the device and then reboot the system.

Sensor Doesn’t Work on Samsung. Hardware Issues

The Samsung Galaxy is relatively new in the market, but there are still many complaints regarding the Galaxy Touch Screen, as many people face such problems. This is certainly very annoying if your touch gives you slow response times or doesn’t work at all.

Below are some of the Samsung Galaxy touch screen problems that users experience:

  • Click Stop Application
  • Slow response
  • On some sections of the screen, the sensor does not work.
  • The phone cache is almost full.
  • Some physical damage has occurred on your display screen that partially or completely disrupted the touch screen function of the phone.
  • A low charge sometimes also causes a slow sensory response.

1. Reset your phone.

2. Remove and reinsert the battery (after turning it off). Be sure to give a delay of at least 5 seconds before inserting the battery.

The hardware solution for the Samsung Galaxy is divided into two sections:

  • Touch screen issue
  • Button Touch Feature Issue

Samsung does not work sensor

Touch screen issue

1. Disconnect the connectors and check the connectors on the display.

2. Now clean the on-board connector and display connector. After cleaning.

3. Re-solder each pin of the integrated connector

4. Using the Multi Meter, check each connector component. Overheat faulty connectors. If they still do not work, replace them. Check again

5. If it still does not work, check any other good LCD screen, as sometimes the problem is with the entire LCD screen, not only when you touch your phone.

Button Touch Feature Issue

  • Connector for connecting a function button and a connector for charging. Now check.
  • If it still does not work, check the charging connector if this is problematic. Change it, because in this case you can’t do anything.

The above steps will undoubtedly help you solve the touch screen problem from your Samsung Galaxy in the most efficient way. If your touch screen gives you problems, it means that your phone has completely become a crippler, since you cannot do anything on your phone (do not even unlock the phone in any way).

I replaced the display on the phone and now Samsung does not have a sensor!

1. If you have a white or all black display, start by performing a soft reset on your device. If your screen still won’t work after a reset

2. Retry the repair from the beginning. In the step where you connect the screen to your main board, check the original screen to make sure it still works.

3. A lock on your display is a sign of too much pressure on the screen caused by transportation or during installation. Open the device again and make sure that none of your internal components is causing pressure.

4. If you see lines down your display or only partially working touch functions, then you may have a faulty or broken part.

Useful tips to protect your phone

The Samsung Galaxy screen does not work. this is a problem that can be prevented. Here are some useful tips to protect your Samsung:

To properly protect your Samsung Galaxy display panel, use a really good protective case. This will prevent damage to the screen, cracks or scratches after falling.

Sometimes your phone has manufacturing problems. Therefore, so that your phone and you are protected, make sure that you keep your warranty until the expiration date. This ensures that you get the support you need from Samsung if the problem is not caused by your negligence.

Install reliable antivirus software to protect your system from malicious attacks.

Before downloading any applications, make sure you read the reviews. This is a great way to find out that the application is viral and will cause problems for your Samsung Galaxy. The best way to do this is to filter reviews according to reviewers who use the same device.

Try not to play games with too much graphics, as this will expand the capabilities of your device. Either play one game at a time, or play in a small amount of time.

Do not recharge the battery at the same time. this will increase the likelihood of the phone overheating, which can damage the components of your phone.

Although the problem with the Samsung Galaxy screen can be caused by several reasons, there are the same number of ways to counter them. Therefore, there is no need to panic. this article is a great example for solving your problems.

If you did not solve the problem. Samsung does not have a sensor, please let us know in the comments, we will help.