Samsung Pay Card Registration

How to set up Samsung Pay is a question that interests owners of smartphones on Android. The payment system has been operating since 2015, becoming more popular among users. It is quite easy to configure it not only on a smartphone, but also on a smart watch.

How to set up NFC on Samsung: step by step

Before setting up NFC, you need to make sure that the device with the same chip is installed. You can check the availability of the chip on the official website of the phone manufacturer. And you can also go into the settings of the smartphone, open additional ones and find NFC and Android Beam in the list. They must be included. Make sure Android version is above 4.4.

Samsung Pay Card Registration

You do not need to install a special application to configure Samsung Pay, as it is built into devices that support this feature. If you cannot find the program, you must:

  • add samsung account. To do this, go to the accounts in the smartphone settings;
  • add a new account, select Samsung from the list;
  • Register and log in to the user account. Confirm registration by clicking on the link in the email.

If this does not help, check for software updates:

  • go to the device information;
  • click on the software update and confirm the action;
  • the system will check for updates and install them, if any.

Wait for the end of the process and check for the presence of the Samsung Pei program. If this does not solve the problem, contact a service center.

After the first launch, the application must be configured:

  1. Add a fingerprint or pin for quick confirmation of purchases.
  2. Add a bank card, making sure that a particular bank is supported.
  3. Enter data from the card or take a picture of them.
  4. Accept user agreement.
  5. Request a confirmation code via SMS.
  6. Get the code, enter it in the field and send it for verification.

Registration takes about 10 minutes. If confirmation has not arrived, contact your bank. The card may have been locked.

How to set up Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch

To set up Samsung drink on a smart watch, update the system to the latest version. Check if your smartphone is connected to the Internet and turn on Bluetooth. Install the program for Galaxy Watch. Galaxy Wearable on your phone and run it:

  • log in to your Samsung account from your phone and accept the user agreement;
  • open connections and allow smartphone access;
  • wait for the software installation;
  • Set up notifications and a quick way to confirm purchases.

By default, a bank card is not attached to the application, so you have to add it manually:

  1. Open Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch.
  2. Go to the payment section and add a new card.
  3. Take a photo of your bank card or enter it manually and send it for verification. Accept the user agreement.
  4. Request SMS for verification. An SMS will be sent to the attached number, the code from which must be entered in the program.
  5. Make an electronic signature. It is necessary for verification if the seller needs to verify the virtual signature with the real one.

Remember that up to 10 cards can be linked to one device.

Set up Samsung Pay on Gear S3

Before setting the clock, you need to make sure that they are combined with the smartphone, and the latter includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Samsung Gear installed.

Check the stability of the network connection and proceed with the configuration:

  1. Launch the SamsungGear app.
  2. Go to the connection point.
  3. Confirm access via Bluetooth on the watch and phone.
  4. Wait for additional software packages to install.
  5. Accept the terms of use on Samsung Gear.
  6. Set up notifications.
  7. Create an electronic signature.
  8. The application on the smartphone will write that the setup is completed, and the clock will return to the main menu.

After pairing your device, open Samsung Pay on the watch and add a card. Follow the instructions on the screen, wait for verification of the entered information and accept the terms of use. Verify the identity by requesting SMS on the phone. Enter the received code and finish the setup.