Samsung N150 Restore Windows 7 Starter

Samsung N150 Restore Windows 7 Starter

Screen 10.1″ (1024×600), Intel Atom N450 (1.66 GHz), RAM 1 GB, HDD 160 GB, Intel GMA 3150, LAN, Wi-Fi, webcam, Windows 7 Starter Edition, 1.24 kg

Description of N150

It works almost non-stop

Is there a long flight ahead or are there just not enough outlets? No problems. N150 Plus saves you from being tied to the mains. A netbook can run from a 6-cell battery for up to 10 hours. it’s more than a full time job! The secret to this netbook stamina is the combination of optimized performance and low power LED display. So you can send emails and upload photos without worrying that the battery is about to run out.

Available style

The N150 Plus offers the impeccable style you’re looking for at a very affordable price. But this netbook not only looks great. it also has exceptional reliability. Most of the N150 components are made by Samsung, and netbooks undergo the most rigorous quality control in the production.

Great for watchings on a sunny day.

What is the use of high definition and rich colors if you cannot see them? The Samsung N150 Plus 10.1-inch LED display does not glare in the sun and displays a clear picture with stunning detail even in bright sunlight. And while it consumes less power than traditional LCD displays, providing you more mobility.

Harmony of style and reliability

Although mobile life is often capable “substitute a leg”, for the Samsung N150 Plus you can not worry. For all its elegance, the sturdy N150 Plus case, which is resistant to scratches and fingerprints, confidently resists the mechanical stress that a netbook can undergo during everyday use. A combination of elegance and reliability. This is the N150 Plus.

The unity of style and functionality

The design of the Samsung N150 Plus is beautiful and functional. The design of the netbook includes a built-in hinge, thanks to which the device opens very smoothly, and even when open, all parts of the computer look as a whole. In addition, with this design it is very convenient to adjust the angle of the screen.

Fast loading

With a Samsung N220 Plus laptop, you don’t have to wait long for the system to boot. the computer will be ready to work in just three seconds. Improved sleep mode will save all your data, even if the battery runs out or you have to turn off the laptop. When you turn on again, all content will be waiting for you in the same form as before disconnecting.

Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed

Enjoy the wireless transfer of multimedia and other data between electronic devices using Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed. This new standard allows the transmission of information at high speed (24 Mbit / s), which is 8 times faster than existing devices with Bluetooth 2.0 (3 Mbit / s)

Samsung Recovery Solution

Thanks to Samsung Recovery Solution, you don’t have to worry about backing up data manually. It automatically backs up data to a special section of the hard drive.