Samsung J2 Prime How to Disassemble

Specialists of the Re: Store service center are engaged in the most difficult repair work of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, S7 edge, S8 and S8. We repair all the Samsung gadgets! Samsung phone repair line Galaxy. Our service center carries out the most complex work to restore the device. We also guarantee the quality of work performed and provide a 6-month warranty on repaired equipment. We monitor the success of repairs and therefore constantly improve the technology for the implementation of repair work.

We offer a full range of repair services for Samsung Galaxy smartphones:

Common Samsung phone problems: the most requested service from our service center. it is a replacement for the touch glass and screen recovery for the Samsung gadget. Less often, they turn to us to restore speakers and microphones. Also a popular issue. software crash after independent manipulations with updating the device (for example, the phone screen does not go out during a conversation), or a failure of flash memory or Boot partition. Customers often ask that the device does not turn on, it is difficult to figure out this issue without diagnosing the Samsung phone, as each case “does not turn on”. individual. Someone has this unsuccessful software update, the fall of the device, the failure of the phone’s battery are also often to blame. We list a few typical faults and the reasons why this happened.

  • Display does not work Samsung galaxy– most likely after pressing the screen or dropping the device, in 99% of cases the display itself does not fail.
  • Broken glass galaxy S6 Edge– after a fall or impact, the glass itself cannot be damaged.
  • The interlocutor is hard to hear. the voice speaker is out of order or clogged with dirt.
  • The interlocutor cannot hear you. the microphone has broken, or, dirt has got into the microphone
  • Samsung phone hanging on the logo. unsuccessful firmware, getting Root access to system files and upgrading them, deleting system files, flash memory failed, the boot loader crashed.
  • The body is deformed. drop or hold the phone
  • Moisture has entered the device.. in this option it’s understandable, especially if the phone has fallen into water (urgently need to contact the service center for urgent cleaning of the device from moisture). We do not recommend saving the device with improvised methods: drying in the sun, blowing the gadget with a hairdryer or other options, as this will harm the device more than solve the problem. Urgently call a service center for moisture
  • Headphones do not work. the audio jack is clogged or the cable is damaged
  • The phone weakly holds the battery and quickly discharges. problems with the charger, you need to replace the battery of the device, the power controller does not work correctly, the synchronization and charging cable is damaged. It also often happens that due to condensation on the board, oxidation of elements forms, which, in turn, leads to a greater consumption of battery power
  • It does not charge from the network. The power supply unit, the charging cord or the loop of synchronization and charging are out of order.
  • Heats up very much. in this embodiment, it is difficult to answer, you need to disassemble the device and determine which element on the board is heating up.
  • The camera does not work in the Samsung phone. software error or camera failure
  • The device is slowly working “slows down”. most often this situation occurs when many applications are installed on your favorite gadget that the user doesn’t even use and which leads to the load and the device’s braking itself.
  • The phone does not connect to the Internet. check your internet settings, check your cellular rate.
  • Does not catch the network. IMEI has flown (often occurs after independent firmware), after the fall, the GSM module is damaged or the GSM antenna is damaged.
  • Wifi does not work. failure of the wi-fi module. We advise you to check the operability of the bluetooth adapter, these elements are often paired or a single chip. The problem may be in software failure or physically in the part itself.
  • Bluetooth not working. We recommend that you check the wi-fi adapter, these elements are often paired or a single chip. The problem may be in software failure or physically in the part itself.

The main breakdowns and causes of malfunctions in Samsung phones

Many customers, turning to our hotline, think that the reason for the breakdown of their gadget. This is a factory marriage and the company is to blame. manufacturer. In fact, the situation is different: the manufacturer to the maximum tries to take into account all the wishes of customers and protect their device from failure. But no matter how Samsung secures its technology, customers independently begin to experiment with firmware of devices and check at what depth the phone can be immersed in water, what impacts your favorite gadget can withstand and other random and special crash tests. All this subsequently leads to physical damage to the glass, display, body parts or moisture. In order to protect your device from unexpected failure, we strongly recommend using this gadget for its intended purpose and without endurance experiments. To protect the device from physical damage, we recommend using protective films, glasses and covers!

Samsung J2 Prime How to Disassemble

Re: Store Service Center Benefits

Our service center has at its disposal the most modern equipment, on which highly qualified engineers work. Also, our masters constantly take specialized courses on the development of complex repair work in new models of Samsung gadgets. Every month, all employees undergo internal certification. Only we are engaged in over and over complicated Samsung repairs. Do not believe? Try to find out how many service centers are replacing curved touch glass on phones of the Samsung Galaxy EDGE line, or they are restoring the system board. In 75% of cases, we recover after other service centers. Even if you were told that you need to change the device or look for a new board, do not worry, entrust your phone to the real aces of your business. specialists from Re: Store!

How is Samsung phone repair in the Re: Store service center

  • The client brings the device to the department of the service center
  • The service receiver accepts the device for repair work, the customer is issued a receipt with a description of all the characteristics of the device, a visual description of the device and the malfunction of the Samsung smartphone itself.
  • An engineer carries out diagnostics of a Samsung phone, if there are additional questions, contacts the client and clarifies the cost and terms of repair. After obtaining consent for restoration, the engineer proceeds with the work.
  • Upon completion of work, the manager tests the device in detail, checks the performance of all elements and sensors in this gadget: proximity sensor, front and rear cameras, checks the operation of the sensor and the phone screen, tests the microphone, speakers and other elements. The check list depends on the work performed on this device.
  • After testing is complete, we invite the client to the department of the service center for the finished device using SMS-informing.
  • Issue of the finished device to the client.

Entrust the repair of your device to our service center and save time and money! We service all Samsung models and do it quickly, reliably and efficiently. Service centers for repairing Samsung smartphones are also available in Lviv, Odessa and Krivoy Rog.

For parts and work done We provide 1 year warranty.

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