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Wi-Fi distribution

The second method involves distributing Wi-Fi with Samsung A60 or other models. In this case, the phone acts as an access point (router) and allows you to connect up to 10 devices at the same time. This is convenient for those who want to distribute the Internet to a tablet or other devices with a built-in Wi-Fi module, but it has a drawback. the connection speed is lower than in the first case, and the most unpleasant thing is that the battery at the signal source starts to discharge quickly.

That is, it is better to provide access to the power source simultaneously with the distribution. You should know that the distribution of the Internet is possible only through the mobile network, that is, if the LTE or 3G Internet is not configured on the device, then it will not work to share it with others. Some users are interested in why it is impossible to distribute a Wi-Fi network received through a router. firstly, there is no point in this, since why should a mobile phone be configured as an access point at all.

WLAN Hotspot über das Smartphone einrichten. überall im Internet mit Notebook Laptop & Tablet Tipp

The second reason is that the Wi-Fi module of a smartphone cannot simultaneously receive the Internet and distribute it.

Before setting up distribution via the mobile network, it will not be superfluous to study the terms of the tariff plan. If it includes a limited limit, then consider this fact, as megabytes will run out quickly. If the tariff is unlimited, then ask the operator if there are any restrictions on the number of connections. An unpleasant situation happened to subscribers of MTS Unlimited.

Initially, an inexpensive tariff did not have additional payment for third-party connections, but when many users began to use this opportunity, the company introduced restrictions and had to pay 25 rubles per day for distribution, which ultimately led to large expenses.

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Therefore, first learn about all the nuances, and then set up the network. otherwise, you may face big communication bills.

To turn on the distribution of the Internet on new models. A70, M10, S10e and others from these lines, you should lower the curtain down and click on the “Wi-Fi hotspot” icon. If the device is old or there is no corresponding button, then you need to enter the settings, open “connections”. “modem / mobile access point”. “other networks”. “more”. Now it remains to activate the “mobile Wi-Fi hotspot“. distribution will begin. To find out the name of the network and the password from it, click on the connection options. By default it is called “AndroidAP”. in the connection settings you can change the password and set a new network name.

It is easy to connect another gadget to the created distribution. you need to activate the search for Wi-Fi networks, find the desired one and enter the password.

You can make changes in the settings of the created Wi-Fi network. In addition to the password and name listed above, you can set filtering by MAC address, shutdown timer (sets the time after which the access point will automatically turn off), broadcast channel. allows you to select the frequency at which the connection will be provided (not every Samsung phone has this function).

Sharing the Internet from a smartphone to a computer via USB

Unlike the previous method, by connecting your Samsung phone to a computer or laptop via USB, you can distribute not only the mobile Internet, but also access to the network obtained via Wi-Fi, using the smartphone as a Wi-Fi adapter. The steps will be as follows:

  • Connect your phone with USB cable to PC or laptop.
  • Once connected, go to the notification area on your phone and tap on the USB connection notification.
  • Select “USB tethering”.
  • Windows or another OS will set up a new device (your phone as a modem).
  • A new Ethernet connection will appear in the list of connections on your computer (WinR. ncpa.cpl). If it is disabled, right-click on it and select “Enable”.
  • If the network still remains in the “Disconnected” state, on the phone go to Settings. Connections. Mobile hotspot and modem, turn off and then turn on the USB tethering item, the network will become active, and the Internet is available.

How to distribute the Internet from a Samsung phone through applications

To gain free access to the global network, you can use the capabilities and functionality of third-party applications. The programs below are available for download from Google Play.

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Access point setting

To share WI-FI securely from your Samsung phone, it is important to set up the hotspot correctly. To do this, go to the appropriate section of the smartphone, enter the Options section and the Configure access point item. The following options are available here:

  • SSID is the network name for the connection, which is shown to other equipment. Here you can leave the default data or make changes.
  • Security. The system offers two options to choose from. set a password or connect without entering additional data. The second method is not recommended due to the security risk.
  • Password. This is a prerequisite if in the last paragraph you chose the option with the password, namely WPA2 PSK. Code length must be eight characters or more.
  • Broadcast channel. For beginners, you can leave nothing and leave the Auto parameter. In this case, the data is selected automatically.

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Advanced users can set other parameters on Samsung to share the Internet. Useful options are filtering addresses by MAC address or setting timeout parameters. In the first case, you can close access for connected devices, and in the second, set the time for disconnecting the access point (if there are no devices connected to it).

Now you know how to distribute the Internet from a phone to a Samsung tablet, laptop, PC, TV or other smartphone, which allows you to use a mobile device as a modem. But the connection is not always successful the first time. The reason may be errors in settings, OS malfunctions, or other situations. Below we will consider what to do for each of the connection methods.

When used as a USB tethering, Windows errors or device problems may appear. In this case, you need to contact the manufacturer for advice. If the icon appears, but the Internet is not connecting, check the mobile network setting on your Samsung Galaxy and make sure you have the required amount on your SIM card. The quality of the coating is of no less importance. If the settings are correct, but you cannot connect to the Internet, restart the machine and try again.

If you decide to share the Internet from Samsung via Wi-Fi, and you cannot do this, check that the password you entered is correct. If the connection icon appears, but there is no connection, make sure that the mobile network setting on the Samsung Galaxy is correct. Also check the score and signal quality. With correct setup but no internet, restart Samsung and the other device.

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How to set up a hotspot on a Samsung phone?

How to distribute the Internet via USB to a computer

Unlike the previous method, this option involves connecting only one device to a smartphone using a Micro.USB adapter. It allows you to distribute not only mobile Internet traffic, but also opens access to a Wi-Fi network, acting as a network adapter. The transfer process starts according to a certain algorithm, and may take some time.

First, you need to synchronize your Samsung mobile device with your laptop or computer. If the required drivers are not found, you will need to install the Smart Switch Keys program (but do not run it!). Then three types of equipment will appear in the dispatcher: one in portable Alpha devices and two in USB Samsung.

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On a mobile device, follow these steps:

  • expand the “Settings” menu;
  • go to the section “Additional parameters” or ” “;
  • use the category “Wireless networks” or simply “Network”;
  • find and expand the “Modem and access point” folder (in some versions it is “Modem mode”);
  • from the list of connection options that appears, find “USB-modem”;
  • activate the function by moving the slider to the right (by checking the box).

Finally, on the computer, you will need to enter the section with a network connection and select the desired network.

How to share Internet from Samsung phone via Wi-FI, USB and Bluetooth

01/27/2020 for beginners | mobile devices

Almost all Android phones have the ability to share the Internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB, and Samsung smartphones are no exception. This instruction details how to distribute the Internet from Samsung Galaxy to a computer, laptop or other phone in all available ways. The examples use a Galaxy Note with Android 10, but the other current models will be the same.

Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Setup Mobile Hotspot and Tethering

If you are interested in the same for devices with pure Android without features of the One UI interface, about this in a separate guide How to distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / USB on Android.