Samsung Gear S3 How To Insert A Sim Card

Samsung Gear S3 How To Insert A Sim Card

If before, in order to install a SIM-card in a smartphone, it was necessary to remove the back cover and remove the battery, now everything is a little different. phones are becoming thinner, and manufacturers are trying to make their (conditionally) non-separable. How to insert a SIM card in Samsung and begin to fully use a mobile device?

Instruction manual

At the moment, almost all modern smartphones install SIM cards and memory cards are very similar to each other.

SIM card installation

The first thing to do is to find on the device’s case the cover of a special tray located on one of the side faces.

As a rule, it is placed on the left and equipped with a special hole for the “key”. Some smartphones have two trays at once, but in most mobile devices. one at a time.

Even a simple needle or paper clip can act as a “key” (which comes with the smartphone), because all you need to do is insert it into the hole in the tray and easily push it inside. This will allow you to open the tray, which subsequently must be carefully pulled out with your fingers.

There are several types of trays:

  • for one sim card;
  • for two sim cards;
  • one hybrid tray (in which you can install two SIM cards or one SIM card along with a memory card);
  • two trays (one for SIM cards and one for a memory card);
  • two trays (one for SIM card and one for SIM card and memory card).

For example, the Samsung Galaxy A6 smartphone has two trays, where one installs a nanoSIM SIM card, and the second one has another SIM card and a microSD memory card.

You need to try very hard to install the SIM cards incorrectly, since they have a special bevel (“key”, “guide”) at one of the corners and somehow, other than correctly, prevent the SIM from entering the slot. The same goes for the memory card.

After the SIM cards are installed in the slots, carefully insert the tray (or trays) into place and push it to the case until it is completely closed.

If everything is done according to the instructions, the signal levels of mobile networks will be displayed in the status bar, and information about connecting a memory card will appear in the notification panel.

What to do if Samsung does not see a SIM card?

Sometimes situations arise when Samsung does not see a SIM card. In this case, the problem may lie in the incorrect installation of the SIM card (for example, with self-trimming), a problem with the SIM card itself (microprocessor failed, mechanical damage), the SIM card does not meet the standards of the networks supported by the smartphone, or the SIM card expired.

In some cases, this can be observed on older SIM cards when operators switch from 3G networks to 4G coverage.

In any of the options, the most correct solution would be to replace the SIM card with a new one in the customer service center of your mobile operator.