Samsung Galaxy watch setting

Design and dimensions

The 46mm versions of the watches are available in Silver Steel, the 42mm in Deep Black and Rose Gold. The version with the last color was given to us as a sample.

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Comparing the Galaxy Watch to the Gear S3, the Samsung watch retains the similarities but is slightly more elegant. In the pink version, for sure.

Interchangeable straps. 20 and 22 mm depending on the version of the Galaxy Watch. However, one gets the impression that the body in this color will not go well with anything. Therefore, for those who do not like to experiment with the appearance of accessories, one of the dark versions is more suitable. Gear watch straps fit.

The dimensions of our version of the watch are 41.9 x 45.7 x 12.7 mm. It is rather pointless to simply indicate these indicators here, so let’s talk better about personal feelings. Our chief editor of special projects, Tanya, who went by with the watch for a week, says that she is used to smaller mechanical watches and the Galaxy Watch seems to her to be a rather noticeable accessory. They cannot be called weightless either: the weight of 49 g, excluding the strap, is felt, although it does not cause discomfort.

Activity and sleep

Daily indicators are tracked through another application from the developer. Samsung Health. Android and iOS are supported, but Apple Health integration is not available.

In the application, you can monitor your weight and calories consumed. Steps, calories burned and floors climbed are automatically counted. The smartphone can record this without accessories, but with the Galaxy Watch it turns out more accurately.

With the Galaxy Watch, new data opens up in Samsung Health: heart rate, sleep statistics and workouts recorded for hours. There is no “Smart Alarm” function, but you can track your activity during sleep: the accelerometer of the watch determines in what period you tossed and turned more intensively and, therefore, slept the most restlessly. There is also a motivation system that informs about the achievements of friends using the application.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm unboxing & setup


Modifications Watch colors with 42 mm display: “rose gold” and “deep black”, with 46 mm. “silver steel”
The size 42mm version. 41.9 × 45.7 × 12.7mm, 46mm. 46 × 49 × 13mm
The weight 42mm version. 49g, 46mm. 63g
Display Super AMOLED, 360 × 360 pixels, support for Always On Display. Diameter in 42 mm version. 30 mm, in 46 mm. 33 mm
Straps Replaceable. 20 or 22 mm depending on version
Battery 270 mAh for the 42mm version and 472mAh for the 46mm version
CPU 10nm Exynos 9110 chip with two cores at 1.15 GHz
Platform Tizen Wearable OS 4.0
Built-in memory 4 GB
RAM 768 MB
Wireless interfaces Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi b / g / n, NFC, A-GPS, GLONASS
Sensors Accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, heart rate sensor, light sensor
Protection IP68, MIL-STD-810G
Charging Wireless, docking station included
Compatibility Android 5.0 with at least 1.5 GB of RAM, iPhone 5 or later with iOS 9.0 or later


The Galaxy Watch has several pre-installed watch faces with different widgets. There are options that fit the case. something like this would look like a watch if it were really mechanical.

If the standard ones are not enough, additional watch faces can be downloaded in the Galaxy Wearable app.

Sports and fitness

Among the watch faces, you can choose an option for fitness with key widgets and a quick transition to workout mode. There are 39 types of activities available, including not only running, cycling and swimming, but also less popular and even exotic ones: yoga, Pilates, rowing, crunches, pull-ups, classes on certain simulators.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch. WATCH THIS Unboxing and Quick Setup

You don’t have to take your smartphone with you to play sports. During the run, the training map will be compiled using a GPS sensor, and the built-in altimeter will help you find out the altitude when descending the mountain.

If you’ve started exercising but haven’t switched to workout mode, the Galaxy Watch will understand this and won’t forget to cheer you up. True, sometimes they work in a similar way, when you just move a little more intensely than usual and wave your hands. for example, change clothes.


In the box: the watch itself, a docking station with a microUSB cable and an adapter (we were provided with a sample with an American plug), an additional elongated strap and documentation.

Smartphone app. Gear Wearable

Samsung‘s accessory app used to be called Gear Manager, but now the name has changed, it’s Gear Wearable. From renaming, nothing has changed much, when you first set up the clock, you need to connect it with a smartphone, it is impossible to set up the clock without such a connection.

I downloaded all applications from the old clock to the new watch, as well as the settings, which is nice. Also, an archive of settings and content is created for your watch in the cloud or on a smartphone.

Many settings are duplicated with the clock, but it’s easier to work with it on a large screen, and it’s also more enjoyable. But there is nothing that would be unique for the application, except for transferring music to the watch, as well as photos from the gallery (you can set up automatic transfer, but the pictures themselves are unlikely to be important to you on the watch). Look at the application, I will not describe all its features.

Design, materials, ergonomics

The dimensions of the model have become a bit larger by 46 mm, have grown by a couple of millimeters in width, but it is impossible to see this (46x49x13 mm, while in the Frontier they were 46x46x12.9 mm). The model is 42 mm more compact, and it is clearly created for women, such a watch does not look at all on a man’s hand, they are lost (although owners of small hands can look at the black model, it will suit them).

The straps in the devices are universal, 22 or 20 mm, they have a latch with which they can be easily removed. There are a great many additional straps from both Samsung and third-party companies. Frontier straps fit 46mm. The first thing I noticed was the softness of the strap, the silicone was changed, and now it is more pleasant, it grabs the hand better and does not press so much.

The body is made of 316L steel, but the glass area has been reduced on the inner surface, now the sensor protrudes and the glass cover is smaller. This is done for the better, since on hot days the hand does not sweat anymore, and at the same time there is a certain ventilation.

If earlier protection against shock, vibration and temperature changes was the lot of only the Frontier, now both models support the MIL-810G standard, as well as protection against water according to the IP68 standard (water resistance is 5 ATM, that is, you can dive up to 50 meters, in Frontier exactly the same possibility, although it was never officially highlighted by the company). I dropped the watch on purpose several times, but did not see any negative consequences. I swam in the pool, went to the sauna, and everything went well. Several times I got dirty in the ground while riding ATVs, after that I just washed my watch in water, and it was as good as new. Exactly the same thing happened with the Frontier. an unpretentious, reliable watch.

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The rotating bezel (bezel) is very convenient, with its help you control the watch. It is ribbed, there are no accidental twists, even if you wear shirts and move your arms quickly while walking. On a 46 mm watch, accidental button presses are possible if you bend your hand towards yourself, but this is a rare situation.

There are two side buttons on the right, they can be configured to call the necessary functions. The menu is sharpened for the use of the bezel, for example, answering a call, hanging up, and the like.

Externally, the Galaxy Watch looks great, it is a real watch that looks like a mechanic, but it is not. In the new version of the software, they even added the ticking of the second hand (you can turn it off if you want), this creates a complete illusion that you have an ordinary watch in front of you. As usual, the watch has a full variety of dials and settings, but more on that later, for now, let’s stop at the screen.

Review of smart watches Galaxy Watch 42 and 46 mm (SM-R810 / SM-R800)


The small watch has a 270mAh battery, the larger one has 472mAh (the Frontier had a 380mAh battery). Samsung claims about 2-3 days of work with active use, but here a lot depends on the scenarios, the number of notifications and the brightness of the screen. At maximum brightness, the watch will last for two to three days with the screen turned on non-stop. At 60% brightness, this will be three to five days of operation. With AlwaysOn Display turned on. up to two days (subject to night mode, which is activated automatically and the watch falls asleep). If you turn off all sync options, the watch can run with the screen always on for weeks. Fine-tuning notifications and synchronization will give you the freedom to use your watch for as long as you want. In terms of battery life, the Galaxy Watch simply has no competitors in its class, it is impossible to compare it with the Apple Watch, since the latter works up to 18 hours from one full charge and the screen is always off in standby mode. Anyway, this is claimed by Apple here.

Time of continuous playback of music from memory. about 11 hours. Talk time. about 3 hours.

Desktop charger wireless (WPC standard), full charging time is about 2.5-3 hours for 46mm, about 2-2.5 hours for 42mm.

There are various power saving modes in the watch settings, they show how long the watch will work with certain settings.

As for me, the ability not to charge the watch every day is a big plus. In terms of endurance, this watch is one of the best on the market, and this is their advantage. There is never a situation when they are discharged at the most inopportune moment. In Georgia, I used an always-on hardware GPS on my watch to track movements, the charge lasted for about 12 hours of work. This is also a kind of record for this kind of devices (the phone was disconnected from the clock so that no data from it was used).


Hardware platform

The watch remained almost a complete cast of previous models, they have 768 MB of RAM (this is enough for the eyes, I have never seen something slow down or applications crashed), 4 GB of internal memory (you can upload your pictures or music here). Uses a dual-core Exynos 9110 processor with a clock speed of 1.15 GHz, it is slightly faster than the previous generation.

The watch is equipped with the following sensors: acceleration, gyroscope, barometer, heart rate sensor.

The heart rate sensor is completely redesigned: four LEDs, better contact with the skin, it works more accurately in water.

Contents of delivery

  • Clock
  • One strap size (M or L depending on model)
  • Charging cradle
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Charging plug
  • Instructions
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Review, set up and connect Samsung Galaxy Fit 2


The Galaxy Fit 2 also has a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen. Device display PPI is 291 ppi and total color depth is sixteen million colors.

Thanks to all of the above, the device has a high definition of the picture, as well as brightness and saturation, thanks to which it can be used without discomfort even in the bright sun.

Sensors and water resistance

The usual set of sensors for this device is represented by a gyroscope, an accelerometer, as well as a so-called PPG sensor, which operates in the green spectrum. The first two sensors are responsible for the full analysis and recording of all movements of the user, and the last one is responsible for the accurate measurement of his heart rate.

The device has received reliable protection from various external influences. It is protected against dust and moisture according to the IP68 class. And water resistance according to the WR50 standard allows the model to be in ordinary water for a long time without any consequences.

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review

Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a new version of the smartwatch / fitness tracker hybrid. The device is equipped with a curved screen, but, unlike the previous model, it has a lot of important and interesting functions.


This gadget can duplicate almost all notifications from the user’s smartphone. This can be a reminder from. email, SMS, notification from WhatsApp. Thus, you can easily set up the reception of notifications from various programs that are installed on your smartphone.

In incoming notifications, the device will display the program icon, the addressee’s name, as well as the text itself. The largest display text size is seventy characters. Sorry, images and emoticons are not displayed on the screen.

In addition to notifications, this gadget can duplicate incoming calls to a mobile phone. However, one must understand that, alas, it will not work to talk through the bracelet. However, you can use it to reject a call or switch it to Silent mode.

It is also worth noting the option of quick replies. In Samsung Health, you can proactively create a set of templates for quickly responding to messages via your fitness tracker. To date, such functions are offered exclusively by devices from Samsung.

Useful functions

Among the most useful features and functions of the device are the following:

  • View any notifications.
  • Reply to any messages using special templates.
  • Mobile phone search.
  • Accurate calculation of water consumption.
  • Demonstration of incoming phone calls.
  • Calories burned, distance and steps taken.
  • Accurate heart rate measurement.
  • Sleep tracking.
  • Various modes for sports.
  • Determination of activity.
  • Measuring stress levels.
  • Special breathing exercises.
  • User Hand Hygiene Control.
  • Music track management.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Stopwatch and timer.
  • The calendar.

Materials and ergonomics

The base of the device is made of plastic, and the surface with the screen is covered with durable glass. Along the edges of the case there are recesses for a tighter fit of the silicone tracker. The bracelet is completely monolithic.

The oleophobic coating is of high quality, so the user’s finger glides over the surface without any problems. The quality of the glass used is at a sufficiently high level, so it does not face rapid scratches.

The strap of the device is pleasant to the touch and soft. Due to the small size of the case, the gadget sits perfectly on the hand and does not cause any discomfort. There is a special button-clasp for secure fixation of the strap.

It is also impossible not to recall the vibration motor that is installed in the device. Vibration will delight everyone, it is much stronger than that of competitors, therefore you can not be afraid at all to oversleep the alarm.