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As a reminder, the latest Gear Sport model was released in the fall of 2017, but it was seen as an intermediate, fitness-oriented rather than a full replacement for the Gear S3, which went on sale in 2016.

While fans are in anxious anticipation, “KP” has collected all the rumors and leaks that are known about the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

As stated above, Samsung is hosting a major presentation on August 9th. Considering the invitation to this event with a close-up of the stylus, it can be assumed that the main event will be the release of the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

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The event is held at the Barclays Center in New York and will approximately last about an hour. Given the small timing of the event, Samsung may postpone the announcement of the new watch until IFA 2018.

IFA kicks off on August 31st, but the biggest tech companies tend to hold their own press conferences the day before. Based on this logic, the Galaxy Watch could debut on August 30.

In terms of release date, the Gear S2 was announced at IFA in August 2015 and went on sale in October, while the Gear S3 began shipping in November 2016. Perhaps this time Samsung will go for a similar long period of delivery of watches at retail.

Given that Samsung calls its smartphones “Galaxy“, experts suggest that the new watch will be closely related to the user’s phone.

The South Korean company has always had a complex device naming strategy. For example, the original Galaxy Gear was released in 2013 along with Google’s Android Wear system (now called Wear OS), and then it was replaced by Gear 2, also with Android Wear.

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But then Samsung announced the next generation of devices, called the Gear S. It was a smartwatch that was controlled by the company’s own operating system Tizen, which replaced Android Wear. This was followed by the Gear S3 and Gear Sport, which also use Tizen.

These rumors were corroborated by an image released by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) showing a sketch of Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch called “Samsung Galaxy Watch” written on the back of the case.

The watch’s name was finally revealed in July, when Samsung accidentally (or perhaps intentionally) posted a product called the Galaxy Watch on its US site and then quickly removed.

All of this makes us wonder what will happen with the Samsung Gear VR. Will the next generation be called Galaxy VR. bye a mystery.

The confusion in the name of the model means that it is not yet possible to say with absolute certainty whether the watch will run Tizen or Wear OS. However, one source at the company said the device will “run Android Wear.”.

This is in line with a previous statement made by technology analyst Evan Blass, who wrote on May 23rd at. that a new Gear watch running Wear OS rather than Tizen has been seen on the wrists of Samsung employees. However, on June 7, Blass denied his own tweet, claiming that he had only seen one-off prototypes.

This was confirmed by a later report from SamMobile, which said that the Galaxy Watch will be powered by a new fourth generation Tizen. Although Samsung introduced the software a year ago, nothing is known about the new features or design yet. Therefore, the company will no doubt keep it for the big new watch launch.

The report also claims the Galaxy Watch will ship with Bixby, Samsung‘s voice assistant and rival Apple’s Siri.

Experts have a fairly detailed understanding of the Galaxy Watch due to a leak that occurred on Samsung‘s own website. The leaked image shows a rose gold 42mm device. Other options are expected to be available, but nothing is known about them yet.

For the Gear S3, Samsung offered two options: a regular model called Classic and a more bulky one. Frontier. Leaked rose gold model suggests Samsung is positioning the Galaxy Watch as part of the fashion segment, unlike its predecessors.

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It was also reported that Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy Watch. And the second model will probably be less than 42mm in diameter.

Rumors also suggest the watch will be available in black, silver and gold. But it is unclear if the latter refers to “rose gold” or the company has added another color scheme.

The image also shows two buttons, just like the Gear S2. Experts suspect Samsung‘s innovative rotating crown will return to the Galaxy Watch as a convenient way to navigate the operating system.

It is not yet clear what the case and strap are made of, but the design suggests that Samsung is striving for a premium look and feel. what was missing from last year’s Gear Sport.

It is highly likely that at least one version of the watch will feature the same 1.3-inch touchscreen as previous Gear models, although higher resolution and pixel density will always be welcome. As usual, both versions will receive Bluetooth support.

Battery life could also be improved as leaks report the Galaxy Watch will have a 470mAh battery, which is larger than the Gear S3 (380mAh) and Gear Sport (300mAh).

How To Setup Samsung Pay On The Galaxy Watch

It is assumed that the device will be equipped with new sensors: the Galaxy Watch will probably learn to measure the user’s blood pressure. The possible inclusion of the sensor was mentioned in a patent filed by Samsung in February. If the technology appears in the Galaxy Watch, it will favorably distinguish it from all competitors.

The Samsung S Health app is also expected to receive a major update with the new watch, including deeper sleep tracking, according to SamMobile.

Purchase options you should consider

Next, you will see a list with different capabilities, all of which are compatible with the Korean company’s smartwatches and offer perfect compatibility. In addition, it has a rather attractive price, while it does not have poor digging quality and ease of use.


The material of manufacture of this model. stainless steel, but in this case, a mesh is used that allows you to fit perfectly on your wrist. Various colors are available, the cover is reliable and does not complicate the use, in terms of compatibility, it is ideal.

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Bottom strap

Leather. the best part of this strap, which is perfectly compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Thanks to the traditional design, which has no missing buckle, which maintains style and ensures reliability, the leather used is of high quality, so its wear is reduced.

Onedream strap

Aesthetically, it is the most suitable model for sports enthusiasts, it also has several perforations in the strap itself, which ensure excellent perspiration if you go for a run or to the gym. A large number of colors are available, and they are all with silicone as the main character.

Strap Syxinn

This model comes with a stainless steel finish so it has a very striking appearance and has no durability issues. With excellent compatibility, its dark shade matches perfectly with Samsung smartwatches. Closing it down is very effective.

IBazal strap

If what you are looking for. it is just a strap replacing the strap that smartwatches wear by default, this is one of the models you should take into account. The reason is that it will not give you problems, even when it comes to durability, and its price is the most attractive.

Straps Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Over time, you may get bored with how the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 looks. If you want to give it a new look, the best thing you can do is. this is to change the strap it comes in. It’s very simple and we’ll show you the options you should consider as compatibility is perfect.

Replace this accessory on the smartwatch we’re talking about. Quite an easy task, so in less than five minutes you will give it a new look that you want, since you dug a hole in the strap that includes the wearable accessory by default. Also, you should be aware that you can always reuse the original, so it is advised not to throw it away and keep it in storage in case something happens.