Samsung Galaxy tab won’t turn on


We all understand that using a tablet computer to take pictures and take videos is not very convenient. Nevertheless, manufacturers continue to equip their devices with cameras. The same goes for the Galaxy Tab 2.

According to the technical specifications, the tablet has a 3-megapixel main camera, which allows you to take pictures at a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. In addition, video creation function (720p format) is supported. In addition to it, there is also a front camera for taking “selfies”; traditionally it has a lower resolution (only 0.3 megapixels).


Outwardly, perhaps, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is not much different from some modern devices. It. gray plastic, painted “like metal”, smooth edges, no right angles. For Samsung, this design once served as the basis for further models. just as the company abandoned the (at the time) “verified” copying of Apple devices. So we can say that it is. one of the earliest design solutions from a Korean holding. However, due to its prevalence, such an appearance cannot be called unique.

The smooth edges make it comfortable to hold the tablet. Based on the placement of the logo on the front bottom of the device, the manufacturer expects to work in the vertical variation, which is classic for 7-inch tablets.

All navigation is located on the right side of the case. these are the volume control buttons and a key to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 screen.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T580 No Power, Not Charging

The opposite, left side of the device has holes for a memory card that allows you to significantly expand the capacity of the device, as well as for a SIM card (if we are talking about a tablet version with support for 3G networks). These nests are hidden under a special latch, which makes working with them convenient and provides some protection for the functional holes from dust and moisture.

On the lower edge of the device, you can see a socket for charging a tablet (which also serves as a connector for connecting to a PC), as well as speakers under a special mesh. They are located in such a way that when working in a horizontal position, the speakers will not be closed on the tablet.


In terms of communication capabilities, the tablet we are describing is not much different from most gadgets on the market. If you go into the settings presented on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you will notice that there is Bluetooth support for sending and receiving files, there is WI-FI for working with wireless fixed networks, and a GSM module is installed that allows you to call and send messages as if from phone. In addition, the buyer can choose a package in which the module for 3G will be provided. then the device will gain even greater mobility, having the ability to work in networks.

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Android Tablet Won’t Turn On FIX!!

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Operating system

Of course, traditionally the device from the Korean company Samsung runs on Android OS version 4.0.3. This firmware has been on the device since its launch on the market. As for the updates, they probably reached modification 4.2.2, after which the company refused to adapt the following parts of the operating system. Therefore, you will not see version 5.1 here.

This version of the system is bundled with a graphical shell called TouchWiz, which is known for its special design and work logic. It could also be seen on other devices from Samsung, in particular, on the Samsung Galaxy S3.


According to tests, the web browser on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (to which we have dedicated a review) is faster than on other tablets with a 7-inch screen from 2012. The developers have achieved this precisely due to the more productive filling.



Among the negative ones, several could be noticed. in particular, describing that several users do not charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. The owners of problem devices tried to understand why this is happening and what could be the reason. As the answers left by specialists show, the problem was a technical breakdown. If someone does not charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you can fix this only by replacing the adapter that connects the device to the network, or by installing a new power socket.

A similar problem can be a situation when the tablet does not turn on (does not respond to the power button). There may be several reasons. either the device is completely discharged (connecting to the network will allow you to find out if this is so), or the display unlock button is out of order (again, connect the device to power). There may also be a more serious problem at the hardware level, for the solution of which you need to contact the service center.

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There were other estimates as well. someone mentioned the fact that the tablet gets very hot during use. There were also opinions about the lack of brightness (or large) screen. Unless the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is charging, of course. this is a more serious drawback than the fact of heating during operation. However, similar problems can be found on other models.


The device is presented from the moment of purchase in the most classic set. This includes the tablet itself and the charger, which consists of two parts. USB cable and adapter to connect it to the power supply. There is no film on the tablet screen, but it is on the adapter. The package bundle is meager when compared with Chinese devices, but quite familiar for such well-known companies as Samsung.