Samsung Galaxy tab won’t turn on


Well, we figured out the possible causes of the problems. Now is the time to talk about solutions that may help you to bring the device to your senses.

With the firmware, I think everything is clear without further ado. As in the case of iOS and Android, most often the upgrade can be done “over the air”, that is, using Wi-Fi. However, not all devices support this feature, so you may have to use a proprietary utility for flashing. For example, for iPad it‘s iTunes, and for Samsung Galaxy Tab it’s Samsung Kies. At the same time, I want to warn you. if you have never done such things before, I recommend that you turn to someone from your acquaintances for help in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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In the case of discharging, everything is simple. you need to simply charge the device. However, do not forget that many of them cannot be charged from a PC or laptop and are charged exclusively from the mains. Please note this important condition. In addition, difficulties may arise with the battery itself, from which, for example, the loop has departed.

If we talk about the problem with the video adapter, then first you need to try to charge your tablet. If after a couple of hours the screen still does not want to turn on, then disconnect the device from charging and press the Reset button. If nothing happens again, then let the device cool down for 15-20 minutes and turn it on. If after 5 minutes it warms up slightly, then it really works with the exception of the screen. In this case, I can advise you to hand over the gadget under warranty or, if it is over, contact the service center for help. Some kulibins disassemble the tablet on their own, but for this you need to have knowledge of equipment repair.

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Mechanical damage also implies opening the gadget, since you can only verify the problem in this way.

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Causes of the problem

But enough of the lyrics, let’s get straight to the point. First, I will look at the causes of possible problems. Most often, something like the following happens: you pick up the device, try to turn it on, but it does not turn on. The problem, one might say, is quite common, and it appears not only on the used tablets, but also on completely new ones.

  • So the first thing. Very often the operating system of the gadget crashes. It should be noted that this problem is relevant for both Android and iOS (iPad).
  • Second. Perhaps the device is just dead. This is one of the most common problems, and often it is not so much the user who is to blame for it as the lost settings (for example, the tablet does not turn off the screen, that is, it does not go into standby mode automatically).
  • Sometimes the video adapter is “covered”. This is a very interesting phenomenon, during which the device works absolutely without problems, except that the screen does not show anything.
  • Finally, mechanical damage. Someone from the household could accidentally hit your favorite toy, it fell and stopped working. The culprit of the “crime” most often cannot be found.

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The tablet does not turn on. Why and what to do?

It is now that tablets have become so popular that they practically “squeezed” netbooks out of the market, which were in very good demand a few years ago. At the same time, not everyone knows that, in fact, the concepts of the first tablets appeared in the mid-90s of the last century, but at that time users simply did not accept them, and the technologies did not allow making the devices compact and at the same time productive.

That all changed when the iPad, an ingenious device developed under the supervision of Steve Jobs, entered the market. This is the first tablet to be truly successful and still generate huge profits for the manufacturer. It is worth noting that the first attempts to bring small mobile gadgets to the market were taken much earlier. Recall, for example, the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, which could have been purchased in the mid-2000s. an extremely interesting device, which, however, did not gain fame.

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Well, today everything has turned upside down. tablets in the near future can catch up with smartphones in terms of the number of copies sold, and now they have a rather negative effect on the sale of netbooks, laptops and even computers.!

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Restart to begin with, otherwise everyone for some reason starts to panic, although the business is for five seconds)


First of all, check if the charger is working. This can be done in two ways:

  • If the battery of your Samsung Galaxy Tab is not completely discharged, connect it to your computer and see if the indicator shows the process of filling the battery.
  • If your tablet won’t turn on, try using a similar charger model.

If the tablet is charging with another charger (or via a computer), then just replace the charger. It is recommended to purchase original Samsung Galaxy Tab hardware to avoid any compatibility issues.

Other possible problems

Samsung tablets have one interesting feature that often misleads users: if you completely discharge the battery and then put the device on charge, the indicator does not light up for the first time. In this case, you just need to wait a little. as soon as a sufficient charge is accumulated, the indicator will begin to show the process of filling the battery with electricity.

Important: Try not to completely discharge your tablet. According to research, this leads to a reduction in battery life.

Avoid bringing your battery to a state where your Samsung Galaxy Tab simply won’t turn on due to a lack of power.

Connect the tablet to a power outlet when the charge level drops to 25-30%. By the way, it is not recommended to charge the device from a computer: it is better to use the standard Samsung charger that comes with.

This is especially true when the Samsung Galaxy Tab does not turn on due to a complete discharge of the battery. Low current will not move the charge level from zero or this process will take a long time, so do not abuse the computer to recharge the battery.

Bottom train

The bottom cable contains the battery power module, so if it breaks down, there are problems with charging the tablet.

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It is possible to diagnose a malfunction only in a service center; at home it is better not to try to fix problems of this kind.

Power connector

In case of negligence, falling of the tablet or other mechanical impact, the power connector may break. Another common cause of failure is wear and tear during long-term use. The solution will be a complete replacement, since repairs will cost more than a new part.

Samsung Galaxy Tab charging problems and solutions

Samsung Galaxy Tab owners complain that sometimes charging the tablet turns into a real torture of the unknown: the indicator does not show the charge level and it is not clear whether the device works at all. If, in addition, the tablet does not turn on, then the alarm only intensifies.

Why won’t the tablet charge? Let’s consider the main reasons:

  • Broken charger.
  • Defective power connector.
  • Burnt out power management IC.
  • Bottom loop problems.

These are the main reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 won’t charge and therefore won’t turn on. Now let’s move on to exploring possible solutions to the problems that have arisen.

Power management diagram

If the tablet experiences a power surge while plugged in and then stops charging, the problem could be caused by a burned-out power management chip. Experts recommend replacing burnt-out microcircuits, and not trying to repair them, since after a strong voltage surge, they often cannot be restored.


If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 refuses to charge, does not turn on, and generally hints at a possible prospect of repair in every possible way, then adhere to the following aLGorithm of actions:

Don’t try to repair your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 yourself.

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Any inaccurate physical impact can lead to even more serious problems.

You should also not give your Samsung Galaxy Tab to “handicraftsmen” who fix anything that can break. from shoes to tablets. If your tablet does not turn on and you determine the charger is not the problem, contact a Samsung Service Center. Remember that using original parts for repairs will ultimately cost you much less than buying a new tablet or re-repairing.