Samsung Galaxy tab 3 won’t turn on

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311 Repair. NAND Replacement

If it might seem that replacing NAND with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311 is a simple matter, then we hasten to dissuade you. There are no simple tasks in component repair of motherboards. Each manipulation requires jewelry precision and high qualifications of an engineer, as well as special equipment and hardware and software systems.

A healthy flash memory has been placed in the programmer. Two memory areas were flashed through it, since loading is carried out on the ROM2 section, we need to register Boot and Config, and then fill in two memory areas.

Samsung, Galaxy, turn

After all the manipulations have been completed, the engineer installs the microcircuit on its seat on the tablet board.

After that, we perform a number of software manipulations, namely:

The specialist loaded the tablet, the Samsung logo appeared, which indicates the successful operation of flashing several memory areas of the microcircuit through the hardware and software complex. Next, the tablet will not boot, since only the bootloader and part of ROM1 are registered.

After that, the engineer flashes the service four-file stock firmware, enter the command code #, the tablet issues the correct service IMEI of the device.

Next, the specialist proceeds to rooting (obtaining root rights, super-user rights). Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311 in order to restore the modem part of the tablet. The modem part (aka the security zone) includes very important settings, without which the tablet will not work normally without the correct settings.

At the end of the day, the engineer was left to spill certificates (“Spill certificates”. There is nothing else but to register information about the device).

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311 won’t turn on

In our reviews, the topic of a failed flash memory chip on Samsung tablets has been repeatedly raised. over, in our practice, handling of such a malfunction occurs on a daily basis. There are several scenarios for the occurrence of a defect:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab / Note hangs on the splash screen;
  • Reboots cyclically;
  • Does not turn on.

NAND breaks in a fairly large number of models of Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab tablets, let’s list the most common: T211, T210, T310, T311, P5100, P5200, N8000, N8020, T805, T700, T710, T531, T530.

So, in this article we will describe the progress of repairing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311 tablet, which did not turn on. In general, it is known that the tablet does not turn on due to faulty NAND, but it is worth noting that there are a number of reasons why Samsung Galaxy Tab does not turn on:

  • Battery malfunctions;
  • Malfunctions in the tablet power supply circuit;
  • Broken power button;
  • Other damage to the motherboard;
  • Does not turn on due to water penetration.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311, before it came to us, was visited by a third-party service, in which the flash memory chip was replaced, but the replacement procedure did not bring success.

In addition, the analysis showed that the power controller was replaced on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311 board, which indicates another visit to the service center, and darkening of the printed wiring is observed in the area of ​​the emmc seat, which indicates either repeated repetition of the dismantling procedure BGA chips, or that the heating of the area took too long or too intense.

Be that as it may, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T311 does not turn on, which means you need to start repairing. The first stage of the diagnostic measures was the parsing of the gadget and the dismantling of the flash memory in order to test it. The test showed that the BGA chip is not initialized (not readable), which is the reason that the tablet does not turn on. The reasons for the malfunction of the microcircuit can only be guessed at. We are starting to prepare a new emmc to install it on this tablet.

And finally

Often, with such a malfunction, service centers offer tablet owners to replace the motherboard without offering the possibility of component repair. Modular repair instead of component repair almost always greatly increases the cost of repair work, especially when it comes to boards.

How to restart or shutdown a frozen Samsung Galaxy tab 3 that does not respond to any actions.

In this article we will see what to do if Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 freezes and does not respond to any actions, how to turn it off or restart it. The more technologically advanced a smartphone or tablet, the more likely it can freeze or slow down, and as we noticed, users of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 also face this problem. Any device periodically needs to be rebooted, and the more it works, the more it can be. and errors in the Android. Also, Galaxy Tab 3 may freeze on several simultaneously launched applications and games, perhaps there is not enough RAM or a virus may slow down the tablet or whatever. In any case, it is recommended to reboot the device at least occasionally and then the probability of freezes will be less.

Now let’s see what to do if Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is frozen and does not react to anything. Let’s try to force restart the tablet by pressing certain buttons. You can try to start by simply pressing and holding the on / off button of the tablet if the menu with the option to turn off does not appear, then we will try to forcibly restart the Galaxy Tab 3. You can also try to wait until the battery runs out if there is not much charge, if the battery charge is almost full and reluctance to wait, then below there is a way to reboot a frozen Samsung Tab 3 through the tablet buttons.

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To forcibly restart a frozen Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, press and hold the “off” and “”. “buttons at the same time, hold down the three buttons for a few seconds (about 7-8 seconds). For those who do not understand which buttons you need to press and hold for 7-8 seconds, this is the “power key” and the volume rocker on both sides. If everything is done correctly, then Galaxy Tab 3 should reboot and work normally.

And of course, do not forget to periodically reboot your tablet to correct errors in the Android. If the method does not help, then the problem is more serious or try several times. Good luck.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 won’t turn on. causes and solutions

Tablet computers from Samsung have long won a solid position in the mobile gadgets market. They are reliable, durable and functional, allowing the user to implement a lot of urgent tasks.

At the same time, like any technology, tablets are not perfect, and sooner or later they stop running. This could mean that your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is out of order, and you need to think about how to bring it back to life. The best solution would be to contact the repairmen, but this will inevitably entail additional expenses. To avoid this situation, you can independently find out why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 does not turn on.

If the problem is not very serious, then you can fix it on your own, even if you are not a specialist in the field of mobile technology.

Let’s see what to do if the tablet does not turn on, and what are the main reasons for this situation are known today.

There are two main reasons why the tablet stopped turning on:

  • Hardware problem;
  • Software problem.

In the first case, the device may not boot due to some mechanical damage. It is very easy to determine this. as a rule, such damage is noticeable visually. You might not even notice how you hit the gadget against something, even if not hard. But in the end, because of this, it does not work.

Also, it cannot be ruled out that some internal part of the tablet is out of order, which is extremely important for turning it on. This could be a battery, for example. Such a breakdown will not be catastrophic, because it is easy to replace a failed part, and this requires a minimum of time.

Software problems are somewhat more difficult to diagnose. If the tablet does not turn on because of them, then the matter is in some kind of viruses or a malfunction of the software platform. It is possible to determine what exactly prevents the tablet from starting up by experience, but practice shows that it is better to entrust this matter to the master.

Software breakdowns

It is more difficult to diagnose software breakdowns, but in most cases it is not difficult to fix it. To understand that the problem is in the software platform, see if the LED lights up at startup. If it is on, but the download is not in progress, then the matter is most likely in a software failure.

Also, an obvious sign of a software malfunction is a tablet computer that starts up, but constantly freezes. In this case, it is recommended to put the device into safe mode and not delay the visit to the service center.

There are many options for which part of the software is out of order. But it’s more important for us to find out how to turn on the tablet, and not what exactly happened to it. There is one surefire way to fix the situation by flashing or performing a full factory reset. We recommend starting with a reset, which is also called Hard Reset.

You can do it even if the tablet is turned off. To perform a Hard Reset, do the following:

  • Press the power button and the volume down key at the same time.
  • We are waiting for the Android logo to appear on the screen.
  • We get into Recovery mode and select the Wipe Data item using the volume keys.
  • The system will ask you if you are sure of your actions. We agree to completely remove all settings and data from the tablet.
  • When the procedure is complete, click on Reboot System to reboot the tablet.

This is a rather radical way, because as a result all user data will be deleted from the mobile device. But if there is no choice left, you will have to apply it. We recommend placing all tablet data on the cloud on the Internet, then the unexpected need to reset all data will not be a problem for you.

Hardware breakdowns

If the tablet does not turn on due to a hardware failure, then the first step is to hold down the power buttons for 10-15 seconds. If nothing happens and the power indicator is off, then remove the battery from the device, and after a while, put it back in and try turning on the tablet again. Perhaps, some contact simply went away, and after doing these manipulations, you will solve the problem.

It is likely that the tablet does not boot due to a discharged battery. Many users sound the alarm at the sight of a non-working tablet, but they simply forgot that the battery was completely discharged. Of course, in this case, the gadget will not boot until you put the tablet on recharge.

If the tablet computer put on charge still does not turn on, then most likely the problem is either in the charger, or in the tablet connector to which it is connected, or simply the battery is out of order. It’s also worth checking if the power button works.

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Often the tablet does not turn on also due to problems with the screen matrix. You are unlikely to be able to do anything to correct the situation at home, so take it to the service center right away. The same can be said about cases when the system does not start after the gadget falls or hits something.

If you bought a mobile device at a licensed point of sale, and the problem with its operation began within a year after purchase, then you won’t even have to spend money on repairs, since this situation is covered by the seller’s warranty.

The recommendations given in the article are universal, and they are suitable for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets and other device models of this manufacturer. We hope our tips will be useful for those who have unsuccessfully updated the software platform or encountered other problems in the operation of the tablet computer.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 Wont Charge or Turn on

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Using Safe Mode

This technique will be effective if it was possible to start the tablet, but its work leaves much to be desired: constant lags, system freezes, and more. To eliminate all interference with the normal operation of the device, use the safe mode.

You can enter it by opening the settings menu of the tablet PC. press the “Power off” button. hold it. It will ask if the user wants to go to Safe Mode. It must be confirmed that yes. The next field will open, in which you can delete all unnecessary files, installed programs and applications that cause the device to malfunction. And to update the system, you just need to restart the device.

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Settings Failure

To reset all settings of a tablet (for example, such as Huawei MediaPad T3 10) to factory settings, you need to activate the Recovery program. It is launched by a certain combination of buttons, but which ones, each manufacturer decides at its discretion.

The most popular ciphers:

  • turning on the volume (add);
  • reduce the sound side power button;
  • Power Home reduce sound;
  • sound start home.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Won’t Charge/Turn On? Here’s a Fix

One of these configurations will work 100% and enable the required software. After the tool is launched, information similar to the one in the picture below will appear on the screen. Using the sound adjustment button, the search is directed to the line “wipe data / factory reset”. To press it, Power is used.

Next, an inscription will light up, which will warn that due to such a “hard” reboot, all downloaded data, personal information, contacts, etc. will be deleted. You can save some of the information by removing the SIM card and flash drive beforehand.

Now click Yes and wait for the procedure to complete. After a factory reset, the tablet will turn on by itself (tested on Lenovo Tab M8 HD 2/32 LTE).

You can read about other brand tablets, for example, in this article: Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F Tablet Review: One in a Million

Hardware failure

The problem lies in the equipment itself, that is, there was a breakdown of some element or the contacts came off. The most common causes of hardware failures are:
“Ripped” micro USB slot;

  • connecting incompatible or non-working devices to the tablet (the same charge);
  • any damage to board elements;
  • “Fuse” or “hung” the power button itself;
  • the battery life has come to an end;
  • the loop of the screen inside the tablet has disappeared.

The first thing to do is find a 100% working charge, connect it to a tablet (for example, to a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 T725 LTE) and leave it there for 2-3 hours. After such manipulations, even those gadgets whose battery was very badly discharged and the power controller has already disconnected it from the charge circuit often “come to life”. You can check if the battery is charging by touching the power supply: it must be warm or hot.

If the miracle did not happen, and other ideas on how to start the tablet, if it does not turn on, did not arise in my head, the only way out is to contact the service center. If your tablet is still under warranty, you can get a free repair. The exceptions are cases where there is mechanical damage or there was contact with water.

How can you fix a software glitch?

If a tablet from Samsung, Lenovo or another brand does not turn on, but the user knows for sure that the device did not fall or suffered from any other kind of damage, it is worth performing 3 procedures.

When working with a computer or laptop, it is the restart of the system that helps the technician to get out of the “stupor”. The same technique works for the tablet as well. To reboot it, you need to hold the power button for 10-15 seconds, then try to start the tablet again.

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Has nothing changed? Then the second option:

Try to turn on the device. Perhaps it is after these steps that the tablet PC will start.

Important! The Reset button is not available on all tablet models. Often only state employees are equipped with such an element.

The new tablet does not turn on, but there are a minimum of options, what to do? The same reboot will come to the rescue. The new device does not have a large amount of accumulated information, and therefore the whole process will take a couple of minutes.

The tablet does not turn on: possible problems

All mini-laptop malfunctions boil down to two problems: a hardware failure and software troubles. In order to be able to independently, if not “revive” the tablet (for example, an ASUS tablet that does not turn on), then at least understand the cause of the breakdown and what to do, you should understand each of the factors.

Software errors

When the visual diagnostics of the tablet did not reveal chips, cracks, blurring on the screen, other defects, and the probability of hardware failures has completely disappeared, it can be assumed that the cause of the breakdown lies in the software component.

In this case, the tablet may not turn on due to:

  • Defects the device with malicious viruses or codes.
  • Malfunctions of the downloaded software.
  • Damage to the operating system or individual applications.
  • Incorrect operation of the basic settings of the gadget.

It is not easy to determine which item from this list has brought chaos to the tablet program, but you can try to reanimate it with a few simple steps.

The tablet turns on, but does not boot

If the touch device gives “signs of life”, but it did not go beyond the logo on the screen, the reasons may be very different. The table below shows the most common ones:

Tip: To avoid data loss in case of possible tablet malfunctions, it will not be superfluous to regularly back up the most useful information. You can transfer files to the cloud or any other selected device.

What to do if the tablet does not turn on. 2 possible problems and 3 ways to solve them

Do you know the situation when, when you turn on the tablet, it simply refuses to work, still remaining Malevich’s black square? The sensations of the user in the first seconds after that. a panic fear of the possibility of a serious breakdown. But you should not despair, because most of the problems of tablet devices can be easily solved, you just need to understand the nuances of the device. So why the tablet may not turn on and how to fix the situation? The article offers detailed instructions for a home repairman.