Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Does Not Turn On

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Does Not Turn On

High-tech tablets produced by modern manufacturing companies have long become absolutely indispensable assistants for many users. In most cases, this “indispensability” and becomes the main cause of frustration and frustration when the device fails. Fortunately, there are ways to independently solve one of the most common causes of device malfunctions, which we will consider using the example of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. So, basing on the statistics and experience of the leading service center employees, we can confidently say that the main reasons for which the gadget does not charge and does not turn on. this:

  • Full discharge of the battery;
  • Combustion of a power chip;
  • Charger failure
  • Damage to the power connector;

Now that we have learned the most common causes of malfunctions, we’ll look at simple and effective ways to fix them. Immediately make a reservation that in case of the failure of the recommended actions, we can say with 100% certainty that the problem is in the device itself, which must be attributed to the Samsung service center for diagnostics.

TOP 4 most popular reasons for dysfunctional Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. 1st place

Almost all owners of the device sooner or later face the problem of complete discharge, in which connecting the charger is useless, since the only way out of this situation is to connect the tablet to the network, but not through the computer and wait a few minutes. There is a possibility that as the minimum charge accumulates, the indicator will light up and the device can be fully charged. If this does not happen, most likely the problem is in the charger itself, which must be changed to a similar model.

2nd place

In second place in the list of the most popular reasons for refusing to turn on and charge is an ordinary charging malfunction. Obviously, with a careless attitude and violation of the rules for using the charger, it will soon fail and need to be replaced. You can determine the serviceability of charging simply by trying to charge it using a computer. A lit indicator is a sure sign of a charger failure. At the same time, it must be understood that in the event of a complete discharge of the tablet, using a computer is useless. In this situation, the only right decision is urgent repair in a professional workshop or service center.

3rd place

The next, no less common than other types of breakdowns, failure is a burned-out power chip. It should be noted that most often the microcircuit burns out due to the destructive effect of external factors, the main among which are power surges. The probability of failure as a result of such circumstances can be excluded only by purchasing specialized protective devices that do not always justify the funds spent on their purchase.

4th place

And in conclusion, I would like to draw readers’ attention to such a standard problem as a breakdown of the power connector, which often leads to neglect of the rules for using the charger, the use of third-party products and wear. Of course, the easiest way to solve this problem is to replace the connector, which, incidentally, is much cheaper than repair.