Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Does Not Turn On

The cause of the problem

I’ll start with this. The most common problem is encountered by those users who missed the moment when the device’s charge was worn out and did not charge it on time. I can say that it is not recommended to bring it to such a state, since it is the complete discharge of the battery that adversely affects its service life. In addition, after discharge, the tablet often refuses to charge.

  • The first and most common cause is a problem with the charger. Manufacturers are trying to save on everything and the charger is no exception. Low-quality chargers are common. How do you know if it’s the charger? You need to connect the tablet to a known working charger. Here, however, everything can be individual. One of my chargers stopped charging the tablet one day. I thought that he broke down and connected it to a worker who was known to be charging. Okay, I thought, but I decided to test my own charger the next day, it worked exactly the same as before. A few days later, the situation repeated itself. Apparently, there is some problem in the charger, which, by the way, still works. That’s just what exactly this problem is, I didn’t find out, and I didn’t really try, because I purchased an additional charger just in case. Probably the matter is in stabilizers or failure of the power circuit.
  • Problems in the electrical network, such as power surges, cannot be disregarded. In this case, it is recommended to check the presence of voltage in the network. But I recommend doing this strictly to those users who, at least, work as electricians, otherwise such measurements may end very badly for you. Be careful!
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Does Not Turn On
  • In cases where there is voltage, but the tablet still refuses to charge, you can try to clean the contacts of both the charger and the tablet connector. Do it carefully so as not to damage the device.
  • If we talk about more mundane problems, then very often it turns out that when the tablet is initially connected to the charger, it refuses to charge, but it is worth leaving it plugged in for at least a few hours, as it magically begins to charge. Therefore, the first step is to keep the device on charge longer.
  • Another category of users connects the gadget to a computer and complains that there is no charge. Should it be? The fact is that not all devices are capable of charging from a computer, since for this they simply do not have enough power.
  • If the tablet still has the ability to charge from the USB port, then there is a high probability that the port itself is faulty or it is disabled.
  • Do not forget about the cable itself. If you have cats, dogs or other animals in your home, it is likely that they managed to play with your charging cable, which due to this has become unusable. In this case, only replacing it will help.
  • You might be surprised, but the problem may also be related to unstable firmware. Fortunately, this rarely happens, but I have heard about such cases more than once or even twice. Flashing to a stable firmware can help, and through the recovery mode (if, of course, there is an opportunity to boot into it).
  • In theory, of course, there may be a problem with the hardware or the battery, but in most cases the problem is related to the software. Therefore, before taking the tablet to the service center, you need to try to reanimate it yourself, especially since it is often easier to do this.

If your tablet is not charging, you can ask your questions through the comments. Just don’t forget to include the make and model of your device, for example, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or iPad Air.

The tablet does not charge: what to do in this case?

You may have noticed that the demand for tablets is huge. This can be judged by the number of devices that we meet every day: people with tablets can be seen on the street, in public transport, in a cafe I will not lie, this has not passed into account and I am the owner of an inexpensive tablet of one little-known company in our area. I can say that with the size I obviously went too far, because holding an almost 10-inch device in my hands is corny inconvenient. However, I’ll tell you about this some other time.

Today I would like to talk about one very common problem faced by a large number of users using such devices. Yes, I want to talk about why the tablet does not charge, since I myself faced this problem.

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My ipad never charged from a computer at all, only from the network.

If I’m not mistaken, the ipad air should already be charged from the computer, so the system was redesigned.

Hmm I think I missed the moment when it was completely discharged ಠ_ಠ

I had it too! But everything was decided very simply: I simply put the tablet on charge, it lay for about an hour and only after that it was charged! Try it, you may succeed!

That nothing happens, but it has been charging for three hours for sure Black screen and that’s it

They tried to change the charger?

And I also have.
I put an Assistant tablet yesterday and it didn’t charge. Of course, I charged it a month or two ago

I agree with you

It’s not all that easy. My tablet is on charge for about a day. Nothing happens.

Guys, a long hold on the power button helped me once. I waited for about a minute, after which I finished the tablet! I don’t know what it was, but I never saw such a problem again.

This is strange. In general, it should not be like this, just a glitch in the system, the power button has nothing to do with it

Thank! This advice helped me a lot! I tried a lot of tips, but then I held the button for about 30 seconds and the charge went. Thank!

It helped me too. Could not reanimate, then held the ON button for a minute, and the charge went.

What to do? I discharged the tablet to zero, it turned on. At first, he stood on the charge and when I pressed ON, it just vibrated like when it was turned on. Now nothing is happening. Doesn’t react at all. What to do.

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And it helped me to hold.

Holding for 30-40 seconds helped me too. Power buttons. The tablet has earned SAMSUNG TAB PRO SM T-325

Yes, it helped me too. Thank.

Long holding the on button helped me too

It helped a lot, thanks. To the point of banality, they tried to revive their pill for a week. Everything is much easier than it seemed.

Hello Petrikov S! My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 showed a red cross instead of lightning when charging. I also delayed the power button and inserted the charger, the tablet started charging. Thank you for your advice!

You try charging more powerful. Oddly enough, it helped me and the tablet started charging after half an hour (it turned on and works)

After a complete discharge, the Samsung Galaxy tab does not charge, it costs half a day to charge. The battery indicator periodically appears on the screen, empty, then the first stick of charge in yellow and immediately the screen goes dead, I tried to change the network, the charger, hold the power button, both alone and with the volume button, the result is zero. What to do?

Maybe a power controller, but it looks more like a battery. There is no way to flash either?

Take it to the service, ask there to just put it on charge, it should turn on. I’ve had it 3 times. The operation is absolutely free.

But I turned and they already told me the amount of 1,500 rubles and not seeing what was happening with the tablet and why it did not charge and does not turn on.

It’s normal that after the tablet is completely discharged, it is difficult to resuscitate! Do not turn off the charger. (I had it). First, the indicator flashes, and after a certain time I put it in the night, and in the morning it was 100%.

There was a similar situation when turning off with charging less than 30-20% it was so. Long charging helped for about 2 days.

Exactly the same problem! I’ve been suffering for a year!

I have the same tablet. Breakage too. But I only held the power button for about two minutes and I got it. Good luck

My friend’s battery was swollen and it stopped working by itself. It turned out only when it was dismantled, and she swelled quite a bit

I saw this, while sometimes the tablet literally breaks

I have an onda. If discharged, then even from the outlet does not turn on immediately, but after 20 minutes, so charge longer, it may turn on.

Tablet AirTab M975w.
When I stick it into the socket it does not charge, and when I press it a little it charges. I would not like to keep like this all the time. What is the problem?

The huawei tablet only charges up to 74% and that’s it. I left it for a day to charge, it comes to this figure and that’s it. What to do?

Maybe a glitch. Make a hard cut, maybe even help.

My tablet is broken. Cracks flew across the screen. For half a year everything was more or less normal, and then, when you charge, instead of the charging icon, it shows not charging. Well, at first it was enough just to pull out the charger and plug it back in. Then the tablet was stubborn and did not want to charge at all. Doesn’t work at all at the moment. I tried a lot of things, but most likely, when the tablet fell and crashed, something inside it was damaged. Now I don’t know what to do.

It looks like he is finally dead. I don’t know, take it to the service.

Tablet Smarto 3GDi10, I connect to charging, the USB icon appears, charging does not work, what to do?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 was completely discharged, I had to go on business. I put it on charge from the radio in the car, charged a little. I arrived home, put the black screen on charge and does not turn on, it’s already 3 hours on the charge. Charge changed.

Good day! Such a problem: the tablet does not turn on, before that it was accidentally locked with a graphic key, then I handed it over to the master, he tried to reflash, but everything was unsuccessful. And now the tablet won’t charge. Tell me how you can bring him back to life.
Thank you in advance

Try to reflash yourself using firmware from They will help you there.

Most likely while you had it repaired and accidentally dropped or on purpose

Hello! My tablet Aser iconia tab a701 stopped charging, I don’t know what to do ?! I tried all the charges, everything is useless.

Hello! The little son dropped the tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. After that, he stopped charging. Already connected the charging others, the result is zero.

Hello! My tablet assistant ap 710 stopped charging, there are two charging connectors, none of them charges the device, but when the battery is changed, the tablet works, but still does not charge. What could be the reason for the breakdown?

Hello. The problem with the tablet samsung note p607t. When the charger is connected, it charges until the screen turns off. As the screen goes out, charging stops. If you pull out and insert the connector again, charging takes until the screen goes out. When you connect your USB to a computer, it does not charge, the battery in the upper right corner lights up, crossed out with a red cross. Does not want to connect to the computer, an unknown device writes. (tested by several original memory on several computers.) The drivers are fresh, they are exactly.

The tablet is slowly charging after 80%, tell me what to do or at least what it may be connected with

The Gelaxi tablet lay for a long time without charging. Now, when the charger is connected, it does not react in any way. Charger working properly.

Acer icon A500
Charge indication shows, but consumes more than charges.

95% of the reason is in the battery. His voltage dropped below the limit to which the controller is configured and he turned it off. It is necessary to disconnect the battery and charge it directly. The charge current is about 0.1 of the battery capacity. After the charge will occur from the native charger.

Has anyone had this? Charging is in progress, but you start using it and it discharges faster than it charges. I changed the battery, the same story.

I have it now

The x-digital tab711 tablet, when the tablet is turned on, does not want to charge (I have already tried a bunch of chargers), and when it is turned off, everything is charged normally! The computer does not see the included tablet either. It happens that when the charger is connected, he writes something in English.

A couple of days ago I listened to music on the road with headphones, in 3.5 hours the tablet was thinned by 8%. Today I listened to music for 2.5-3 hours. Almost all spread out from 100%. I put it on charge at home, it’s been charging for 3 hours, only 7%. I’m shocked. Why did it happen?

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I have problems with the tablet, when my younger brother violently threw the tablet, it stopped charging, HELP PLEASE! I can’t fix the problem (

I think it’s something with a jack.

I’ll start with the first point. It is impossible to miss the discharge to zero, since the tablet warns of a low battery charge and even if you are not around, then when the voltage reaches 3.5 volts on the battery, the battery controller will disconnect it from the tablet’s power supply and will not let it discharge to zero, because zero is already death batteries. And immediately to the second, I understand that not everyone has a voltmeter, but everyone can install the program from the Play Store, which accurately shows the voltage, and also shows the connection of the charger and its voltage. One of such programs is GSam Battery Monitor. In Russian, it accurately shows tension and so on. And you can immediately see when charging is connected that it is working and gives out the charging voltage, there are programs that still show the charge current. And there is no need to crawl to the contacts, clean and so on. If it does not charge, the most commonplace burned out the charger or broke off the wire. About USB charging from a computer or laptop. The maximum current consumed by the device via the USB bus power lines should not exceed 500 mA, for USB 3.0 900 mA. But the cable must have a jumper between 2-3, that is, the signal is short-circuited, otherwise the tablet will not charge, the power goes to 1-4, and since the tablets come with 2Am chargers, only phones can be charged from usb. In short, there are many programs in the Play Store that will show you the voltage, battery capacity, and wear. And you don’t need to guess what happened to the battery, just install the desired program and you will be happy.

This is understandable, just how to start the tablet?

Please tell me what to do? Put the tablet on charge, but charging does not go, interest does not go. How to repair?

Check the charger, if it gives out a voltage of 5 volts, but the charge does not go, then the reason is in the battery charge controller. If there is no device for testing, then in PlayMarket there are many programs that measure voltage, battery charge current, statute and see.

Who faced this.
2 days ago I watched YouTube. And did not keep track of charging, I had 0%, but it worked for 5 seconds and off. I thought I lagged and put it on charge. It didn’t charge. I went to read, here are the comments. And then one person wrote that it was death. I got hysterical. But then it charged. The next day everything was ok. In the evening I put it on charge. I wake up in the morning. The tablet is in place, but does not work. I remembered putting him on charge. I also asked my family if they had touched the extension cord. Nobody touched. I put it on again and left on business. I come back, it’s disconnected. I thought it was 100% charging. But no, now I’m sitting with him and suffer from a tablet, dear

I bought a new tablet to sleep with. There is a charge on the contacts, but the tablet does not charge.

I also have this problem with Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0
After complete discharge
I connect the charger, it shows that the charge goes one column and is cut down and everything is repeated again

Leave it overnight, you can stay longer. The battery needs to swing. Then came the power button or a combination of the power button and the volume. It helped me so much.

ASUS Tablet. After updating while charging, the USB icon appears on the screen and does not turn on.

I have an ImPAD 2214 tablet, it doesn’t want to charge, nothing helps

My DELL Vinove 8 won’t charge, what should I do? Writes connected but not charging

Tablet X-Digital tab 700, does not charge, although it shows that it is charging, but it reaches 16% and stands still, what to do?

The tablet has stopped charging from the mains, but it is charging from car charging. Other network devices charge normally.

The DEXP URSUS NS170 tablet is completely discharged, it is charging, the DEXP logo blinks for a short time, once there was such a problem, I sent it back to the server. What to do?

My tablet won’t charge from my computer. Turns on and off immediately

Fly connect 7 3g

The lenovo tablet charges only when it is off, when it is turned on, it often simply resets the charge to 0. At the same time, I tried several cables, and with all the same, normally the charge goes very rarely. What is the reason?

I have a Samsung Tab 3.
Sometimes I stick it in the charger and he writes that the tablet is not charging. The charging icon is crossed out on the battery. Problem in charging or in the tablet itself?

Hello, I have such a problem. Asus TF 101 tablet doesn’t want to charge. But for the sake of interest, I put him on charge. (No reactions). But after 2 days I turned it on and it was 100% charged. I have been living with such inconveniences for a month already. I changed the charge, it’s still the same.

The tablet fell into the water. At first it worked, and then it was discharged, stopped charging and turning on! Help what to do?!

Asus t100 on windows. When fully discharged, it does not charge, even the charging indicator does not light. I changed the battery, it didn’t help. What else could be?

Hello! My tablet model is Lenovo M70H3 version 5.0. For some reason, it does not charge from a native charge, but from someone else’s, from a push-button bravis, it charges. What to do? Prompt.

Can you please tell me, I have a Gelaxi phone with 3, it does not charge exactly from such charges, where the wires are removed, they are serviceable and the charging and the wire. I tried to charge through the computer, everything is fine, there is a charge. I tried to charge another gelaxi with disconnecting wires from that block, too! I found a charger with a non-detachable wire and the charge finally went! Question: why does not the charge come from the charging on which the wire is disconnected?

I have an SM-P601 tablet. I haven’t charged it for a long time. And the battery seems to be completely discharged, what should I do? How to charge it?

Tablet asus.
Charges up to 7% and then does not charge.
And if I turn it off, it discharges.

Try to go back to factory settings. Helped me.

Tesla tablet won’t charge, but it turns on and shows 0% and turns off again.

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Good day! I have some kind of mysticism! All of a sudden three devices stopped charging, all cables and chargers were original! Always worked without problems and suddenly all three! Two iphone 4s and pad 3, By some miracle, I managed to start them on charging, poked them into different sockets with different cords (one of them is completely new) and suddenly one device turned on, then another and everyone turned on, but then when the battery was discharged, again, the same thing)) somehow managed to get them to take charge, and with the help of a hard reset and a simple plug-in and poke into an outlet, but today the pad refuses to turn on) The question is what happened (suddenly three devices are out of order at the same time) I think there may be drops in the network ? But they didn’t charge all at the same time.
And what to do about it? Can you fix it yourself ?

The asus tf101 tablet sat down completely and does not want to charge. And the native charging does not work (I connected the phone to it). It has been lying for half a year and does not turn on. I connected it to another charger, it lay for 6 hours and turned on. But it writes only 7% of the charge, and says connect the charger. When I block it and pull out the charger, it lights up and when I turn it on, it also lights up, but does not write anything What to do with it. Tell me pliz

The Prestigio tablet was not put on charge for a long time, and when you put it on, it does not charge, help me what to do?

I have a PIPO V4-HD tablet, I put it on charge, it charges for 1 minute, then the screen starts blinking (it says it charges, then it doesn’t). The service center said that the motherboard burned out. Is it possible? And in general, what could be another reason?

Possible problems

Problems often arise in the event of incorrect cutting or installation of the card module. You are dealing with a fragile mechanism, and you should not make excessive efforts here. Re-remove the tray to make sure it is seated correctly; it should slide out easily.

We figured out how to insert a SIM card into a tablet “Samsung Galaxy Tab”, but you should remember about the fragility of the clips. Sometimes the card falls inside it will have to be carefully picked up with tweezers. If the task seems impossible, go to the service center.

The phone does not see the SIM card

Have you inserted a module, turned on the gadget, but it does not want to perceive the card? There are many reasons for the problem. Let’s consider the most common:

  • SIM card blocking (usually happens after a six-month inactivity);
  • Software failure;
  • Damage to contacts;
  • Natural wear and tear;
  • Lack of network connection;
  • Plug dirty.

Incorrectly cut sim card

Some “craftsmen” They themselves are trying to cut card modules, adjusting them to the nano standard. We do not recommend doing this kind of thing. The slightest violation of the dimensional grid will damage your property.

How to insert a SIM card into a tablet of a certain model

There are several types of card modules, this should be taken into account when installing into individual models “Samsung”. The number of devices with standard connectors is rapidly decreasing. Most modern slots are designed for microSIM. This family also includes “Samsung” Galaxy Tab, for example. Some of the tablets of this brand are designed for the nano format. Here’s what to do before going to a cell phone salon:

  • Clarify the model of your device;
  • Collect information about the technical parameters of the tablet;
  • Determine the location of the Tab 2 slot (or another representative of the line);
  • Understand whether you have a tablet computer or a phablet;
  • Choose the optimal type of card module.

Having coped with these tasks and connected to the required operator, take your Tab in hand. Now you will find out the whole truth about how to insert a SIM card into a tablet “Samsung Galaxy Tab”, without breaking anything. The algorithm is as follows:

  1. Turn off the gadget, turn it upside down and place it on a smooth surface. If you are afraid of scratching the display, place a piece of cloth.
  2. Find the connector (localized in the end part) and slide the protective flap. This is done by simply prying off the cover with your fingernail. There are options with a key, then you have to use a needle or paperclip. The script will change, a sharp object must be inserted into a special hole and slightly pressed (the tray will go out by itself).
  3. If you can’t reach the tray with your fingers, use the needle as a tweezer. Proceed with extreme caution.
  4. If everything is done correctly, you should see the holder, its shape repeats the configuration of the sim card. It is difficult to mix up the sides of the plastic module due to the special bevel. If installed incorrectly, the card simply will not fit into the tray. Some tray models are equipped with prompts to reduce the chance of error.
  5. Insert the filled tray into the dedicated slot. A light pressure is enough, do not put extra effort.
  6. Activate the tablet and check the fact of recognition.

If the device does not see the SIM card, it will have to be changed. There are several reasons for the problem, which we will discuss a little later. How to insert a SIM card into “Samsung” you already know this is a major breakthrough. You will figure out the rest of the nuances later (if they arise).

How to find out your tablet model

Let’s go back to the preparatory stage and try to figure out where to climb to get information about your device. Suppose the cover of the device cannot be removed, you cannot read the information on the battery. Catch a universal algorithm for all Androids:

  1. Open “Settings” (gear icon).
  2. Go to section “About tablet” (sometimes “About device”).
  3. Scroll down.
  4. Find option “Model number”.

Here you will see symbolic markings.

Go to Google and type in the received number. It turns out that you are dealing with a Galaxy Note 3 smartphone that supports LTE technology. This is the simplest example. Everything works the same with tablets.

How to insert a SIM card into a Samsung tablet

How to insert a SIM card into “Samsung” many owners of tablets of this brand are tormented by this question. If you have performed a similar operation with Galaxy smartphones, then you know about the need to use a key. Without this tool, pulling out the tray is problematic. What should owners of Tab 3 and similar devices do with a brand new SIM-card? Let’s start with the good news for the tablet, the key is not needed. Read our instructions here everything is there.