Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Strongly Brakes

Any tablet, even the most technologically advanced and expensive, can upset its owner with unexpected freezes and reboots. In this article, I will explain why a tablet computer freezes and how to deal with it.

Reasons for freezes

Firstly, weak hardware, poor-quality assembly of the device.

Some tablet owners do not understand that resource-intensive applications and games cannot be run on a weak hardware platform.

The processor and graphics chip in the budget gadget will not be able to carry out calculations fast enough, as a result of which the game or application will slowly work or even “hang up” the tablet. Therefore, if you have a budget model, then try to install simple programs, for example, for reading books. What are the most convenient reading programs you can find in this article. Also, the cause of freezes can be a factory defect.

Secondly, the lack of RAM or permanent memory. The features of the Android operating system are such that each application, after closing, “hangs” in the device’s RAM, often without even appearing in the processes, and slow down its operation.

With a large number of programs running in the background, the gadget may freeze.

The same can happen when the internal or permanent memory of the tablet is more than 90% full. By the way, this problem is one of the main reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet freezes: users install too many programs, clog the memory to failure, after which they encounter slow device operation and freezes. Therefore, if you are a big fan of games, then you should abandon the tablet and choose a laptop for games, read about it here.

Thirdly, the work of some programs, antiviruses, live wallpapers, “decorations” of the interface. All kinds of program bugs or poor optimization can cause freezes.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Strongly Brakes

Fourth, fatal for the tablet user actions. Some owners of gadgets, imagining themselves specialists in the field of electronic devices, through careless actions can turn their tablet into a useless piece of plastic. This may be an attempt to gain access to the administrator account, incorrect firmware, changing important system settings.

Solution of problems

For a tablet with poor performance, the only solution is to not run applications that consume too many resources on it.

If a device is found to be defective. poor assembly, poor cooling system, problems with microcircuits. the only way out is to replace it under warranty or buy a new one.

Special software for unloading unused applications, cleaning the operating system of all kinds of garbage, and disabling unnecessary services will help get rid of the constant load of RAM. You can also remove unused programs. especially games.

It is worth remembering: when watching a or starting a game on a tablet, it is better to turn off the antivirus. it will be more useful when using the browser.

With more frequent device freezes, you need to remember which programs have been installed recently. it is possible that they lead to system crashes. In some cases, you can reset the device to the factory settings.

The main rule: I’m not sure. do not go! If the user’s technical knowledge is not enough for fine-tuning or flashing the gadget, it is better to contact a specialist who will do everything right.

What to do when the tablet freezes

If your tablet is frozen, the first thing you should do is try turning it off and on again. To do this, hold down the power button for a few seconds, wait five minutes and turn on the device again. If this method does not work, you need to remove the battery, memory card and SIM card, wait a few minutes, insert all the accessories back and turn on the tablet. In some cases, you will have to perform a Hard Reset: for this you need to hold down the physical buttons of the gadget in a certain order (for each model its own order), but it is worth considering that this erases all the information from the tablet’s memory. Well, if this does not work, only a flashing or repair in the service center will help.


The conclusion is this: in most cases, the user is to blame for the tablet freezing. Trying to change system settings and files, installing a large number of programs, resource-intensive applications. all this can lead to malfunctions of the device. For the tablet to work without interruptions, you need to be careful about its operation.