Samsung Galaxy S8 Firmware Disaster Recovery Code

Samsung Galaxy S8 Firmware Disaster Recovery Code

Hello everyone, today we will parse error 4014 that appears when restoring an iPhone through iTunse. This error may appear due to software malfunctions as well as hardware. In this article, we will analyze both of them and try to find an adequate solution to error 4014. It is found in the following models iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 7

What is iPhone 4014 talking about?

The fact that the iTunes connection with the device during the iPhone recovery procedure was interrupted, while further action is no longer possible. This problem can cause either a system failure or a malfunction in the device or cable.

IPhone 4014 Software Solution

I have already said that this error can be either software or hardware. Let’s start with the software part and try to find solutions for error 4014. The following are a few ways to fix this error:

1. This tip is probably found, with all iPhone errors, it rarely helps, but maybe you’re lucky you just need to update iTunes to the latest version, it is recommended to update from an official source. You can check the version in the “Updates” section of the “Help” menu.

2.This is another tip which is present for any iPhone errors, it helps more often than the previous one. You need to check the cable for defects, it often happens that the cable charges the smartphone, but it cannot synchronize with iTunes in this case, the wiring that is needed for data transfer is damaged, it is usually a green and white wire.

Of course, you need to use the original cable since Apple is not a simple company and came up with a bunch of controllers to protect your iPhone that are built into the cable and without them the synchronization process does not always go smoothly.

3. We move on yet another simple method in some cases helps you need to connect your iPhone to another USB-port while you can not use hubs or other intermediary elements. It is also better to avoid connecting to the USB 3.0 port, it can be identified by the blue color, while the rest will be black. It is advisable to disconnect all devices connected to the computer while restoring the iPhone.

4. You can also activate the DFU mode mode, which is usually used to update and restore the firmware of an iOS device, and can help in this case. The first thing you need to do is turn off the iPhone, and then connect it to the laptop and begin the transition to DFU mode. The connection process is carried out as follows: We simultaneously hold down the buttons “Home” and “Power”, hold for 10 seconds. After counting to ten, release “Power”, and continue to hold “Home” until the computer detects the iPhone in DFU mode. Press “Power”, count 3 seconds, without releasing it, we also hold “Home”. After 10 seconds, we release the power button, while we hold the Home button until the device is detected in DFU mode by the computer. When emergency mode is activated, only iPhone recovery recovery is available, further actions are carried out according to the instructions on the monitor.

5. Well, finally, a few general tips. this is to reinstall iTunse, check the system with Dr.Web CureIt antivirus! (free), check the computer’s file system for errors (System drive properties. service. run a scan), use another computer to restore iPhone.

IPhone 4014 hardware solution

Well, let’s move on to the apparel part of error 4014 on the iPhone, there is no consensus because of what this error appears, so now I will list some malfunctions due to which this error appears:

1. During operation, with frequent drops, the contact between the processor and the board may be broken, and this leads to error 4014. It is necessary to unsolder the processor called to solder it. In rare cases, the processor is a hovercraft.

2. In other words, random access memory is the word oz or ddr, in most cases it is the source of all ills. We solder the new one and everything.

3. In rare cases, the c293 tiny capacitor in the pp1v8_sdram bus may be the culprit.

4. One of my favorites warmed up and worked. Warm up the board at 300 degrees. Then we successfully restore the iPhone.

5. There is another option that we press in the processor area and try to restore some helps.

6. Well, the last is the NAND memory of the device in which all your information is located. It happens that he just walked away from soldering and was re-soldered, but more often errors appear in it, the so-called bad blocks, due to which reading and writing to memory occurs with an error, in this case you need to change NAND.

7. Disassemble the iPhone to disconnect the battery, wait a little while for another to connect and try to recover.

Well, let’s summarize the above, it’s clear that the error 4014 on the iPhone can be of a different nature, you can often try to do it yourself on the software side, the hardware is much more complicated, what you can do on your own is to take the iPhone off to heat the board with a hairdryer in the processor area (without fanaticism ) by pressing in the same area and try to flash. The last thing you can do is turn off the battery cable, wait a while and connect the cable and try to recover. This, perhaps, is all I hope this article will help you.