Samsung Galaxy S6 Chinese Copy Reset

Samsung Galaxy S6 Chinese Copy Reset

Hello, our favorite visitor! Today we will teach you how to connect the Galaxy S8 to a computer. It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this process, but sometimes problems can arise. Sometimes the computer does not see the Galaxy S8, sometimes it may not be synchronized with the PC. In such situations, you need to look for the cause of possible problems, in fact, let’s move on to this.

Why the computer does not see the Galaxy S8

First you need to check the most commonplace reasons:

  • The first step is to check the USB cable for integrity. Are there any excesses, or chapped areas on it. Everyone knows that during active use, these cables quickly wear out and become unusable. Alternatively, try connecting the Galaxy S8 to a computer with a different cord. Be sure to use only original wires.
  • How do the connection sockets on your computer feel? Try to make a connection with all the connectors, maybe the initial one is loose, and it’s a bit off.
  • Now it’s worth looking into the socket for charging our smartphone, if there are any foreign objects that may interfere with the connection. Sometimes the reason is dust accumulations.
  • Could you accidentally wet the phablet before connecting? In this case, moisture sensors in the charging socket block all connections through the cable.
  • Along with the original cable, to connect the Galaxy S8 to a computer, it must have official Samsung drivers. To do this, download and install the official Kies program.
  • When connecting to a Mac, you need Smart Switch, you can also download it from the official Samsung website.
  • Sometimes, due to the fact that downloaded applications conflict on a smartphone, resetting to factory settings may help. However, in this case, all user data will be deleted, and the Galaxy S8 will return to its original state, as if you had just unpacked it.

We update the connection of the Galaxy S8 to the PC

Why are we going to do this? In rare cases, when we try to connect the Galaxy S8 to a computer, it passes it off as an unidentified device. In this case, we need to go into the device manager, and make some corrections:

  • Follow through my computer, properties, to the device manager.
  • Right-click on an unidentified device, and select delete.
  • Now we reboot the PC and see if it recognizes the Galaxy S8.

In the case when our device is recognized in the manager, but the computer does not see the Galaxy S8, you need to right-click on it to select a scan. In this case, he is likely to see him.

The statistics of such cases most often suggests that the Galaxy S8 does not connect to the computer due to software. And the problem is to look for in the drivers, by updating them it is most often solved. If you have a different case, describe it as much as possible in the comments, we will understand # 128578;