Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset How to Make

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  1. Initially, you need to turn off the phone. To do this, hold down the “Power” button and click on the “Shutdown” screen. Or you can simply remove and reinsert the battery.
  2. Then you need to hold down one simple combination of buttons: “Volume_ Up” “Home” (the Central button on the front side) “Power” (on / off button). Clamp them all together and hold.
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Hard Reset How to Make
  3. After the Samsung logo appears, you need to release the power button, and hold the remaining 2.
  4. A blue menu will appear. We entered recovery mode or as it is called “Recovery Menu” android.
  5. Use the volume control buttons to step through the menu and select “wipe data / factory reset” and press the “Power” button to confirm your choice.
  6. Similarly with paragraph 5), select and confirm the inscription “Yes. delete all user data”.
  7. Galaxy S5 will think a little and do the cleaning. Then it will return you back to the blue menu, in which you will need to select “reboot system now” and press the “Power” button.
  8. All. Operation completed # 128578;

Software Reset:

Settings Confidentiality (or Recovery and Reset) Reset

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Good afternoon! After resetting the phone does not turn on. There was a screensaver of samsung s5 duos and that’s it.

If anyone can tell me anything, the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T official unlock,
, He started to reboot all the time and did not always turn on, at times he simply did not respond.

Before the phone stopped working normally, I downloaded a couple of applications from the ones offered by the Samsung program and installed uTorrent, downloaded a large file, monitored the phone, it did not overheat much.
also on the phone there are such artifacts (photos), if they are, in rare moments of inclusion.
Hard Reset did it, the constant reboots did not disappear, that you can advise, shoveled google, but I could not find what to do next

Sasha, turn off or go out? in the right corner of the screen are indicators that extinguish the screen if you close them with your hand (because the telephone thinks that you are leaning it against your cheek)

Good afternoon. I have 5 samsung and the last couple of days the screen began to turn off by itself, that is, I press the home button and, in theory, the screen should turn on, but it does not light up, if you click on the upper right corner of the display, it only starts to turn on and then it’s not always , and also begins to blink, or simply cuts off again if you remove your finger from this upper right area of ​​the screen.
Tell me what you can do.

Hello ! A child bought a samsung S5GSMH phone from a pocket, turn it on, and there is a password. I wanted to try using the above method, but there is no volume on the side. Maybe someone knows what can be done? Tell me please.

after the operation, files and all data will be deleted from the phone ??

Everything is very clear, it will not be difficult to do, but it is not clear how to recover the data (it was written about this at the beginning of the article or I didn’t understand correctly ?!) and this question: there is no flash card, I connect it to the computer, it finds the phone, but doesn’t give out any information on drives, why not? I just wanted to transfer the photo to the computer in this way.

My husband wanted to please gave me a phone samsyng S5 mini, in general I am satisfied except for charging quickly sits down. It so happened that the battery was running out of charge 7% at night for charging, in the morning the phone got up and does not turn on at all. The power button does not work; it does not give signs of life. Due to the inconvenience of a small sim card, I can’t go to the old S plus. The second day without communication.

How can I answer an alternative question, how can I go to this section, it just asks me for a password,

Thanks a lot helped a lot

Hello ! on my phone in the upper left corner some of which appeared in a triangle !! signs, please tell me what it is. Thanks in advance.