Samsung Galaxy S3 Black List How to Find

Samsung Galaxy S3 Black List How to Find

Earlier we talked about a program to block unwanted calls and messages on Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones called Root Call Blocker, but most users had problems with that version. Now a new and well-working version of the application has appeared, which copes with the task at 100.

In addition to updating the functionality, the application has acquired a new interface that allows you to quickly and easily configure work with black and white lists of numbers. The main feature of this application is the instant interception of calls, so that your smartphone does not even “know” that someone called you. Nevertheless, all calls and messages are saved in a special log, where they are stored. From there, you can select any number, save it to the white list or phone book, as well as much more.

In Root Call Blocker there is simply a huge amount of settings. The new version has the ability to quickly “beat off the call.” This is an experimental feature, but it works with a bang. The interception is just instantaneous and the subscriber hardly manages to hear the first beep. In this case, there is not a reset and long beeps, but a kind of “disconnection”. Of course, different operators have different services and therefore somewhere else it can be different.

In addition to this “severe” reset, another 6 response types are available. For example, a smartphone may not respond at all to a call, and the caller will simply hear endless long beeps. You can do call forwarding to voicemail and more.

A special widget can be displayed on the smartphone’s desktop, by clicking on which you can quickly and easily enable / disable blocking. At the moment, this is one of the best applications for blocking unwanted calls and messages on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4. Of course, Root is needed for the program to work.


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