Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Quickly Sits Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Quickly Sits Battery

Our respect to the visitor. Today we will thoroughly understand why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is quickly discharged and its battery is running low. We learn how to prevent this and extend the period of work, your favorite phablet.

Because of what the Galaxy S8 quickly discharges and sits

We don’t even know where to start, because there are a ton of options, but oh well, let’s start in order:

  • The fast power consumption of the Galaxy S8 is directly affected by the included functions such as: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. If we do not need them at the moment, it is better to disable them.
  • For many, it will be a revelation, but a bad network also negatively affects battery consumption. Since, the processor starts to work more powerful, trying to catch the connection. Usually in such situations, she jumps from 3G to LTE and others. In this case, it is better to indicate the priority link.
  • Anyone who has encountered the active Always mode knows firsthand that he is displaying information on the smartphone screen when he is in a locked state. Of course, we also recommend putting it to sleep, then your Galaxy S8 will not land quickly.
  • What is your brightness setting? And after how much, the phone is blocked? Regarding brightness, if you have auto-tuning, congratulations, you are throwing energy into the wind. We recommend setting the brightness to 60% and unchecking. We also set the fastest smartphone lock.
  • As for the operation of applications. Often there are just energy eaters, how much each application eats up the charge can be seen in the settings, paragraph on the battery. Everyone has applications that they don’t use and are unlikely to be. Therefore, it is best to remove them, and those that we don’t see today can be simply stopped. By the way, if you do not use facebook, it is better to delete it, as it is very energy-consuming.
  • Many do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the truly large display of the Galaxy S8. If you reduce the screen resolution, and its work will increase accordingly.
  • AMOLED technology (deep black), favors dark colors # 128578;

Many people like wallpaper in motion. So it seems that the smartphone is like a living. In it something shimmers, flows or develops. But do not forget that beauty requires sacrifice. So, moving wallpapers consume much more energy than ordinary ones. over, the black colors on the Samsung eat less energy than light. So I set myself a black theme of the Earth.

In such a situation, it is best to enter the Safe Mode (Safe Mode), if the battery has returned to normal, then we will restore to the factory settings.

No one has canceled, marriage. Of course, this is extremely rare, but once a year a stick fires. In this situation, the best solution is to contact the official Samsung user service center.

Galaxy S8 battery sits down quickly. how else to help

In such a situation, an ordinary restart of the smartphone may help. You say yes you are joking. No, we’re not joking, users often download different applications indiscriminately. Sometimes simultaneously active applications can conflict, and cause failures in the phablet.

Also, do not forget about the extremely useful energy saving mode. Which, we ourselves can regulate, and decide what to work and what not.

If you checked all the points above, and your Galaxy S8 is still quickly discharged. Especially for you, we wrote a separate article on how to extend the battery life of the Galaxy S8. Most likely, using this knowledge, you will get rid of the quick discharge of the phone.

Write in the comment how much your Samsung Galaxy S8 is fully discharged, and whether our article helped you. We are waiting for your questions, and will be happy to help.