Samsung Galaxy J3 Screen Replacement

Samsung Galaxy smartphones are very popular among Ukrainians. These are advanced mobile devices with a large touch screen, featuring a stylish design, high performance, an abundance of additional features and capabilities. Displays here are one of the most vulnerable and fragile elements, despite the presence of a protective glass. After a fall or a strong blow, it may often be necessary to replace the display of the Samsung Galaxy S7 or another popular model.

You can perform high-quality repairs at an affordable price in the Romsat-service company!

Samsung Galaxy Display Replacement Prices

All are in UAH.

We repair the most popular Samsung

Samsung brand. traditionally among the most popular in Ukraine and the world as a whole. Smartphones of this South Korean manufacturer are reliable and durable. But their large touch screens, like most modern smartphones, are often the first to suffer from mechanical damage. bumps or falls. Often subsequently, you need to replace the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A5 or models of another current series of the brand.

Our workshop specializes in replacing displays of such popular Samsung Galaxy lines as:

  • S9, S8 and S7;
  • Note 8 and Note 5;
  • A8 and A7;
  • J7 and J5.

In most cases, it does not matter which model you have and its color. So, in “Romsat-service”, for example, in relation to the A5 line, the Samsung Galaxy A5 500, 520, 510 display is replaced. Black parts and other running colors are always available. gold, white, etc.

When should you contact us?

Screen replacement Samsung Galaxy may be needed in a variety of situations. As a rule, breakdowns are caused by careless handling:

Samsung Galaxy J3 Screen Replacement
  • the phone has fallen on a hard floor or other surface;
  • the mobile device was put in the back pocket of the pants, and then sat down;
  • the smartphone was jokingly thrown by someone, but not caught.

Not all cases require repair. Modern models of the brand have a protective glass Gorilla Glass, which sometimes saves the device from damage. So, in the newest, flagship models, protective glass of the 4th generation is used. Therefore, for example, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge display replacement is still less required than in budget models.

Contact our service center if, after mechanical damage or other adverse effects, the following occurs:

  1. White screen. Sign of water entering the device.
  2. There are scratches, chips or cracks, even though the display still shows.
  3. There is no image at all, there are stripes. The cause may be either mechanical damage or moisture, or factory defects (less common)

As a rule, the Samsung Galaxy Display Replacement helps in troubleshooting.

Affordable and transparent prices

Our important plus. We do not hide from customers. You can easily find out the cost of repairs using the site. So, if you have dropped Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, replacing the screen (for the G920 model) will cost from 4,400 to 6,000 UAH (spare parts and work). depending on the color of the case. For detailed information with indicative prices, see the convenient table.

Professionalism of the masters and the best parts

As a rule, replacing the display of the Samsung Galaxy A7 or another Samsung model. it is a laborious process. The final operability of the display and how long the repaired device as a whole will last will depend on the accuracy, experience and skills of a specialist. Just such masters work for us. They use genuine parts. display modules, safety glasses, sensors and frames. We give a guarantee on the installed components and work. Therefore, replacing the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge or another popular Galaxy model in the Romsat-service company. reliable, high quality and durable!