Samsung Galaxy J3 Memory Card Installation

It is not difficult to turn on the SD memory card on any tablet or Android phone, more precisely on the Lenovo, Nokia, lg smartphone, and so on, but here I will focus on the Samsung j1, j2, a5, j3, duos, and if there are pictures, they will be used with samsung galaxy a3.

When turning on, check if it is inserted correctly. Make sure your phone supports type (e.g. microSD. etc.)

Make sure that the smartphone supports, for example, 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB, otherwise it will not be able to “catch” it.

If you have android 6.0, then in comparison with previous versions, it has undergone significant changes in the use of cards.

Unfortunately, Google did not explain these changes to users, and they are not as simple and understandable as it seems.

When Android 6.0 detects the format of the card, it suggests using it as a memory, which practically does not change from previous versions.

Here we lose the ability to move applications to the memory card (this option was reserved only for marshmallow cards formatted as internal memory).

Of course, after you get root rights, you can change a lot, but it is not easy to do this in android 6.0.

If cd is used as internal memory, this leads to loss of access to the built-in and the ability to store only programs and their data on it (again, if you have root rights you can bypass this) and SD becomes invisible in other devices (because it is encrypted).

Hope this short description helps you decide what to do with your memory card in Android 6.0.

If the memory card still does not turn on, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with ten reasons and resolve this issue.

Saving files in Samsung directly to a memory card

Judging by the questions in the Samsung, there really is a problem with saving files directly to a memory card via bluetooth and downloading applications.

In this case, we try to do the following. Go to Settings, go to Memory and select Default Memory. Then we indicate where to save. Done!

Samsung Galaxy J3 Memory Card Installation

If your Android smartphone does not have such options, then without root rights there will be difficulty in transferring files, and it is impossible to get them in stock firmware (on android 6).

Also, the inability to transfer to the SD card already installed applications can happen if the developer did not foresee such a situation.

You can solve this problem with Root rights and installing the Link2SD application. Only if you want, get the rights yourself.

I do not want to describe how, since it does not always end successfully. Yes, I did not fully answer the question “how to turn on a memory card on a Samsung phone,” but this is only due to the fact that there is no built-in method, especially in new versions of android.

I also recommend watching the instructions on how to properly turn on the memory card in the phone. Successes.


The entire memory of the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy GT-S7262 is full and the memory card is empty. How to transfer part of files from the device’s memory to a memory card?

Adj. INTERNET, then to the submenu-SETTINGS-EXTRA-DEFAULT STORAGE-MEMORY CARD key (idiotic settings on j) If you transfer something specific MENU-SETTINGS-APPLICATION DISP, select the application bypass and press ON THE CARD

Did, now everything is clear. All photos ands fall on sd! Thanks for the help!)))