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Samsung Dive. lost phone management function

Samsung Dive. lost Galaxy S device management function.

So that trouble does not happen, or trouble has already happened, then right here.

A new accessibility feature is now available on If you have lost your Galaxy S II smartphone, you can track its position and control it remotely. First, you will see the location of the device, which will be updated every 15 minutes for 12 hours. Tracking will stop automatically if the GPS signal is weak or the smartphone is turned off. The location accuracy of a smartphone is comparable to that of other GPS devices. You can lock your smartphone and leave an onscreen message for those who find it so they can contact you. You can also forward calls from your smartphone to another number and increase the ringtone volume to make the device easier to find. You can even view your call log to see who called you! And finally, you can erase all data from the smartphone’s memory so that your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands.

Samsung DIVE. is a tracking system for a mobile device that allows you to do the following things with the device:

Find your Lost phone | unlock pattern | wipe data | via Samsung Find My Mobile

Blocking a mobile device using a message;

Samsung, Galaxy, find, phone

Deleting data from a mobile device;

In order to activate this service on the Galaxy S II, you need to register a Samsung account. This can be done directly on the device itself. To do this, go to “Settings”, then “Accounts and sync” and click “Add account.” Select “Samsung Account” from the list and register it.

Then you need to go to the site From there, you can already remotely control your phone.

Well, that’s not all. You can start tracking the location of the device (within 12 hours at intervals of 15 minutes) by pressing the corresponding button. The movement of the phone will be displayed on the map. Cool?

In my opinion, a very useful thing. these are Call Logs. You can download call logs for the last week. The list of incoming, outgoing and missed numbers will be displayed in the table.

You can also make a call to your phone. It will be useful if you have hidden your phone somewhere in your apartment / dacha, but you cannot find it. At the same time, even if the vibration mode is turned on, it will still play the melody at maximum volume.

Delete the contents of the phone. This function deletes all data from the device.

If you wish, you can block your phone with a PIN-code, as well as send a message to it. You can compose the message text yourself (no more than 100 characters long). You can also configure the function of receiving a message with a notification about the change of the SIM card by specifying the phone number to which the message should be sent.

Samsung, Galaxy, find, phone

As a result, we received a free, very convenient and well-thought-out service that does an excellent job of its duties.

Samsung Dive. lost phone management function

Specifications for the base Samsung Galaxy S20

The diagonal of the screen is 6.2 inches. Dimensions. 152x68x7.9 mm. The case is thin, but at the same time it sits confidently in the hand. The flagship weighs only 164 grams. The multi-touch display supports 10-12 touches at the same time. There is a neat LED sensor on the screen that glows when notifications are received.

The battery capacity is 3730 mAh. This is an excellent indicator, considering that the gadget’s processor combines performance and energy efficiency cores. The charge will last for a day of active use, with moderate use the model will last 1.5 days.

The pride of the device is a camera unit consisting of three powerful lenses:

  • 12MP main sensor (developed by Sony).
  • 64MP telephoto lens (made by Samsung).
  • 12MP wide-angle module (made by Samsung).

With automatic settings, Samsung C20 records video in 4K resolution, users can also shoot in 8K resolution. The resolution of the front camera is 10 megapixels, video recording is supported in 4K with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second.

The gadget is protected according to the IP68 standard. The model is not afraid of shocks, it can come into contact with a humid environment, water and dust.

Samsung Galaxy S20: a practical flagship

Samsung S20 is the undisputed flagship of the premium price segment. The lineup includes three smartphones. S20, S20 and S20 Ultra. The price of devices depends on the “seniority” and the usual accompanying characteristics. the amount of RAM and built-in memory.

Samsung Galaxy S20

General characteristics of the Galaxy S20 series

The device is powered by a powerful 7-nanometer Exynos 990 processor, personally developed by the company. Depending on the region of sale, models are also presented based on the powerful Snapdragon 865 chipset. The basic configuration in terms of memory is 8 GB for RAM and 128 GB for built-in.

The model is equipped with a Super AMOLED display with an aspect ratio of 20: 9. The screen resolution is 3200×1440 pixels, and the refresh rate is 120 Hz. Working platform. Android 10.0 operating system and OneUI 2.0 shell. The owners of the flagship will be especially pleased with the updated shell. OneUI 2.0 adapts to the needs of users. So, you can easily change the screen grid, remove the application menu, etc.

The last significant innovation is the built-in 5G module. The fifth generation of mobile communications will provide Internet speed of 1-2 Gbps.


It is worth paying attention to the basic model of the series because of the functions that the developers have endowed it with:

  • Directors View or change cameras. Changing the active camera allows you to capture more objects in focus while recording video.
  • Single Take Photo or Auto Shooting. The camera of the device works at the expense of a neural network, thanks to which you can automatically take the best shots. over, the automatic mode works for portrait and landscape photography (usually autofocus works only for portraits).
  • Pro-mode of the camcorder. Flexible settings are usually only used when photographing. Starting with the S20 line, Pro mode will also be possible when shooting video.
  • Fast charging. The battery capacity of the device is relatively small. 3730 mAh. 15W fast charging will charge your battery up to 80% in 30 minutes on average.
  • Battery health monitoring. In the settings, owners of new items in 2020 will be able to find information about the level of battery wear (statistics are displayed as a percentage).

The price of Samsung S20 is the most affordable of the entire line, while the functionality of the model is not inferior to its other representatives. Of the useful additional sensors, it is worth noting the presence of a light and proximity sensor, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a barometer. The built-in heart rate sensor will allow you to monitor your health.

Samsung’s New “Offline” Find My Mobile

Don’t know how to find your phone? Learn some effective ways

Nowadays, a mobile phone is an irreplaceable thing. It is hard to imagine a typical day for any person who goes by without the use of this miracle of technology. Lovers of quick money are well aware of this. Therefore, more and more people find themselves in an unpleasant situation when they have to think about how they find a phone lost for unknown reasons. In the section]] tips from the world of mobile communications]] I used to bring up the topic]] phone registration]]. and now I propose to consider another problematic situation. The mobile device is with us always and everywhere. Not surprising, because everyone wants to always be in touch. But carrying your phone with you all the time also increases the chance of losing it. This is not always the result of the lack of attention of the owner of the phone. Often it can just be stolen.

So how do you act in such a situation? How to find a lost phone?

When you are in the supposed place of loss, call your mobile device. This way you can find your phone by sound. Of course, there is a risk that someone else will be able to find him in this way, but here you have to take risks. In addition, the situation is not excluded when the person who found your phone turns out to be conscientious and tries to find the owner. But this, of course, is a very unlikely scenario. often than not, you yourself will have to think about how to find the phone. If you have lost more than three supposed places, and there is no one to help you, then I do not recommend using the ringing option. Better to gradually explore each territory.

The worst case scenario is not just losing your phone, but losing your discharged phone. Or the case when the switched off phone was lost. In this case, the options for how to find a lost phone become even less. You can try to insure yourself a little against such situations by purchasing a special keychain that reacts to pops or whistles. You can also use the so-called “lossless”. The essence of this device is to notify the owner when the transmitter is removed from the receiver at a specified distance. The transmitter and receiver in this situation are you and your phone. There is also a reverse action of the device. notification when approaching the phone. This is useful when searching.

To find a phone, you need to try to concentrate your attention as much as possible on each area of ​​interest. Look for it even in those places where, it seems, well, you just could not lose it. As practice shows, a mobile phone can be anywhere: in the refrigerator, in the microwave, and even in the trash can (there were cases, yes, yes :)). Remember how law enforcement officers conduct a search. You can also conditionally divide the search territory into separate sections and carry out the search in stages. Only in this way will you be able to successfully resolve the arisen question of how to find a mobile phone.

Since we are talking about law enforcement agencies, it should be mentioned that they can also help you. If no methods have allowed you to find an apparatus dear to your soul and body, or you are simply sure that it was stolen, contact the law enforcement agencies for help. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to such an option as using special tools to find a phone by IMEI. But if you have such an opportunity, be sure to use it. In this case, the chance of a successful search will increase significantly. Unfortunately, more often you have to look for the answer to the question of how to find a phone. The best way is to prevent it from being lost! Be careful and never leave your phone in an open area.

But this is already a topic for a separate material. Now I propose to summarize all of the above. So how do you find the missing? Let’s go in order:

  • We call the lost phone 1-2 times to make sure that you have not forgotten it at home or with friends.
  • Remember the last time we held the phone in our hands.
  • We determine the likely places of the loss of the phone.
  • If you have assistants, then we each go to one of the likely places of loss. When everything is in place. we call the phone to try to find it by sound.
  • If you have to act on your own, then you should not call. Gradually carefully investigate each of the alleged loss sites.
  • Is it all in vain? Then we try to find the phone by IMEI (if there is such a possibility, of course).
  • If there are familiar resellers of phones, we go to them and ask them to notify them if they have a similar phone.

If all of the above options did not work, then, perhaps, you will have to come to terms with the loss. No more puzzling over the question “how to find a phone?” Apparently, this is his fate. In the future, try to find out how not to lose your phone and do not step on the same rake twice. Happy searches (or better not lose anything.).