Samsung Galaxy Alpha Battery Replacement


Replacing the battery on the phone Samsung Galaxy Alpha

We will carry out phone diagnostics for free, select the required battery, use only original spare parts, agree on the cost and perform urgent battery replacement on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone in Rostov-on-Don and provide a company guarantee!

Samsung Galaxy Alpha Battery Replacement Price. from 490 rubles

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Battery Replacement

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Battery Warranty

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

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Only literate and

Replacing the battery on a Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone is a simple task for a qualified craftsman who has experience in this field. All employees of our service have experience of five years or more, so they are able to quickly perform high-quality repairs, using only original parts from the manufacturer and providing customers with a guarantee for all repair work.

Batteries for Samsung Galaxy Alpha always available

Original spare parts from the manufacturer are always available. We have a large supply of branded parts, therefore, we can begin repair work as quickly as possible. The battery replacement on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone is carried out using only high-quality parts, delivered directly from production, for all repairs performed, as well as a branded guarantee for parts!

Experienced craftsmen

Only first-class masters with experience of at least 5 years work in our service. We employ qualified and experienced craftsmen, they regularly attend continuing education courses and receive company certificates, be sure that your gadget has fallen into the hands of first-class professionals.

Save 30% on Cost

Repair without intermediaries! We are contacted by small service centers that do not have the necessary equipment, they add about 30% to the cost of services, and give out the completed repair for their work. We advise you to avoid such situations and contact us directly without intermediaries!

We repair, but not completely change

We are able to repair any malfunctions. We have at our disposal the most innovative equipment, the newest soldering stations and high-quality tools, thanks to them, we can repair individual parts, and not replace them completely with new ones.

Transparent prices

We always negotiate the cost of services before the start of repairs, and if the price suits the customer, only then we will start repair work!

When to replace the battery on a Samsung Galaxy Alpha phone

A battery replacement on a Samsung phone is required if:

The cost of repairing Samsung phones

Free diagnostics subject to subsequent repair. in the table are not a public offer.

Important! The repair price for different Samsung phone models may vary! Check the price by phone!

Common malfunctions of Samsung Galaxy Alpha phones. Samsung Galaxy Alpha Battery Replacement in Rostov-on-Don

Reliable and high-quality battery replacement on the phone Samsung Galaxy Alpha will significantly extend the life of the phone and return all its functionality to its original form: this will make the process of using the smartphone as comfortable as possible. Given that we have all the necessary original parts in stock for replacing the battery, the repair process will always be quick. The cost of all repair work is as affordable as possible: we always offer a favorable price / quality ratio for customers, without forgetting about the pleasant service!