Samsung Galaxy A 50 Is Waterproof Or Not


The case is plastic with a glossy finish. Available in three colors: black, white and blue. The phone looks nice and modern, but at the same time it gets dirty quickly, so the case will definitely not be superfluous. Despite the fact that the body is plastic, it feels good in the hands: high-quality assembly, solid plastic, thin and smooth body.

Samsung Galaxy A 50 Is Waterproof Or Not

Galaxy A50 is equipped with a slot for two nanoSIM cards and a separate slot for a memory card. In addition, there is a USB Type-C port and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Galaxy A50 is a mid-range smartphone. He received a modern design and excellent “iron”, therefore literally steps on the heels of expensive flagships. We tell about the main features of the device in a special review from the mobistor.

Samsung Galaxy A50

Android, 6.4 “AMOLED (1080×2340) screen, Exynos 9610, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB flash memory, memory cards, 25 MP camera 5 MP 8 MP, 4000 mAh battery

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The main photo module is triple: 25 (main module, f / 1.7) 8 (wide-angle, f / 2.2) 5 (auxiliary sensor, f / 2.2) Mp. There is support for artificial intelligence, so the system itself selects the optimal parameters for creating colorful photos. In general, the camera is similar to the Galaxy A9 solution, except that there is no optical zoom. The resolution of the front module is 25 megapixels (f / 2.0).

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In terms of photo quality, the phone performed well. Pictures are obtained with natural colors and high detail. Of course, there is still room to grow up to the premium level, but for its price it is very good.

Fingerprint scanner

One of the key features of the device is a fingerprint scanner built into the screen. Interesting fact: before the release of the Galaxy A50, the screen scanner was used only in the flagship models of the Galaxy S10, Xiaomi Mi 9 and the like. It turns out that this is the first mid-range smartphone with a similar feature.

As for the scanner itself. It is optical, i.E. A two-dimensional image of the fingerprint is used for recognition. The system works quickly and accurately, so no questions should arise. In addition, you can use the face scanner.


Samsung has been making mobile devices with very cool screens lately and this model is no exception. The phone received a 6.4-inch display with a bright AMOLED matrix. It features high resolution (2340 × 1080 px) and stunning color reproduction. The pixel density is 403 ppi, so the image is sharp.

The screen is large and this has its advantages. For example, it is convenient to watch movies, play games, chat in instant messengers and even work with documents from your phone. The display does not fade in the sun and under bright lighting, and the viewing angles are good here, so we could not find any flaws.

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Quick charge samsung galaxy a50 how to turn on

Does samsung a50 support fast charging? Yes, this feature is supported and easy to enable.

Thanks to it, the battery can be fully charged in less than an hour, but if you, for example, use a non-original charger, then this function on your samsung galaxy a50 may not work.

The downside is the reduced battery life. Therefore, they should only be used when you are really short on time.

Also, you should remember a few simple rules so that this process starts as quickly as possible (I will write about them below).

How to enable fast wired charging on Samsung Galaxy a50 phone

Fast charging, as the name suggests, allows us to charge the Galaxy a50 faster. This is useful when we are in a hurry and the charge percentage of our device is low.

To do this, the first step, like swarm of all changes, you will need to enter the Settings system (click on the gear).

Then, in the second step, we find among the many sections the line Device maintenance.

In the third step, click the battery icon at the bottom of the screen (the first one in the list on the left).

In the fourth step, select the ellipsis located vertically in the upper right corner of the screen.

The fifth step, click on the Settings label (there is only one, so you don’t have to search.).

On the sixth, completing the power-on procedure, go down and opposite the line Fast charging, if we want to use it, move the slider to the right.

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NOTE: it is worth noting that this switch is not active when connecting the charger to the phone, disconnect it and then you can turn on.

Important points when using wired charging on samsung a50

If the screen in the phone is lit (launched), then the quick function will not occur, but only the usual.

Turning on offline mode (airplane mode) will charge your phone even faster.

Only in this mode you will not receive SMS or calls, so remember to switch it after charging.

Also restrict the use of applications, especially those that consume a lot of battery, such as games or players.

Filling a phone battery via USB from a laptop or computer will not be fast and even slower than usual from a charger, this method will be much slower than charging from a wall charger.

Also, the increasingly popular wireless charging is definitely slower than wall charging, although it’s definitely very convenient.

How to disable fast wired charging on samsung a50

As for how to turn it off, after the way to turn it on is described, I doubt that an instruction is also needed for this.

Just move the slider from right to left so that it changes from blue active to gray inactive. Success.