Samsung G350e No 3G

They gave me this phone 3 years ago. Served faithfully. Yes, mobile Internet (2G) is sooo weak, the last half a year I started showing “cartoons”then one application is stopped, then another. Week ago Settings app stopped”. After resetting to factory and wi-fi, I stopped accepting it. The smartphone has become a NORMAL mobile phone. have to carry in service.

samsung galaxy star advance is a very convenient phone. It is large and therefore it can be used instead of a tablet for the Internet and just for watching movies. The screen here is good and allows you to do it. I like his sound, especially with headphones. Good frequencies. The case here is not the most reliable, the varnish is slightly covered with it, over the year there were such spots without varnish, you need to immediately put the cover.

I’ve been familiar with the smartphone model samsung galaxy star for a long time, I bought it from reluctance to contact Chinese devices and have already managed to disappoint more than once. His price is probably set only for the name, everything equipped with does not show anything expensive

I did not like this model at all, it was so weak and none at all turned out to be Samsung SM-G350E. It’s better to take some other Fly than this one, it’s so buggy with me that it came to pulling out the battery. And after the last fall, it completely began to crumble during subsequent blows. I don’t see the whole music, some of the files were deleted somewhere, the is so-so there, the pictures are a little better. The sensor every day has recently begun to bring surprises, it is both slow and buggy all the time.

Phone Samsung Galaxy Star Advance took last year. It still serves without problems, did not slow down, like many Samsung (I had Grand Neo). This one is as fast as it was at the beginning. A great camera that shoots good and is not ashamed to put it somewhere. I don’t like only the overload of preinstalled applications that can’t be easily removed, you need to install root access and climb into the firmware to remove unnecessary and free up system resources for, for example, serious office programs.

Samsung G350e No 3G

And Th, this Samsung Galaxy Star Advance turned out to be quite good. Although I’m generally a fan of iPhones, it wasn’t so easy for me to get used to Android, but thanks to this, Samsung got acquainted more or less calmly. He has a very good screen, on which everything is perfectly visible. The menu itself is certainly not very convenient, but over time you also get used to it and you can drag and drop items as you wish. This is one of the pluses. You can configure the device for yourself. On iPhone this is not.

I took a smart Samsung Galaxy Star. I regret my purchase, because he decently began to malfunction, plus a rather weak camera goes in it. I can’t even make a decent selfie. He accepts Wi-Fi very much, completely hangs in transport. The only useful point so far that I found is two SIM cards and that’s it. The Android is a bit old here, the battery runs out quickly, if you just sit on the Internet. The sensor began to jerk and in some places does not respond at all to touch, it annoys me cool

Before my EDGE, this Galaxy Star Advance was with me. It was the best option for a smartphone at that time, for today. This is an outdated Galaxy (for the “iron” stuffing). 512 M bytes (in current smartphones this level is much higher). But, I want to note, with the installed applications: VK, YouTube and PRIVAT 24. I even watcheds and short cartoons (full-lengths are pointless to watch on the screen in 4̋, in principle). In all other respects, this is absolutely the same Samsung Galaxy as today’s contemporaries. Star Advance is ideal as a starting smartphone for a child or just as a spare, stable working device.