Samsung Error 5e

Code 5E (SE) Samsung washing machine error. What does it mean?

It happens that during the washing process, the machine stops and the code 5E is displayed on the electronic table, some see it as SE. In Samsung washing machines, which are not equipped with a display, a 40 ° C temperature light comes on and indicators of all modes start blinking.

Such indicators are typical when there is a problem with water drainage. If, for various reasons, the washing machine cannot drain the water from the tank, it generates an error 5E.

What to do if error code 5E appears on the Samsung washing machine monitor

Problems with the drainage system can be caused by a number of reasons, some of which can be eliminated independently without the involvement of specialists. The first step is to forcibly drain the water in accordance with the instructions and free the drum from the laundry. Then you need to perform the following actions.

  • Checking the control module

It is necessary to restart the electronic controller of the Samsung washing machine by unplugging it from the network for 10-15 minutes. If there is an accidental failure of the control module, after switching on, operation will resume in normal mode.

  • Checking the drain pump contacts

If the washing machine has been exposed to external influences. Rearrangement or transportation, it is likely that the wire connection between the drain pump and the electronic controller is broken and, perhaps, it will be enough to fix them by pressing more tightly at the contact.

  • Checking the drain hose

The drain hose in the washing machine must not be kinked. It is necessary to install it so that they cannot arise during operation. This is especially true for long hoses, which are more difficult to firmly secure in the correct position. Also, the hose must be checked for blockage.

  • Checking the drain filter

To eliminate possible clogging, it is necessary to rinse the drain filter. It is located in a hatch, usually located in the lower right corner on the front of the washing machine. The filter is unscrewed counterclockwise and then removed. When this happens, a small amount of water flows out of the hole, this is normal.

  • Checking the connection to the sewer

It is necessary to check and flush the siphon through which the drain hose is connected to the sewer system. Perhaps the problem lies in the sewer itself. This can be checked by disconnecting the drain hose from it and directing it into a container, such as a bathroom, basin, etc. If, when you turn on the machine, it will work and drain the water, then it is in good working order and you need to start cleaning the sewage system.

Professional call on Samsung error

There are a number of breakdowns that can only be repaired with a subsequent warranty by a specialist. Below, in the table, there is a list of possible causes of error 5E and the cost of work to eliminate them.

Repair of the microcircuit or replacement of the control module if it is not possible to replace the failed parts by soldering.

From 7100. Module replacement

Replacement of wires in case of impossibility to qualitatively restore the connection by twisting

Please describe your problem, the exact model name of the washing machine and leave your contact information.

A specialist will arrive at your chosen time from 9.00 to 21.00, identify the cause of the malfunction, calculate the cost of repairs taking into account your Samsung washing machine model and perform all the necessary work to eliminate error 5E. In case of your refusal to carry out repairs, a specialist call is not paid.

We are looking for the source of the error: procedure

If the machine suddenly freezes during washing, and the display shows the code 5E, the first thing you should do is check the debris filter, which is usually located in the lower right corner of the machine body. This is the most common procedure described by the manufacturer of the washing machine in the instructions, and if you do not know anything about it, then you have never cleaned the filter. Clean the filter, if the washing machine error 5E continues to pop up, then you need to look further.

Samsung Error 5e

Next, you need to check the drain hose, perhaps a blockage has formed in it. Remove all laundry from the drum, then remove the drain hose from the siphon or sewer pipe and throw the end into a tub or sink. This will clearly show the leaving water. Then start the wash program and watch. If the pump tries to push water through the hose, but it barely runs, then there is a blockage in the hose.

Samsung washing machines are quite quiet, but if you listen to their operation while draining the water, you can distinguish a specific sound made by the operating drain pump. So, if you threw the end of the drain hose into the bathroom and after the end of the wash water does not run out of it at all, and you do not hear the specific sound of the drain pump, most likely the problem is in it!

Error 5E (SE) in Samsung washing machine

Error 5E (aka SE) on a Samsung washing machine can occur quite often if the owners do not take proper care of it, and sometimes when normal care is carried out. The decoding of error 5E is quite definite, however, it does not answer the question of what exactly broke in the Samsung washing machine. It only defines a possible list of reasons that we have to talk about within the framework of the article.

Why the error occurs?

Error 5E is usually displayed on the display of a Samsung washing machine at a time when the program has already finished washing and is trying to start rinsing the laundry. At this point, according to the program, the machine should drain out the dirty soapy water that was used for washing, and pour clean water for rinsing. This is where the problem arises. The system simply cannot drain the dirty water and the electrocontroller gives an error 5E.

This error occurs due to the inability to drain the water. This error is approximately deciphered. What are the possible reasons for this error, which is why the system cannot drain dirty water? There are three main reasons:

  • The drain filter is so clogged that water simply does not pass through it into the drain hose;
  • A blockage has formed in the drain hose, either at the junction with the filter or at the junction with the siphon;
  • Water is not pumped out due to a malfunction of the drain pump.

On some Samsung washing machines, instead of error 5e, the nd or SE code may appear, keep in mind that these are all the same error. Not to be confused with the E5 code. It means a malfunction of the heating element of the washing machine.

The cause of the error is determined: how to fix it?

The easiest way to fix the problem is if a dirty filter is the cause of error 5E on a samsung washing machine. How to quickly clean a filter?

  1. In the lower right corner of the machine body, find the plastic cover that protects the filter and the emergency drain hose. Open it.
  2. Take a suitable container to drain the dirty water from the drum (a basin is best).
  3. Remove the plug from the small rubber hose and drain all the water into a container.
  4. Without removing the container, turn the filter screw half a turn counterclockwise and remove it.
  5. Inspect the hole for foreign objects, remove anything stuck there, including lumps of fluff and hair.
  6. Replace the screw and insert the plug in the emergency drainage hose, then close the plastic cover. The problem must be resolved.
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You can find out more details with pictures and about cleaning the filter here.

If the cause of error 5E is a serious blockage in the drain hose, then you need to disconnect it from the washing machine, and then rinse with a powerful pressure of water. By flushing the hose with water, you can bend and unbend it at the same time, so the mud plug will pop out sooner. It is also possible that a blockage has formed deep in the sewer pipe or in the siphon. In this case, dirty water will stop leaving not only from the machine, but also through the sink drain.

You can manually clear the blockage formed in the siphon by unscrewing the plug and rinsing its internal parts, but you may have to tinker with the sewer pipe. It is best in this case to contact a plumber, who will quickly and professionally clean the pipes, but you can try liquids for removing blockages such as “Tiret Turbo” or “Mole”. If the fluids don’t handle the blockage, try inserting a long steel wire into the drain pipe with a small hook at the end to remove even tough blockages.

In the worst case, a 5E error can be caused by a broken drain pump. To get to it, you will have to turn the machine around and remove the back wall. Locating the drain pump is easy. Look at the valve to which the drain hose is connected, which in turn is connected to the drain pump. As we have already noted, it is not worth repairing the drain pump yourself; in extreme cases, you can replace the drain pump yourself.

To summarize, we note that the se error on a Samsung washing machine (or error 5E) is not as bad as it might seem at first glance. In most cases, you can find and eliminate its causes on your own. But if you do not want to mess with blockages or are not confident in your abilities, contact the specialists.

What error 5E (SE) means

This error is clearly stated in the instructions for the washing machine. When a code from SE or 5E appears on the display, the technician notifies that it is not possible to drain the water from the tank. Therefore, the washing process has to be interrupted. The error appears quite often, and in most cases it is possible to eliminate it by hand, without even resorting to the help of specialists.

Note! On older models of Samsung machines, another code, E2, may indicate this problem. This applies to those devices that were produced before 2007. And this code should not be confused with E5, which indicates a problem with the heating element of the washing machine.

Error 5E (SE) in Samsung washing machine

Washing machines should be looked after in the same way as other household appliances. Otherwise, it will not serve as long as desired. Over time, any equipment will experience errors that the owner will have to fix. For example. Error 5E (SE) on a Samsung washing machine. It is not as scary as it may seem, but it is important to know what it means and how to act correctly when it occurs.

Reasons for the error

After the washing process starts, water will be drawn into the drum, rinsing the detergent out of the tray. Then, at the end of the wash cycle, the technician will rinse. To do this, it is necessary to drain the soapy waste water and fill the drum with clean. If something interferes with this, then the Samsung machine gives an error 5E.

The impossibility of draining the waste water arises for the reasons:

  • The drain hose is preventing water from passing through. A blockage could have formed in it, for example, where it connects to the siphon. Or something has pressed down the hose, or even kinked it.
  • Water does not even enter the drain hose due to clogged filter.
  • Problem with the pump pumping out water.
  • Failure in software.

How to find and fix the problem

What to do if error 5e appears in a Samsung washing machine? First, manually drain the water from the drum. The emergency draining procedure is detailed in the instructions for the technician. After that, take out the not rinsed laundry. Now we start looking for the reason why the problem could appear and act:

  • The error appears due to a software glitch. To eliminate this, we try to disconnect the unit from the outlet for 15 minutes, and then connect. The glitch must be gone.
  • If the filter is clogged, you can remove it and wash it yourself. To begin with, we open a small hatch on a typewriter. Most often it is located in the lower right corner of the case. You should first put a rag under the bottom so as not to flood the floor. Opening the hatch, carefully unscrew the filter itself, rotating it counterclockwise. All that remains to be done is to rinse it and insert it into its original place.
  • A clogged siphon or its connection to the drain hose can be easily checked. We disconnect the hose, lower it into an empty bucket or other container and re-check the machine for the possibility of draining the water. To do this, it is enough to start the wash, wait until the drum is filled with water and immediately authorize the drain. If it worked, the reason is found, we disassemble and clean the siphon.
  • A blockage inside the hose itself is also easy to check for yourself. First, we check it for kinks and pinches, then we try to disconnect and manually run water through it. Difficulties arise from too long a hose. When such hoses are deliberately lengthened due to a far-located drain, blockages are more common.
  • The contacts on the drain pump may have come off. Then you need to carefully check if there are any disconnected wires. They move away due to shocks, for example, after transporting the device.

In other cases, a breakdown occurs. It is not recommended to do anything on your own. All that remains is to send the equipment for repair.


Code 5E or SE occurs frequently in Samsung washing machines. It appears due to the inability to drain the water during washing. There are several reasons, and if there is no breakdown in the device, then the malfunction can be eliminated without the help of the masters.

Wires and power module

If error 5e appears on the washer display, and self-diagnostics showed the integrity of the drain pump, then the matter lies in other nodes. For example, there is a high probability that it is not receiving power. We diagnose as follows. We hook a multimeter to the power connectors in voltmeter mode, return the Samsung washing machine to its original state and start the spin program (usually it lasts 9-10 minutes). At the moment when the pump starts, voltage should appear on its connectors.

The lack of supply voltage can be explained by two reasons:

  1. The connecting wires are out of order. This is the lesser of evils, since it is easy to replace them on your own by choosing conductors that are suitable in cross section;
  2. The control board broke down. The control triac could fail here. In this case, the fee must be taken to the service, where specialists will take care of it. Sometimes the boards cannot be repaired, but are completely replaced with new ones.

In the latter case, serious financial expenses may await you.

One of the most serious and unpleasant malfunctions in a washing machine can certainly be a breakdown of the drain pump. It is best to leave it to a professional to fix it.

Error 5e on a Samsung washing machine

Smart modern washing machines are good because they are able to independently determine their own faults. For this, they are equipped with advanced self-diagnosis systems. The results of the operation of such systems are displayed on a digital display or on light indicators in the form of a specific code. And this review will tell you what error 5e means on a Samsung washing machine.

Checking the filter

If the Samsung washing machine shows error 5e, then the reason may be the most commonplace. The filter is clogged. And to such an extent that he cannot pass the entire stream of dirty water through himself. The problem is solved very simply. We take a basin, pour water into it, unscrew the filter and carefully clean it from contamination. After that, we return it back and try to run some program. The washing machine should work without any errors.

We look for and fix faults

The Se error that appears on the Samsung washing machine is not at all a reason for panic. We already know its decryption, so we will immediately indicate the possible reasons for its appearance:

  • The pump has broken;
  • The sewer is clogged;
  • The drain hose is clogged;
  • The filter of the Samsung washing machine is clogged;
  • The wires supplying the pump are out of order;
  • The electronic control unit is out of order.
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Let’s consider these points in more detail.

Pump diagnostics

If the Samsung washing machine gives an error 5e, it is highly likely that the drain pump has failed. It is she who is responsible for draining the water. A strained hum or complete silence indicates its breakdown. In order to eliminate the breakdown, it is necessary to unscrew the filter and drain the water from the tank manually. Next, remove the back cover, find the drain pump. It is located at the bottom. Remove the pump, disconnect the wires from it and carefully inspect.

You should make sure that it is not clogged. It is the blockages that can cause error 5e to appear on Samsung washing machines. After inspection, you can try to run the pump in idle mode. If she does not respond, we feel free to go to the nearest service for a new pump, since the workshops refuse to repair these units.

Self-diagnosis system operation

If the display of the washing machine shows Se (or 5e), then this means that there is a problem with draining dirty water. It is a little annoying that even knowing the error codes, we cannot correctly diagnose without a thorough examination and check of all the nodes, one way or another associated with the drain. Any washing machine indicates only an approximate nature of the malfunction, so you will have to identify the faulty unit yourself.

In any case, the error code 5e in Samsung washing machines is informative, as it indicates a combination of internal and external nodes, one way or another tied to the drain. If the washing machine displayed the inscription “Error” without specific clarifications, then it would be difficult to fix one or another breakdown on your own. Let’s see what to do if the machine showed the above code on the scoreboard.

We note right away that such an error does not appear during spinning, since it is almost unrelated to it. It is associated with preliminary draining of water before spinning or rinsing. When performing a wash, the Samsung washing machine drains the dirty water at a certain stage. When they detect the impossibility of deleting it, they turn off and display the above error code.

Be sure to check the pockets of your belongings before putting them in the washer. Trash or any small objects forgotten there can subsequently cause serious damage.

Error 5E, SE in Samsung washing machine

If the Samsung washing machine issued a code 5E (on the display it looks like SE), then there is a problem with the water drain. For the further operation of the machine, it is necessary to find out what the reasons are and how to eliminate them.

What the error says and why it occurs

Error 5E in Samsung typewriters is a common occurrence. In 50% of cases, solving the problem does not require the involvement of professional craftsmen. This is what the appearance of error 5E on the scoreboard means. There was a problem with water drain.

The washing machine stops washing and does not drain the water if:

  • The drain filter is clogged with debris, as a result of which water is not able to pass into the drain hose;
  • The drain hose is clogged, or a lot of debris is clogged at the junction with the filter or siphon;
  • The drain hose is bent;
  • The contacts of the drain pump have come off;
  • A failure has occurred in the electronic controller;
  • The pump responsible for the drain has broken.

When the washing machine shows an error 5E, it is necessary to find out why it is impossible to drain the water. Only then it will be possible to clear the error and resume the normal operation of the washing machine.

How to remove a blockage in the drain and sewer hose

If a 5E fault code occurs, which is associated with a blockage in the drain hose, proceed as follows:

  • Disconnect the drain hose from the washing machine;
  • Rinse it with a powerful jet of water;
  • Flex and bend the hose during flushing to remove all dirt and reset the error.

If the SE error appears on the display, then this may be due to a large amount of dirt and debris in the sewer pipe. This is indicated by the fact that water does not leave not only from the washing machine, but also through the sink. To eliminate this problem, proceed as follows:

  • Remove the siphon plug and rinse all its “insides”;
  • Pour a substance into the sewer pipe to remove blockages;
  • Clean the drain with a bent wire.

How to fix the problem yourself

Here’s what to do if the Samsung automatic clipper gives an SE error due to a dirty drain filter:

  1. Turn off the washing machine;
  2. Open the plastic cover, which “hides” the hose and the emergency drain filter;
  3. Remove the plug from the drain hose and let the water drain into a suitable container;
  4. Unscrew the filter screw by turning it counterclockwise and remove it;
  5. Clean the filter from debris and dirt;
  6. Put the filter back, fasten the screw and plug the hose with a plug;
  7. Close the lid.

After that, the washer should drain the water normally. But if this does not help, the SE error appears again, then you need to check if there is a blockage in the sewer, if the drain hose is bent, if there are any blockages in it.

Perhaps there was a “glitch” in the control unit, so you need to turn off the washing machine, and then turn it on again after 5-10 minutes.

When to call the master

If during the operation of the washing machine 5E is displayed, then sometimes the code indicates:

  • Drain pump problem. You will need to replace it;
  • Broken electronic controller. It is necessary to replace the burnt elements of the microcircuit or solder the burnt out contacts;
  • Damaged wiring between drain pump and controller. The break is being restored or the loop with wires is completely changed.

If the machine shows code 5E on the display, then you can eliminate the cause of the malfunction yourself. But in the event of a serious breakdown, you cannot do without the help of a professional.

Samsung washing machine gives error 5E: we solve the problem ourselves

Modern Samsung washing machines not only do an excellent job with their main responsibility. Washing and spinning the laundry, but also have self-diagnostic capabilities that greatly facilitate the owner’s care of them.

All faults are displayed on the display or screen of the washing machine in the form of alphanumeric characters, each of which has its own meaning.

Error code 5E meaning

Samsung washing machine may display error code 5E or e5. Sometimes a similar error is marked with se, it depends on the model / year of manufacture. In this case, all three options signal that the washing machine has a “Water drain error”.

The calculation is based on the period of time required to completely drain the water, usually within 10 minutes. During this period, according to the program, the water must have time to be pumped out of the tank, if the level has not yet dropped below the specified one, (or, at least, the machine thinks that this has not happened), code 5E appears.

This error can be cleared by pressing the Start / Pause button, although if there are physical reasons for its occurrence, and not just a program malfunction, then the washer will need to be repaired. Otherwise the error will keep returning.

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Causes of Error 5E

Samsung washing machine does not pump water. Various reasons may precede this.

  • Clogged filter in the drain

For example, the machine thinks that the water is not being drained because a sensor tells the machine that the water cannot be drained if there is a problem in the pressure system preventing it from doing so. This is usually caused by a clogged filter that does not allow water to pass through.

  • Clogged drain hose

Garbage that somehow gets into the Samsung washing machine with laundry accumulates inside the system over time, sometimes even getting into the drain hose. There it is stored, gradually forming a kind of congestion and an obstacle for pumping water.

  • Control board problem

Another possible cause could be, if there is a malfunction in the pressure system, that the water is pumped out normally, but the control board does not receive a signal that the water has left, believing that the water is still inside. This is a more complicated case than a banal drain blockage.

  • Drain pump breakage
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This malfunction may well serve as the root cause of error 5e on the display of the Samsung washing machine.

Ways to eliminate error 5e

Everyone knows that there are no hopeless situations, so do not get upset and despondent if the display of your Samsung washing machine is lit up with the alphanumeric symbol 5e. Almost all root causes can be corrected on their own and the faithful assistant samsung machine will return to work.

  • Removing clogging of the filter and drain hose

To solve this problem, the first step is to check the pump filter, which may be blocked. Obviously, you shouldn’t disassemble a Samsung machine once again to inspect the pump filter if the water is pumped out normally.

This move is appropriate if you have a 5e error and can clearly see that most of the water is stuck inside the car. Just clean the filter or replace it with a new one in order to forget about the problem for a long time.

  • Control board problem

The control board is under the jurisdiction of the minicomputer that controls the entire samsung washing machine. Its breakdown means only one thing. Replacement in a service center, since it is difficult to repair it yourself.

The only thing you can try to do yourself is to carefully remove the board and solder the tracks, it is quite possible that they peeled off over time and the contact disappeared.

  • Drain pump breakage

See if debris is blocking the pump, such as a coin, a hair clip, or a bra bone. Over time, all these elements become overgrown with fibers of threads, hair, fabric, creating a serious problem for the correct operation of the unit.

It will be enough just to remove the stuck debris for the pump to work. If this does not happen, then it is worth checking the power supply to the pump. If everything is in order with this, and the part still does not work, then it must be replaced.

If the water level is still below the reset level frequency (25.20khz), then 10 minutes after the start of the water drain, this error will occur.

After carrying out all the manipulations, try to remove the error using the Start / Pause button. Thanks to this, the Samsung washing machine will restart and try to drain the water again.

The main stages of diagnosis

  • Visually inspect the pump to make sure there are no obstructions and the impeller rotates freely.
  • Check the drain hose and the path of its connection to the drain in the bathroom, if any
  • Make sure the drain hose is not kinked
  • Check the drain pump filter, making sure there are no coins or debris, clean if necessary
  • Check the air chamber and pressure sensor in front of the hose
  • Check the drain pump with an electrical tester
  • Check the drain pump rotor
  • Inspect the connection to the drain pump.

Before carrying out any work on the device, disconnect it from the power supply.!

After all these manipulations, collect the washing machine and run it through a rinse cycle to check the machine and make sure that it has drained all the water as expected. If everything is ok, the problem is solved.

What causes the error?

In most cases, it manifests itself at the moment when the program has time to finish the washing process and tries to start rinsing. At such a moment, as set by the programming, the machine drains the waste water after washing to fill the tank with a clean one intended for rinsing. This is where the problem comes in. The program cannot get rid of the water, and the electrical controller signals an error. There are three reasons for this situation:

  1. The drain filter is so clogged that no water can seep through it into the hose.

Washer drain filter

  1. There is a blockage in the drain hose. This problem may have occurred in the place where the filter or siphon is connected to the specified hose.
  2. Water does not leave because the drain pump has failed.

It is important to remember that in order to avoid blockages before washing, it is recommended to check pockets in things, remove all foreign objects from them.

Diagnostic steps

The following activities are preliminary performed:

  • The pump is visually inspected. Make sure that there are no obstacles to work, the working body rotates in normal mode;
  • The drain hose is checked, its connection to the siphon. In this case, it is necessary to make sure that there are no kinks;
  • The filter on the pump is checked. It must be cleaned of foreign objects;
  • The air chamber and the sensor showing the pressure at the inlet to the hose are inspected;
  • Using an electric tester, the wiring of the drain pump is checked;
  • The rotor is diagnosed, the connection points are checked.

When performing such work, the machine must be disconnected from the supplied voltage. After completing work, the unit should be assembled and run a full rinse cycle to make sure that the water is completely drained.

Samsung washing machine gives error 5E: we solve the problem ourselves

  • How the code stands
  • What causes the error?
  • Troubleshooting methods
  • Cleaning the filter and hose
  • Control board failure
  • Breakdown of the water drain pump
  • Diagnostic steps
  • We fix the problem ourselves
  • Conclusion

Modern washing units not only do their job of washing and spinning clothes perfectly, but also have the ability to independently determine breakdowns. Each malfunction is displayed on a special screen with letters and numbers that have specific meanings. Samsung washing machine error 5E means that a stop happened with water in the tank.

Breakdown of the water drain pump

It is necessary to check if any debris in the form of a coin, paper clip, hair clip has got into the pump. Any of such items over time begins to grow overgrown with fibers from threads and fabrics, which creates a significant problem for the correct operation of the entire unit.

You just need to get out all the debris, allowing the pump to work normally. If this does not happen, it is necessary to check the power supply to the unit. In the case when the voltage is normal, one thing remains. Replace the pump itself.

In the event that the liquid level still remains below the reset value, then after a ten-minute interval from the start of the water discharge, this error will occur. After completing all the indicated actions, try to clear the error by pressing the Start / Pause button. The machine, after such a command, will reboot and again try to drain the water.

How the code stands

Sign 5E indicates that there is a problem in the drain system. The machine, for some reason, has lost the ability to drain water, so the washing process is interrupted and an error lights up.

Note that a similar problem in the laundry machine of this company is very common. But in almost half of the cases, you can solve the problem with a malfunction on your own.

We fix the problem ourselves

The easiest way to fix the situation is if the filter is clogged. To clean it quickly, you need:

  • In the lower part of the case on the right we find a plastic protective cover for the filter and drain hose, open it;
  • We take a container for dirty water;
  • Remove the plug from the hose, drain the water;
  • Turn the screw on the filter half a turn against the clock’s hand, take it out;
  • We inspect the hole so that there are no foreign objects in it;
  • Screw the screw in its place, insert the plug into the hose hole, close the lid.

The malfunction must be completely eliminated.

If the problem lies in the drain hose, disconnect it from the machine and rinse it under a strong stream of water. At the same time, it is allowed to bend it with your hands so that all the dirt comes out faster. Perhaps a blockage has appeared in the sewer system. It should be checked as well. To do this, the plug is unscrewed on the siphon, all its internal parts are washed. If there is a blockage in the pipe, then you must use a special tool such as Mole or Tiret Turbo. It is not recommended to use aggressive chemical compounds in order not to damage the pipes.

The worst problem is pump failure. To check it, you will have to remove the back panel of the machine, dismantle the unit and install a new one.

Everyone knows that the machine is quiet. When draining the water, if you listen, you can hear characteristic sounds confirming the pump is working.