Samsung clock style. How to Change Clock Style on Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20 Plus, and S20

How to Move Clock on Lock Screen on Android

You will find a lot of interesting and useful information, and maybe a few brilliant creative ideas for arranging your wallpaper. At the very least, it can be very intriguing to explore the pre-designed possibilities of your device.

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The quality and high performances of the phone we use are very important, but for many people, the aesthetics of the screen of their device are just as essential. The visual taste of the average user has grown more refined taste and advanced design solutions are a huge point of interest when buying a new Android phone.

With this in mind, it’s good to know that there are options to change or move the clock on the Android lock screen and create personal wallpaper if you are not satisfied with the original configuration. Those options are very easy to activate, so if you have the right information on how to change the clock on the lock screen it won’t take more than a few minutes to do it.

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How to Change Lock Screen Clock on Android 12

If you have a phone running on the Android 12 operating system, you probably already know that there are no official options for easily changing the clock on your lock screen. This minor inconvenience bothers many users to the point they are actively seeking alternative solutions.

We listed some methods you can try that were demonstrated to be successful with making clock changes on your phone.

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Way 1. Sustain Unread Notification

The clock on Android 12 is only displayed in full size when you don’t have a notification pending. The moment you get an alert, the clock changes its original position and size and then moves to the top left part of the screen. If you always keep an unread notification, a large clock will never appear on your screen.

Way 2. Enable a Notification Permanently

Instead of constantly keeping an unread notification to get smaller digits of your clock, we suggest enabling permanent notification for some of your apps. This kind of notification stays on your display and prevents the clock from occupying the entire. This option isn’t available in all apps, but you can find some that do on the web, like the weather app which runs permanently in the background.

Way 3. Change your Wallpaper

Android picks the color for the clock based on your wallpaper, with the system acting as a designer for you. However, if you change the wallpaper you are using, the colors of your lock screen clock will be also changed accordingly. Here is how you can do that:

  • Press and hold the Home button.
  • Select the Wallpaper style option from the menu.
  • Choose one of the offered wallpaper colors and the color of the clock will be automatically adjusted.

Way 4. Turn on Android Screen Saver

Another convenient way to change or reconfigure the clock on the lock screen involves activating a screen saver on your Android. Follow these steps to complete this task:

  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the Clock app.
  • Select the Screensaver option from the pop-up menu.
  • Now go to Settings, and then Display.

Turn on Android Screen Saver on Android Phone

Way 5. Disable Option – Always-on Display

By turning off this option, you can eliminate the big clock on Android 12 so that you will see it only when you press the Power button. Take the following actions to disable Always on Display.

How To Add Clock Style Options

  • Go to the Settings menu and select Display.
  • Tap on the Lock screen section.

Turn off Always-on Display

Way 6. Use a third-party app

If you want to modify the look of your clock and upgrade its style you can download a dedicated app from the Google Play Store. There are specialized apps that let you change the size of the clock, modify the colors, or completely redesign the clock face. Some of the apps are free for download so there are no downsides to having them on your device.

How to Change Lock Screen Clock on a Samsung Phone

With Samsung phones the situation is a little bit better when it comes to customization of the clock. Samsung phones support various clock styles and even a total beginner can easily set up this feature. You can choose between a futuristic, analog, or digital clock, and you can try out multiple possibilities until you discover the ideal design for your phone lock screen. Just follow the next steps and you will be able to control clock styles on your Samsung smartphone:

  • Open Settings and scroll down until you find the Lock Screen option.
  • After you enter the Lock Screen sub-menu, you will be presented with several options. Choose Clock style. Go into this section to view all clock styles.

Choose Clock Style

samsung, clock, style, change

Bonus Tip. How to Remove the Screen Lock on your Android Phone

As a great software for unlocking Android phone, DroidKit allows you to remove the screen lock, regardless of the reasons why access is disabled on your phone. It is perfectly capable of bypassing different types of locks, including 4-digit PIN, 6-digit PIN, custom PIN, password, pattern, fingerprint ID, face recognition, etc. There are key features of DroidKit:

samsung, clock, style, change
  • Remove any type of screen lock on your Android phone or tablet when you forgot the password.
  • Unlock the screen in two ways: rooting or non-rooting (without a USB cable) devices. You can choose the way you need.
  • Supports almost all models of Android phones and tablets, such as Samsung S21, Motorola Edge, Alcatel, Google phone, LG and Huawei.
  • No technical knowledge is required. You can get access to your locked phone again in minutes with just a few clicks.

Before using this tool to remove the screen lock on your phone, you need to make proper preparations. You need to download DroidKit and install it on your computer. Then, follow the steps below to start unlocking your Android phone.

Step 1. Launch DroidKit on your PC and connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable. On the interface, choose Screen Unlocker.

Choose Unlock Screen Function

Step 2. Read the instructions and click the Start button. When you see the interface below, click the Remove Now button.

Click the Remove Now Button

Step 3. Select your device brand and click Next. DroidKit will unlock your phone accurately according to your mobile phone brand.

Confirm your Device Brand and Continue

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to put your device into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition on your phone. Once you finished the above steps, DroidKit will start removing the screen lock. Wait a minute, and the screen will be unlocked.

Lock Screen Removal Completed

The Bottom Line

For users who have high expectations and insist on creative details, the design of the lock screen clock at Android 12 may not be the best solution. To improve the visual look of your device, we recommend some methods you can apply and change or remove the clock from the screen. With one of those approaches, you should be able to get your phone to look exactly like you want it to, without the default clock dominating your lock screen. Of course, if you want to remove your screen lock on Android, just try the best choice – DroidKit.

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How to Change Clock Style on Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20 Plus, and S20

Here’s how to change lock screen clock and Always-on display clock style on Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and S20. You can change the color of the clock and type on AOD and lock screen. Easily customize the lock screen clock on Samsung Galaxy devices using lock screen settings.

You can change the AOD clock style using AOD settings. Also, add or remove the clock on the home screen using widgets. Check out below-given settings to change the Always on display and lock screen clock style in Samsung S20 Plus, S20, and S20 Ultra.

Samsung S20 FE Always On Display & Clock Style

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How to Change the Lock Screen Clock Style on Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and S20

Step 1: Swipe down the notification panel and tap on the Settings gear icon.

Step 2: Tap Lock screen.

Step 3: Tap Clock style.

Step 4: Choose from the Always-on display/Lock screen (We choose).

Step 5: Select Clock style type and clock color

Step 6: Tap on Done.

Now, lock your Samsung device and tap on the screen to see the changes in your lock screen.

Change Always on Display Clock Style on Galaxy S20 Plus, S20, and S20 Ultra

Step 1: Go to Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Lock Screen.

Step 3: Tap on the Always-on Display.

Step 4: Tap on Clock Style.

Step 5: Choose Clock style from the list.

Step 6: Tap on Color.

Step 7: Choose the color and tap Done.

Alternative Way: Settings Lock Screen Clock style Always on display Choose Clock style and Color Done

Enable and Use Facewidgets on Galaxy S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and S20

You can show Music, Schedule, Alarm, Weather, Bixby Routines on Lock screen AOD screen in your Samsung Galaxy devices. Also, reorder it to quickly access it from the lock screen.

Settings Lock Screen Facewidgets Toggle on items you want to show on the lock screen

samsung, clock, style, change

Also, enable/disable show on Always-on display option here.

And that’s all. Which Samsung S20 Plus clock style is your favorite? Tell us in below comment box. Stay and connect with us for the latest updates.

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How to Customize Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Android ecosystem is known for customization. One such aspect is Lock Screen customization and add-ons, including widgets, Always On Display, notifications, and more. Samsung, being the Android leader, has left no stone unturned when packing the latest Galaxy devices with many lock screen customization features. With the latest One UI 3.1, the South Korean giant is only doubling down with more features than ever.

All the mid-range and high-end Samsung smartphones come with an AMOLED screen, meaning they can take advantage of the Always On Display function. Taking a page from Apple’s book, Samsung has also introduced lock screen widgets on the One UI 3.1. Let’s learn about all the lock screen customization possibilities on a Samsung Galaxy device.

Enable Always On Display

To extend the battery life on a Galaxy device, Samsung disables the AOD function out of the box. However, it’s a useful add-on to quickly glance at the time, date, remaining battery life, notifications, and more. Follow the steps below to turn on AOD on a Samsung device.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Lock screen section.

Step 3: Enable the Always On Display option.

Customize Always On Display

The default AOD style is basic at best. However, it’s a One UI. Everything is personalized here. Samsung has thrown dozens of AOD customization options to create the perfect experience for you. Go through the steps below to customize AOD on a Galaxy device.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Lock screen section.

Step 3: Tap on the Always On Display option.

Step 4: Here, you can show AOD as scheduled, enable show music information, and more.

The most useful add-on is the Clock style. Tap on it, and you can access a bunch of clock and calendar styles with different color effects. We like how Samsung offers to play with gradient colors as well.

Move to the photo option and you can add a gif as AOD or choose a photo from the gallery to add it to the lock screen. In short, you have all the customization options to create an ideal AOD screen.

Download AODs from the Theme Store

Still not satisfied with the available AOD options? Let’s download some third-party options from the default Samsung Theme Store. Follow the steps.

Step 1: Long tap on the One UI home screen and select Themes.

Step 2: Move to the AODs menu.

Step 3: You will see both the free and paid AODs.

samsung, clock, style, change

Samsung has neatly organized them based on certain categories. You won’t have any hard time finding the right AOD for the lock screen.

Note: Before you go ahead and download those nifty gifs as your AOD on the device. Let us warn you about the possible impact on the device’s battery life. You will notice around a 20%-30% drop in usual battery life after the AOD implementation.

Add Lock Screen Widget

Like the iOS 14 lock screen widget, Samsung is adding widgets to the lock screen. You need to enable them from the Settings menu.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Lock screen section.

Step 3: Select Widgets from the following screen.

Here you will see default lock screen widgets to add to the lock screen. The current list includes Music, Weather, Today’s schedule, Next Alarm, Digital Wellbeing, and Bixby Routines. One can also enable the widgets to show on Always On Display.

Tap on Reorder at the top, and you can reposition the widgets based on your preference.

Lock your Galaxy device, and you won’t find any lock screen widgets immediately. You need to double-tap on the clock to view the widgets without unlocking the phone. Our most-used widgets are Music, Weather, and Digital Wellbeing.

So far, the lock screen widgets are limited to Samsung first-party apps. We hope the company releases required APIs for developers to implement widgets to the lock screen.

Add Contact Information to the Lock Screen

Samsung allows you to show information such as your phone number or email address on the Lock screen so you can be contacted if you lose your phone. It’s handy, and we would advise everyone to at least add an email ID.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Lock screen section.

Step 3: Find the Contact information option, tap on it, and add text.

Customize Lock Screen Like a Pro

Go through the steps above and completely personalize the lock screen experience on the Galaxy device. Hopefully Samsung improves the experience in the upcoming One UI updates. What’s your favorite lock screen addition? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

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Samsung Time settings | Change time, clock format in Galaxy

It is very important to set the date time correctly in Samsung phone. Because setting date time to correct will keep you in schedule.

Other than keeping you on schedule, setting date time to correct is very important to work many functions properly in your Galaxy phone.

Now a days most of us wear watch for steps recording, heart rate monitoring, smartphone notifications and for status in society but we see time in the phones.

There are two basic ways to set date time in Samsung phones. First is automatic and second is manual so here we have mentioned both of these ways to set Samsung time settings.

Samsung Time Settings

There are so many reasons when you need to set time and date in your smartphones accurately. Here first we have explained how to change date format in Samsung phone and then we have explained how to set time in Galaxy phones step by step.

Set date time to automatic

You can set date time to automatic to sync it with the date time of the network provider. You can follow the simple steps to set date time to automatic:

  • Go to system settings.
  • Scroll down tap on General management.
  • Tap on Date and time.
  • Enable Automatic date time option.
  • You have all done, your phone time will sync with network provider time automatically.

Make sure your phone is within network. You may need to set the time date in your Samsung phone if you have not inserted SIM card and not connected to any Wi-Fi.

Set the date time manually

Settings date time manually is a good idea if you want to set your time according to your personal choice. Its a batter option if you want to set your clock few minutes forward. As it will help you to be one step forward from others.

  • Go to system Setting in Galaxy phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on General Management.
  • Tap on Date and Time.
  • Tap on Select time zone.
  • Tap on Region.
  • Select your country from the list.
  • Tap on back button.
  • Tap on Set date.
  • Tap the current date on the calendar.
  • Tap on Done.
  • Now tap on Set time.
  • Change the time by swiping up down on the clock.
  • Tap done to confirm.

You have now set region, date and time in your Samsung Galaxy phone. Now we want to know that how to change time format from 24 hours to 12 hours.

You can follow the simple steps to set date and time in your phone.

Time Zone: Settings General Management Date and Time Select time zone Region and select your country name from the list.

Set Date: Settings General Management Date and Time Set date and select the current date on the calendar.

Set Time: Settings General Management Date and Time Set time and Change the time by swiping up down on the clock Done.

How to change clock format in Samsung

There are two clock formats available in every smartphone. Most of us like to set clock format to 12 hours. Only few people want to set clock format to 24 hours. And it is up to your choice only, you can set any one of these two formats.

I personally use 24 hours clock format in my smartphone. We have also noticed that 24 hours time format is used by railways and military services to avoid confusion in AM/AM.

Normally people at home use AM/PM time format for their convenience. The major benefit of using 24 hours clock format is that it doesn’t require AM/PM indications.

Clock Format: Settings General Management Date and Time Select time zone Region and select your country name from the list.

Now here we have explained how to change 12 hours AM/PM clock format to 24 hours clock format. You can follow the simple steps given below to set your Samsung phone clock format from 24 hours to 12 hours.

  • Go to system settings in Samsung.
  • Scroll down and tap on General Management.
  • Tap on Date and time.
  • Disable the Use 24-hour format.

We recommend you to set your Samsung phone date time to set automatically. In this case you need not to worry about date time settings as it will be automatically change accordingly from the Network.

If you don’t want to set your phone date time to automatically then you can also set it manually but in this case you also need to set your clock format to your country.

This post is has answer to following questions:

  • Samsung time setting?
  • How to change clock format in Samsung?
  • How to change Samsung clock to 12 hour?
  • How to change time in Samsung mobile?
  • How to set date in Samsung mobile?

We have tried our best to provide the detailed information about Samsung time settings. We have also explained how to change clock format in Samsung phones.

If you still have any question or feedback then let us know in the comment section below. Your valuable feedback is always appriciated and help us to improve this blog.