Samsung Check

What is electronic design and what are its advantages?

This type of guarantee has a number of significant advantages over a paper coupon. The main ones include:

  • The ability to contact an authorized Samsung service without presenting any documents (receipts, packaging, etc.);
  • A defective product can be returned for repair anywhere in Russia;
  • If the buyer wants to give this or that equipment to someone as a gift, then he does not need to present the present along with the check (sometimes it is not very convenient to do this).

Paper and electronic types

Samsung provides two types of warranty coupons:

How to check the warranty card by serial number or IMEI?

Users of Samsung products have the opportunity to check the electronic warranty on the Internet. This may require the serial number of the product or IMEI.

IMEI consists of 16 digits and is usually located on the nameplate under the rear access panel or written directly on it (if it cannot be removed). In addition, you can find out your IMEI through the phone settings by going to the “About device” section.

So, in order to check the phone warranty, you must proceed as follows:

  1. First you need to follow this link.
  2. In the window that opens, an empty form will appear titled “Electronic guarantee check”. It must be filled in, indicating the IMEI of the phone (tablet) or the serial number (if you need to check the warranty of other equipment).

Warranty period for Samsung phones in Russia

According to the information posted on the official website of Samsung, the warranty for phones sold in the Russian Federation is 1 year.

After the specified period of time, any repairs to the product will be made at the expense of the buyer.

How to check the warranty on a Samsung phone? Is it possible on the Internet?

This article will help you learn how to check the warranty for the products of this brand, as well as figure out what it includes.

What does ZoZPP say?

Thus, if the Samsung phone breaks down after the expiration of the warranty period, but within 2 years, the buyer will be able to present the relevant requirements to the seller. At the same time, the owner of the phone will have to prove that the breakdown is related to a defect that arose at the production stage. It is possible that in this situation there may be a need for an independent examination.

Service Codes

Samsung Check

A service code or specialized team is one of the main ways to determine the authenticity of a phone.

In the case of Galaxy s9 and other South Korean devices, enter the engineering menu by dialing # 7353 #.

This combination of numbers is radically different from the standard options, so a fake will not react to it in any way, while the original device will immediately enter the component testing menu.

Another specialized command is the # 1234 # character sequence. It is not reflected in any official instructions, but it works quite successfully.

When you enter this code, the screen will display the smartphone model (for example, Samsung Galaxy s8), its production date, build number and other important information.

External evaluation

When conducting a visual inspection, you should pay attention to several important points:

  • Packaging. The original smartphone is sold in high-quality sealed packaging, which contains instructions, a warranty card and a charger;
  • Stickers. Not only confirm the authenticity of the product, but also allow you to keep the manufacturer’s warranty. Remember, the real phone should not contain the names of other companies and logos of foreign mobile operators;
  • The body and small parts are intact, strong, well secured;
  • Front camera. Expertly fitted, with white LED bulbs, most models, including the latest galaxy s9, are in the center;
  • Screen width and height. To determine them, you can use a ruler or a caliper (allows you to determine these indicators with millimeter accuracy);
  • Power button. A sinking and inconveniently located ON / OFF button indicates a fake;
  • The number and format of SIM cards. For 2020, most smartphones work with micro-sim and have 2 slots;
  • Image quality. Ask to turn on your smartphone and take a close look at the quality of the images. They should be clear and even;
  • OS version (operating system). The same as indicated in the instructions;
  • Font size. Must be the same for all sections;
  • Side lighting. All Samsung smartphones, be it Galaxy s7 or Galaxy Win 2, simply do not have it! To check it is enough to put a black screensaver on the entire screen. The original will remain without backlight.
  • Localization and language are different for each country. The main thing is that all the inscriptions on the phone or on its packaging comply with the grammatical norms of a particular language.
  • Before buying a phone, be sure to visit the official Samsung website and study the appearance and main characteristics of the model you like (weight, dimensions, logos, stickers, a palette of available colors, etc.).

    IMEI check

    Any phone (regardless of cost and manufacturer) has its own personal code called IMEI.

    It is assigned to the device during manufacture, refers to the international identifiers of mobile equipment and allows cellular operators to identify phones in their network.

    To check Samsung by imei on the official website, you need to find out the specific model number. As a rule, it is indicated inside the warranty card, on the seal with which the box is sealed, or under the battery near the barcode.

    For smartphones of the old generation (not older than the galaxy s7 model), another method is relevant. If you do not know how to recognize imei samsung, dial # 06 # on your smartphone.

    After that, the screen will display a 15-digit numeric code. It must be entered into a special verification form located on the official website of the company.

    How to check a Samsung phone for authenticity?

    Having become one of the world leaders, the smartphones of this famous South Korean company have become a favorite copy object.

    How to check a Samsung phone for originality and not fall for the bait of scammers?

    This can be done in several effective ways. Let’s consider each of them.

    First turn on

    How to check Samsung for authenticity? Be sure to turn on the proposed device and check the sequence of the information that appears on the screen:

    • Brand name;
    • Operating system name (platform logo);
    • Specific device model name.

    Advice! If at least one of the named elements is not highlighted, refuse to purchase.

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    Also pay attention to the structure of the screen. The main feature of Samsung smartphones are special AMOLED matrices with subpixels of different sizes. They can be seen under a strong magnifying glass.

    Mobile applications

    If you failed to verify samsung by serial number, use special applications with which you can authenticate a particular device.

    The most popular are:

    • Gfxbench;
    • GPS Test;
    • Antutu;
    • CPU-Z;
    • Geekbench.

    Mobile applications show the performance of the device, analyze the processor and system state of the device, and determine the state of the GPS sensor. Then all this data is displayed on the screen.

    If you doubt your own awareness, ask for help from someone who is familiar with the products of this company and is well versed in modern gadgets. This is the only way you can protect yourself from scammers.

    Checking the Samsung on the official website

    Phone owners often save money by buying them from questionable marketplaces. The sellers on them are not always honest, unlike official retailers. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of counterfeiting phones like Samsung, it is advisable to check it for originality when purchasing. Dear readers!


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    Samsung website official check by number

    Find out the serial number of the Samsung phone. How to find your serial number. What is the serial number of the SIM card Instructions If you want to get an additional warranty on your laptop from the manufacturer, you definitely need to know its serial number. Dear Readers! Our articles tell about typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique.

    Respect your and other people’s time. To compare devices with competitors and on the choice of devices, please contact the section: Selection and Comparison. Before posting a photo, read the topic Working with images on the forum Messages that are not related to the offtopic discussion topic are deleted without warning. Help make the branch cleaner and healthier! Use the buttons and to assign a rating message.

    Check the Samsung on the warranty

    This check of the smartphone can clarify its originality, or notify that it is wanted by its owner. Immediately, we note that changing imei for Samsung Galaxy S6 is as easy as checking. Therefore, this method does not exclude the possibility that your phablet is original. Methods to check imei on Galaxy S6 Every smartphone has this sticker There are not many ways to check imei on Samsung flagships. Dear Readers! Our articles talk about typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique. If you want to know how to solve exactly your problem. Contact the online consultant form on the right or call the phones presented on the website. It’s fast and free! How to find out the certificate of a smartphone First, let’s find out the meaning of this abbreviation. It is unique and is assigned at the factory upon release.

    Samsung check imei

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    Check Samsung smartphone by serial number

    Phone owners often save money by buying them from questionable marketplaces. The sellers on them are not always honest, unlike official retailers. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of counterfeiting phones such as Samsung, it is advisable to check it for originality when buying.

    Dear Readers! Our articles talk about typical ways of solving legal issues, but each case is unique. If you want to know how to solve exactly your problem. Contact the online consultant form on the right or call the phones presented on the website. It’s fast and free!

    When buying a brand new smartphone, users have many questions about its use, operation, warranty, as well as information about the IMEI code of the device, which makes your device unique for operators.

    How can you get this information? Each smartphone has its own unique, special IMEI code, which is the International Mobile Equipment Identifier. This code serves to enable the operator of the cellular network to identify each smartphone that is on the network separately. Such a code is entered into the device during its factory production and, of course, cannot be changed during its use.

    Regardless of the manufacturer, the IMEI code format is the same for all smartphones. Decrypt IMEI numbers. Not such a difficult task.

    The first six numbers of the code inform the user about the encoding according to the international classifier Type Approval Code for a specific gadget model, where the first two digits determine the code of the country of origin. In which country the final assembly of the smartphone was made, the next two numeric characters will tell you this is the code of the state of the final assembly.

    Next six digits. This is the serial number of the gadget, which is unique, and the last character identifies the backup number of the smartphone.

    Establishing this information can help verify the originality of your potential smartphone, as well as find out if it is stolen if you buy a device that has already been in use.

    Of course, along with technical progress, the skills of fraudsters will also improve. To be sure to identify traces of such work, you need to involve a specialist in the inspection of the device. The explanation is simple. If you have never seen the original, it will be very difficult for you to spot the differences. For detailed information about your device, you must enter its IMEI on the official Samsung website.

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    You can find it out using the methods described below, but with some reservations. Older devices cannot be learned this way. In this case, you can use another service, namely IMEI. After typing this command, the requested information and a digit code will be displayed on the screen of the device, which acts as the above identifier.

    The identification code must be printed in the warranty card is issued necessarily when you buy a new phone, on the gadget box that is issued when you buy it, complete with a package of all attached documents near the factory label, which also has a special barcode.

    In addition to the above, you can also look at the factory label under the battery if it is removable on your smartphone model, or look at the battery itself if it is built into the phone in your model.

    This place should contain this information. But if your phone has been repaired, for example, with the replacement of the main board of the device, or its case has changed, then in this case the IMEI on the box or on the factory label may not match the code that is displayed on the screen when you enter the above combination. It is not much more complicated than the previous ones, but the problem is that not every smartphone model can view it in the proposed way.

    It all depends on your modification and device series. Everything is very simple: take your smartphone, go to the “Menu” on it, look for and select the item “Settings” there, then find and load the submenu “About device”.

    After completing these simple steps, to view the IMEI on the screen, you should select the “Status” submenu item, where not only information about the smartphone identifier will be indicated, but also information about the status of your SIM card. The need to find out your IMEI may also be related to the need to find out if the smartphone is original.

    How do you find out the truth about your gadget? Today there is an online service provided by International Numbering Plans. To make such a check, you are required to visit the website of this organization and enter the IMEI of your smartphone in the appropriate form.

    This will allow you to get several items of information at once. You can find out information about the model and modification of your device, its manufacturer and the market in which it was released in Asia, Europe or America. If your device is not original, you can see it literally in one click. If you want to get an additional manufacturer’s warranty on your laptop, you definitely need to know its serial number.

    By going to the manufacturer’s website and filling out the appropriate form indicating the serial number and laptop model, you will receive additional service for the period provided by the manufacturer for this model. Examine the laptop case carefully to establish the serial number. Typically, the serial number of such a product is indicated on a sticker that is attached to the bottom of the case to prevent rubbing. Turn the laptop over and find the serial number sticker.

    On one side of it are written the conditions for the provision of warranty repairs, and on the other. Warranty coupons. If the serial number is not here, the last option remains.

    Please note that you definitely need to download the full version of the program. The trial version will not work because it does not provide a function to determine the serial number a. After the program is installed, restart your computer. Then run the program. Within a few seconds, the program will automatically collect information about your laptop. Go to the main menu. Another window will appear. Find the DMI section in it.

    You can check the serial number yourself. The serial number is assigned to the device at the factory and contains information about the country of origin, company and some other information.

    The seller sticks stickers from the plate on the corresponding margins of the warranty card. He is obliged to fill it in with you. But don’t be surprised if the stickers remain intact: in some cases, the seller writes out the IMEI by hand. The third place where the IMEI is indicated is the purchased device itself.

    Typically, the serial code is located under the battery, like a cell phone. Note that there are several other codes next to the serial one. Some devices are non-separable, so it is not always possible to find out the serial number in this way. But, if possible, check the IMEI. The serial code on the purchased unit must match the serial number on the box. If the codes do not match, the seller is obliged to replace the device for you, since it is incomplete.

    An additional way to find out the serial code is suitable only for phones. The code will appear on the display. A serial number is a numerical combination that accompanies a particular product, confirming its authenticity. This number may be needed in the event of a warranty case or to contact the manufacturer on any questions.

    The ISSN International Serial Number and the rules for its assignment were adopted in accordance with the international ISO standard. The coordination of the ISSN assignment process is carried out by 75 specially established National Centers under the leadership of the International Center located in Paris.

    In accordance with international standards, the serial number consists of 8 digits. The last of them is the control number, which is calculated according to a special scheme according to the previous seven and the module. Transliteration of Cyrillic letters into Latin ones is carried out according to the international standard ISO 9 of the year. Serial number is mandatory for property of publishers and subscription agencies, researchers and scientists, as well as any other patented and licensed products.

    ISSN is one of the integral parts of the barcode of various products, so you should look for it just under it. The serial number barcode is usually found in the product information on the packaging. Consumers may need it in case of making a claim to the manufacturer about the quality of the product in order to mark a specific product.

    Also, packaging with a barcode and ISSN is required for the manufacturer and seller to fulfill their warranty obligations.

    Check the Samsung on the warranty

    To find the serial number, go to Settings, then in the About phone menu and then in the General information tab. Friends, to protect yourself from counterfeiting and not waste your nerves in the authentication process, it is enough to buy Xiaomi equipment from Sotiks. We cooperate directly with Xiaomi suppliers in China and only sell original Xiaomi products.

    Samsung verification codes

    Samsung Galaxy S8 IMEI check for authenticity

    How to do this, read on: The most basic and correct method!

    This is the Galaxy S8 check on the official Samsung website.

    A noticeable advantage of this method is additional information about your smartphone. For example, for use in which country it is intended, and whether it is covered by a VIP guarantee. What is there, ask what you want.

    At worst, you can send a request by mail from the official website, or ask questions of interest to the online consultant on the website.

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    How to check a Samsung phone for authenticity?

    The main thing is that all the inscriptions on the phone or on its packaging correspond to the grammatical norms of a particular language. Before buying a phone, be sure to visit the official Samsung website and study the appearance and main characteristics of the model you like (weight, dimensions, logos, stickers, a palette of available colors, etc.). You can also use 3D visualization, which allows you to carefully examine all the details of the device.

    How to check Samsung for authenticity?

    Be sure to turn on the proposed device and check the sequence of the information that appears on the screen:

    1. Specific device model name.
    2. Brand name;
    3. Operating system name (platform logo);

    How to identify the authenticity of a Samsung Galaxy?

    The price is twice lower than the market price (supposedly a sale) clearly betrays a fake. 2. The appearance of the gadget

    1. The diagonal screen size of a fake Samsung Galaxy is often slightly different from the original. To be able to compare, it is better to know in advance the real dimensions on the Samsung website.
    2. The latest generation Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a metal case, and the screen is made of high-strength glass protected by Gorilla Glass technology, which protects the surface from scratches and cracks. It is too expensive for manufacturers of Chinese counterfeits to use such materials. They usually cost plastic.

    3. The operating system “Samsung” runs on the “Android” platform, which is freely available and can be used on fake devices.

    However, the Chinese are trying to reduce the cost of this part of production by installing cheap operating systems like “KitKat”.

    How to check a Samsung phone for originality?

    This method is only relevant when buying a used device.

    1. Also, the screen displays the name of a specific device model.
      • When you turn on the screen of a real Samsung, the first thing is illuminated by the brand name.
      • This may be followed by the name of the operating system, which is the logo of the platform. Android.
      • Also, the screen displays the name of a specific device model.
      • When you turn on the screen of a real Samsung, the first thing is illuminated by the brand name.
      • This may be followed by the name of the operating system, which is the logo of the platform. Android.

      If any of the named items does not appear, this may indicate a fake.

      There are two main codes:

        • Dial # 7353 # on the keyboard.
        • Dial # 7353 # on the keyboard.

        How to check Galaxy S9 by IMEI (serial number) for authenticity

        We pass, we see a special form, enter the IMEI there (just 15 digits, without any signs) and get the result. We are shown the warranty period and the model of the device. Note! The model will be written like this SM-G960FZADSER, you won’t see any “Galaxy S9”.

        This is normal. Updated! As we were rightly corrected in the comments (Oleg, thanks!). The above link leads to the verification of the electronic guarantee, not the IMEI. Therefore, we add one more link to the official Samsung website (). On this page you can check the serial number of your Galaxy S9.

        Popular secret codes for Android smartphones

        Why are these codes called “secret”? They are just not needed by most ordinary users, they are not published in the instructions for smartphones. First of all, “secret codes” are intended for engineers and developers to conduct various tests.

        To use any of the service codes, you need to enter it in the dialer. On tablets, you will have to download a third-party application for making calls. Enter the query “Dialer” in the Google Play search and download the “dialer” you like.

        • # 06 #. Information about smartphone IMEI
        • ## 4636 ##. Information about Wi-Fi, battery and usage statistics
        • ## 3646633 ## or ## 83781 ##. Enter the engineering menu on smartphones with an MTK processor (through it you can increase the volume of speakers and headphones)
        • ## 8255 ##. Testing the Google Talk service
        • ## 7594 ##. If you enter this combination, after that, when you press the shutdown button, the smartphone will immediately turn off, without the menu offer
        • ## 44336 ##. Information about PDA, CSC, build time and other data about the smartphone
        • ## 232338 ##. Wi-Fi MAC address
        • ## 7780 ##. Instant reset to factory settings (Hard Reset). Removes only applications
        • 27673855 #. Instant factory reset, but unlike the previous method, Android is completely reinstalled
        • ## 1234 ## or # 12580369 #. Information about the device firmware
        • ## 1111 ##. Information about FTA software version
        • ## 2222 ##. Information about FTA hardware version
        • ## 0283 ##. Loopback test
        • ## 0 ##. Screen test
        • # 0 #. Testing various components: screen, camera, speakers, vibration, microphone and others
        • ## 0673 ## or ## 0289 ##. Audio test
        • ## 0842 ##. Vibration and backlight test
        • ## 232339 ## or ## 526 ##. Wireless test
        • ## 1472365 ##. GPS test
        • ## 1575 ##. Detailed GPS test
        • ## 232331 ##. Bluetooth test
        • ## 232337 ##. Show bluetooth address
        • ## 2663 ##. Touch screen version
        • ## 2664 ##. Touch screen testing
        • ## 0588 ##. Testing the motion sensor
        • ## 7262626 ##. GSM signal test
        • # 197328640 #. Switch to service mode
        • ## 3264 ##. RAM version
        • ## 8351 ##. Activation of the voice dialing registration mode
        • ## 8350 ##. Turn off the voice dialing registration mode
        • # 5376 #. Delete all SMS
        • # 2222 #. Android firmware version
        • # 2562 #, # 3851 #, # 3876 #. Restart your smartphone, tablet
        • # 34971539 #. Full information about cameras and updating their firmware
        • ## 273283255663282 ##. Quick backup of media files
        • ## 4636 ##. Secret menu for Motorola devices
        • 05 #. Unblock PUK on Sony
        • 3845 # 855 #. Service menu on LG G3
        • # 0011 #. Service menu on Samsung Galaxy S4
        • ## 778 (call button). Displays EPST menu (for Samsung)
        • ## 3424 #. Diagnostic mode (for HTC)
        • ## 3282 #. EPST (for HTC)
        • ## 8626337 #. VOCODER (for HTC)
        • ## 33284 #. Technical data of the network status (for HTC)
        • ## 7738 #. Protocol revision (for HTC)

        In principle, these are the most basic and universal service (secret) codes for tablets and smartphones on Android, but all manufacturers add support for their own, so if you are interested in codes for a particular device, download the Secret Codes application. It will be discussed below.

        Service (secret) codes for Android smartphones

        Service (they are also engineering, they are also secret) codes are used for quick access to various functions, often even hidden. There are universal codes for Android, and there are those that are available only for certain device models.

        Not so long ago I published an article in which I told how to increase the volume of the sound on Android. To do this, you could use special software or use one of the secret codes. Now I will tell you about the most popular of them, thanks to which you can make many system settings.

        I also recommend interesting articles on Android:

        Android Service Codes in Secret Codes App

        Secret Codes will scan the system for engineering codes and display the result in a list. You just have to click on the code of interest and you will be taken to the desired option.