Samsung a50 screen not working

Display not working on Samsung phone

If your Samsung phone doesn’t work with the display, there can be many reasons. Only professional diagnostics can tell for what reason a malfunction of this kind occurred.

Types of service Price, p. Time
The display on my Samsung phone is not working. Refurbishment / replacement (depending on model) from 700 / from 1500 from 40 min.
Phone diagnostics IS FREE minimal

So that you understand. Modern smartphones are made up of many small components that are connected to each other using loops. Not only the component itself can be damaged, but also microfractures on the plumes can appear. In the case of moisture penetration under the case, especially for sweet or viscous drinks, oxidation can occur, which also causes unpredictable consequences.

Samsung Galaxy A50. Touch screen problem

Learn more about the reasons why the screen is not working on a Samsung phone

We have already said above that it is possible to identify the exact cause only with the help of diagnostics on the professional equipment of the service center. But, consider the main signs.

It is worth mentioning that under this breakdown, many smartphone owners often mean a non-working touchscreen, i.e. touch screen. Describing a breakdown as a non-working display, it means that the screen does not respond to touches. We are considering cases when it is the display that does not work, i.e. no picture.

The reasons

  • Physical damage. This category of causes includes not only shocks and falls, but also the ingress of liquids. There is not always visible damage to the surface of the screen. A microcrack in the board or one of the connecting components is enough for the screen to stop working. The influence of liquids was discussed earlier.
  • The display stopped working after updating the firmware. There are cases when the phone turns into a brick and does not react completely, or there is an indication of inclusion (diodes are on or there is a vibration response), but the screen still does not turn on. Probably the firmware is not suitable, or there was a failure during the update process and the installation was incorrect. In this situation, you will have to reflash the smartphone again.
  • The screen stops working while using the smartphone. Those. you use your Samsung and at some point the screen goes blank. There is a high probability of failure of the proximity sensor, which is responsible for locking the screen during a call, when you bring the phone to your ear.

We have listed all the reasons and cases of display failure in phones from Samsung and any other manufacturer. Most often, of course, the cause is physical injury.

Our advice: contact the service center. Trying to figure out the problem yourself, you can only harm and increase the cost of the final repair.

samsung, screen, working

If the smartphone does not turn on

Sometimes a forced reboot of the smartphone is required, which, being charged, still refuses to start. To restart and fix a software crash of the system, for example, Android 10, you need:

  • hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time;
  • keep the buttons pressed for 5-7 seconds.

The phone should respond to the emergency reboot command with the buttons and display the Samsung start-up screen.

If the described problem recurs periodically, it is recommended to perform a full reset of the device, even after the update. This will fix system problems.

Second way

Samsung manufacturers have provided the ability to hard reset the phone using a combination of buttons if the sensor does not work.

You need to simultaneously hold down the power button and the “quieter” volume control. After that, the control parameters necessary for the user will appear.

The first way

You can force restart your phone without the side button. To do this, just hook your finger on the top of the screen and swipe down to open the built-in quick control panel for settings.

The traditional power icon will be displayed there, allowing you to do the planned manipulations.

Model Information

Samsung Galaxy A50 is a budget model in the line of smartphones of the South Korean group of companies, but this did not prevent it from becoming in demand among users.

Technical characteristics that are not inferior in parameters to top-end models, including thanks to the function of detecting face contours and fingerprints, which prevent access to the device by strangers, is what the model liked by the consumers of the company’s product.

In addition, the Galaxy A50 is equipped with 2 microphones and a noise canceling system. Economical battery consumption, as well as fast charging with an original charger were appreciated by the owners of this gadget.

The functions of custom settings can hardly surprise modern smartphone owners, but the presence of a balanced night shooting mode allows you to take excellent photos, shoot tolerable video even in complete darkness.

Regardless of the model, manufacturer and cost of the device, each device can start to fail over time, and it is better to know how to restart the Samsung A50 if this particular phone is in use.

How to restart Samsung a50 phone if it freezes after update

Restarting Samsung A50 is one of the measures to return the device to normal operation, especially when the device began to malfunction, freeze, or does not respond at all to touching the screen, as well as control buttons.

If the device is frozen

Frequent installation of applications, surfing the Internet, saving photos, multimedia files and other information clog up the phone’s memory over time, the operating system starts to crash, up to a complete freeze. There is an old proven method for this case.

If the phone is frozen, then just open the back cover and remove the battery for a few seconds. Such a measure will not eliminate the cause of the failures, however, it will allow the device to resume operation, and will also make it possible to clean up the system or perform other manipulations with the software.

If the freeze has become systematic, then you should establish the root cause of the problem. An effective measure is to remove questionable or unused programs and applications.

If you want to radically clean your phone, then you need to transfer all the saved information to the PC, and then reset the settings to the factory values.

What to do. sensor stopped working on Samsung Galaxy a50

Although Samsung Galaxy a50 phones have appeared quite recently (with the release of Android 9), there have already been isolated cases that the sensor stopped working or if it works, then it is bad.

Let’s hope that if your sensor does not work, then the reason is not in the hardware, which can result from a shock when dropped, water ingress, exceeding the permissible temperatures, damage to the screen controller or a factory defect.

In such cases, you may need to replace the sensor on your Samsung Galaxy a 50, sensor controller, ribbon cable, connector, or cleaning from traces of corrosion.

Yes, sometimes these hardware components can stop working for some reason, but somehow I will share with you troubleshooting procedures that have proven to be effective in troubleshooting problems when the sensor is not working.

What to do if the sensor does not work on Samsung a50 or does not respond well

The first is a forced restart. This is important because it will refresh your phone’s memory. It is always possible that the problem is caused by a system crash or that some services have stopped working causing the touchscreen to become unresponsive.

To do this, press and hold the Volume Up and Power keys at the same time for 10 seconds or longer.

Your phone will start normally, but if the problem is really minor, then that should be enough and the touchscreen may work again.

The second is the security mode. You must enable safe mode if the problem persists after a forced restart. how to do it is described here.

Black Screen or Screen Won’t Turn On for Galaxy A50s, A50, A40, A30, A20, A10, etc

This will temporarily disable all third-party apps and inform you immediately if the problem is caused by a third-party app or not.

If the touchscreen works fine in this mode, it means that a third-party application or service is calling it.

In this case, you need to move on to the next solution to fix the problem, but if the problem persists in this mode, skip uninstalling some applications and proceed to deleting the system cache.

Uninstall third party apps. The uninstallation of third party apps is triggered by the next step to be followed if your touchscreen is in safe mode.

It can be tricky, especially if you don’t know which application is causing the problem, but once you point it out, it will definitely fix the problem.

The third is to clear the cache partition. To do this, you can boot the phone in recovery mode, but there is an easier way. the instruction is here.

samsung, screen, working

Caches are temporary files created by the system itself to keep your phone running smoothly and flawlessly, but they are prone to damage and when this happens, this is just one of the problems you may encounter.

The fourth is a factory reset. After following the previous procedures, the touchscreen is still unresponsive, you have no choice but to reset your phone to rule out the possibility that this is only a temporary software issue.

Please back up your important files and data before resetting as they will be deleted, so back up your data. Who does not know how a reset is done can find out here.

Fifth, take the phone to a service center. If all else fails, there may be a hardware problem, specifically the digitizer that is part of the display module.

It may already be damaged, or it may be a minor flex cable issue. However, this is a hardware issue and you need the help of an authorized technician to open your phone without losing your warranty.

I hope I was able to help you fix this with your device. Thanks a lot for reading! Success.