Samsung A50 Camera Setup

Known fact: the standard camera application on Android is not the best. Therefore, smartphone manufacturers sometimes make adjustments and develop their own applications to improve the quality of shooting. Today we’ll talk about one of them and find out how to install a Google camera on a Samsung A50 smartphone.

Samsung A50 Camera Setup

What is a Google camera?

Google Camera is an application that contains a set of functions that improve the quality of shooting on Samsung smartphones. For a long time, these functions were exclusive for owners of Google branded smartphones. Pixel. But curious users found the opportunity to install the application on any smartphone with an android. The process is significantly different from the standard installation of the utility on the device, but if you have detailed instructions, any user can handle this process.

How to download and install a Google camera on Samsung A50

To download and install the application, access to a computer connected to the network is required. To install the application, repeat the following:

  1. From the website download the installation package for the “ADB and Fastboot” program to your PC.
  2. Run the installer as administrator, press “OK” several times on the messages that confirm the drivers.
  3. Download the latest TWRP update for your smartphone to the adb directory on drive C. It is extremely important to choose the exact model of the smartphone, and not a similar one. the success of all subsequent actions will depend on this. Rename the downloaded file with the extension iso to twrp.iso.
  4. Check the battery charge on the smartphone (should be at least 50%) and the latest official operating system update.
  5. Open your phone’s settings and go to the “About phone” section. Tap on the line “Build number” several times until you see a message about opening the menu for developers.
  6. The line “For Developers” appears in the settings menu. Activate “USB Debugging” and “Factory Unlock”
  7. Go to security settings and disable any screen lock.
  8. Turn off your smartphone and hold down the power and volume buttons. We are waiting for the “Bootloader” logo to appear.
  9. Connect your smartphone to the PC using the USB cable.
  10. Open the adb directory on your computer, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click RMB on an empty area. In the drop-down list, select the line “Open PowerShell window here”.
  11. In the window that appears, run the command: fastboot devices. The name of the phone appears on the screen with the inscription fastboot, which indicates the successful detection of a mobile device by the computer.
  12. Enter the following commands one by one: fastboot oem unloc, fastboot boot twrp.img
  13. Wait for TWRP to load on your smartphone. During this process, you can’t turn off the smartphone to avoid system errors and delete data from the device. After the process is completed, return to the PC and write the following lines: adb shell, setprop 1, exit adb reboot bootloader
  14. Bootloader will start on the phone again, and we will have to execute the last fastboot reboot command on the PC.
  15. Reboot your smartphone. Now installing the application through the apk file will be successful.
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Setup and use

The main parameters that will be useful:

  • Notification of lens contamination;
  • HDR mode (it is recommended to set the value to no more than 13);
  • Effective photo compression algorithm. allows you to reduce the file without losing quality;
  • Compressing DNR “RAW” will allow you to shoot in RAW mode and store pictures on the phone.
  • Auto White balance allows you to adjust the black and white gamut without leaving in color shades.
  • Library. allows you to adjust the color gamut, noise reduction and detail of the picture.
  • AWB mode (Pixel 3 recommended)
  • JPEG quality. optimally 100%.
  • AE is the amount of light that passes through the lens at the time of shooting.
  • Saturation. determines the brightness of light and dark areas in the photo.

Possible problems with the camera from Google

If after installation the application does not start due to lack of user rights, you will have to repeat the entire installation process again. If after restarting the phone does not turn on at all, repeat steps 9 to 13 of the above instructions and restore the backup of your system before downloading TWRP

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If the application refuses to open photos, go to the Debugging and tools menu and in the camera.use_photos parameter move the lever to the off position.


Extending a familiar camera app is a great way to get high-quality pictures even on a mediocre phone. Now you know how to make a professional gadget for mobile photography from your mobile device.