Samsung A5 Communication Problems

Samsung A5 Communication Problems

Samsung GALAXY A5. phone without cameras ((

To scale “disasters”, I’ll show photos taken in a restaurant in low light. On Samsung and on an unidentified Chinese adroidphone.

Samsung has something sad with flowers. The Chinese trouble with focus (I suspect that it’s in the hands “the photographer”), but the colors are much more lively.

And here are photos taken on a slide. Day, snow. The first photo is Samsung GALAXY A5, the second Iphone S4. In reality, everything was white, like an iPhone. Why is Samsung gray and cloudy there. a riddle.

It is normally possible to photograph unless in bright sunshine. It seems that everything turned out well (although there is nothing to compare with). It is a pity that we and we have much less summers here than more gloomy seasons. And in the darker seasons, Samsung GALAXY A5 is definitely not suitable as a photo smartphone.

If the cameras are not important to you, they are not at all important, then you can buy this phone, but why, if for the same money you can find many better models with cameras in addition). There are still communication problems, but they say that everyone has LTE. Let’s hope this problem goes away. The rest of the phone is normal. Although what’s the rest? Beautiful, comfortable in the hand, does not fade in the sun. I would write that it was nimble, but after 5 months of use I began to lag a little. Not critical, but unpleasant.

GPS catches satellites for a very long time. Again, the old HTC caught many times faster.

In short, there are more frustrations than positive emotions.

Briefly on “popular” the disadvantages of this model:

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