Samsung a 50 won’t charge

Why the battery won’t charge on an Android phone

If the Android phone does not charge, what to do if it shows that charging is in progress, but in fact not, it is important to correctly diagnose the problem. It may be not only the battery, but also the controller. To determine such a problem, you need to send the phone for diagnostics. The wizard will measure the input voltage, check the power supply circuits and the communication with the battery. At home, system errors can be eliminated by resetting the settings to the factory settings, as well as flashing the device. You can check the type of errors in safe mode. If the device responds normally and takes charge, then the above methods will help.

In case of malfunctioning electronics or poor contact of electrical circuits, the operation of the device in safe mode will also be faulty. In this case, only professional repair can help with the replacement of faulty parts if necessary.

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Android phone won’t charge: power is on but power is not increasing

Problems with charging a smartphone can be called one of the most unpleasant. If the Android phone is not charging, the power is on, but the charge does not increase, the owner has many questions, and often such situations lead to inconvenience of use and the final discharge of the device. What to do in such cases, as well as the reasons for such problems, are discussed in our article.

Android phone won’t charge: what to do

The simplest and often correct solution is to check the battery. Most batteries last up to three years, after which the device starts to discharge frequently, and a full charge is not enough even for a day. In smartphones and tablets with removable batteries, a similar problem is solved by replacing it. Difficulties may arise in purchasing a new one, because the device is in fact already considered obsolete (even a year after purchase), so it is better to contact the service center of the device manufacturer. Non-removable batteries can also be replaced, but finding the right battery is much more difficult.

Another common problem is loosening of the charging socket. This factor is influenced by careless operation, the habit of charging the smartphone “on the go”, as well as the factory defect of the device. Replacing the connector does not take much time, but it is better to perform this procedure at a service center.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A50, A51, A70 won’t turn on, Won’t charge. screen went black

What you need to do for this:

  • Fully discharge the device until the charge becomes critical.
  • Connect your smartphone to the wall charger. Charge the battery to the maximum level.
  • Discharge the device to a minimum during the day.
  • Carry out a full charge.
  • Repeat the cycle of discharging. charging several times (usually three to five) in a row.
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If you have any questions to the controller, namely: the wrong battery charge is indicated, the smartphone must be kept on charge for an extra hour or an hour and a half so that the level exactly coincides with the maximum value. If charging failures occur regularly, it is advisable to take the newly purchased device to a service center.

Android phone won’t charge up to 100 percent

Why won’t the phone charge, even though it shows Android charging? In such situations, it is necessary to calibrate the battery. This is done in order to increase its resource and service life. A similar algorithm is effective for new devices, but an already used gadget will also help a little “cheer up”.

Charging in progress but the phone won’t charge Android: solution

Summing up, there are several ways to solve the problem with charging the device. If the listed methods did not work, the best option would be to contact the service center for professional help.

How to solve charging problems:

  • After purchase, calibrate the battery according to the proposed algorithm.
  • Replace the failed battery with a new one.
  • Check the power cord, if necessary replace with a suitable one.
  • Check the power socket, replace if necessary.
  • Do not use a USB cable from another model or as a charger.
  • Do not allow the device to continuously discharge less than 10%.

What to do if the phone does not charge and Android does not turn on, the main reasons and methods for troubleshooting such malfunctions are discussed in our article. A similar situation can be encountered if the smartphone is already old enough, or the battery was not sufficiently calibrated at the beginning of use. The problem may be with the power cord or a loose charging socket. The information in our article will help you find out a possible malfunction and solve it at home.

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How to fix the problem?

Let’s summarize: what you can do yourself to restore the tablet to work?

  • First check the charger is working.
  • Examine the battery. In some tablets, you can change it yourself.
  • Check the power supply connector, clean it if it is dirty.
  • Try leaving your device on charge for a few hours.
  • Try to reflash, install the latest official OS version.

Not sure what is the cause of the breakdown and how to fix it? Practice shows that in this case it is easier to immediately contact the service. Experts will carry out in-depth diagnostics and offer repairs for your tablet PC. For professionals, the entire device restoration procedure takes from one day to several weeks.

Why Samsung Tablet Won’t Charge

Why won’t my Samsung tablet charge? Owners of various devices from a Korean manufacturer may face a similar problem, including Tab 3. Let’s consider together its probable causes and options for their elimination.

Deep discharge

Some Samsung tablets stop charging when the power remaining is critical. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the optimal battery capacity, connect the device to the power adapter in a timely manner.

Try attaching the device to the RAM and leaving it on for a few hours. The battery charging indicator will usually light up after a while. If the device does not react in any way, then you need to take it to a service for diagnostics and repair.

OS crashes

Samsung tablet won’t turn on or charge? Perhaps the reason is in operating system errors. In the event of an OS failure, the battery may not be supplied with the necessary power.

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It is necessary to flash the device. Try reinstalling the OS yourself, and in case of failure, contact the service center for help. Experts with extensive experience will figure out how to reanimate the tablet.


The charger can also fail with prolonged use. Samsung tablet stopped charging? Try to connect the charger to another mobile device, check if it works.

If the RAM breaks down, you need to purchase a new power adapter and cable. If your tablet uses a charger with a non-standard connector, you will have to look for a replacement for a long time.

Some of these devices support microUSB charging. Then you can purchase a standard cable and power supply. However, when using this connector for charging, it may take longer to replenish the battery capacity.

Battery problems

The battery is a component that often fails. Especially often problems arose with old batteries, when manufacturers had not yet been able to work out all the nuances of making batteries.

Does the tablet have a removable cover? Then remove it and inspect the battery. The battery must not have any traces of mechanical damage, oxidation of the contacts is not allowed. If the battery breaks down, the problem is solved by replacing it.

Inoperative batteries

There are frequent cases when the power supply elements fail: microcircuits, loops, etc. In the service center they are easily replaced, and this procedure is relatively inexpensive.

Damaged charging connector

If the cable and charger perform their functions (you checked, and they are in working order), you must reckon with a sad situation. the connector on the phone may be damaged.

The diagnosis in this case is simple. if, while the cable moves in the connector, the phone starts charging for a moment, the reason is almost obvious.

There can be many reasons for the problems, one can mention the bending of the connector, damage to the plastic element inside, poor contacts.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy A50 that won’t charge

Unfortunately, no one will repair the connector in Samsung a50. they are only changed, but I do not recommend doing it myself. lack of experience can damage the display or case.

Unless you feel strong in this area. Then you can take a chance and try to replace it yourself.

Otherwise, the best solution would be to go to the service. At the same time, I don’t undertake to predict how they will look at the warranty repair in this case.

Clear charging port

Over time, the charging ports can become a haven for crumbs, dust, and a variety of objects.

My Phone stopped charging / Phone won’t charge/ charging problem.Fixed

Foreign build-up in the port can cause charging problems, so try blowing / cleaning it to remove the interference.

You can always use a vacuum cleaner or the end of a paper clip very carefully to try and clear the blockage.

Be sure to turn off your a50 first and protect it from scratches. Another alternative is a handkerchief, rolled into a sharp point, which can be inserted into the port and used to clean it.

What to do if Samsung a50 won’t charge

Your Samsung a50 is probably the most important communication, entertainment and information medium right now.

Unsurprisingly, you hardly ever part with your device. This leads to the fact that the battery level in the phone decreases quite quickly.

Only it can happen that the phone is a month old or it is generally new, but it is no longer charging. The first, prosaic reason, may be the decorative case in which you wear the Samsung a50.

It happens that the edges of these decorative covers are too thick and the plug does not reach the contacts in the USB connector.

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So try charging your phone without a case. If this does not help, you need to look for other reasons.

Definitely, users of Chinese chargers of unknown origin are most likely to experience such problems.

Their manufacturers do not care about the standards, as a result of which they can refuse to charge and even damage the phone.

Diagnosing the problem is simple. just connect another phone or any device to the charger, such as a USB lamp.

Replace battery

Now, of course, you will tell how to change the battery if it is practically the new Samsung a50. The fact of the matter is that he’s new.

You’ve heard this “factory marriage”. This is not a universal phenomenon, but it does happen sometimes. The fact is that no one is testing them now.

Exactly this can happen with the charge controller. It is he who controls when to charge and when not. Therefore, if he has problems, then this will immediately affect the battery. That’s all. Success.

Bad contact

Very often the metal coating inside the USB port and micro USB has poor contact, either through a manufacturing defect or through cable wear.

All you have to do is turn off the device, remove the battery if possible, and clean the contacts inside with something like a needle or toothpick. Do this very carefully and carefully, then insert the battery and reconnect the charger. 9 times out of 10, that’s all you need to do.

Clean the charging port from dust and third-party fibers

Do you keep your phone in your jeans ? If so, then fibers may be the culprit: we have already lost count of how many times the fibers in our clothes were the cause of faulty charging.

You can also normalize the charging connector by blowing compressed air into it.

Remember. safety first

Do not charge your gadget near water or in extremely hot or humid conditions. Do not keep the device connected to the charger for too long. Do not leave it to recharge overnight when it only needs 2-3 hours. This could damage the hardware.

If you want to replace the charger or the wire to it, be careful: cheap third-party adapters are quite dangerous. Recently, there have been many cases of mobile phone fires due to them.

The video below captured one of these cases:

Replace the battery

A battery does not last forever, and after several years of use, it loses its capacity. The more often you charge and discharge it, the more likely it will deteriorate. Of course, if the battery stops working after six months of use, then you need to contact the seller for a warranty.

Some defective batteries can be easily identified by their appearance. If it is swollen, then it should be replaced immediately.

Use a different adapter

You have ruled out the presence of problems with the cable, then you need to check the performance of the charging device itself. This is much easier if you can pull the wire out of the adapter. We have come across many chargers where USB ports were worn out due to endless plugging and unplugging of the cable.

Also check the charging / wire operation on other phones, as this will help rule out the possibility that this is a problem with your smartphone. In addition, you must make sure that the socket is working properly.