Samsung a 50 screen customization

AOD and its configuration

AOD shows the time and date on a black display when the smartphone is not in use, eliminating the need to turn on the screen. The function itself looks extremely simple, so a little boring, but displaying the time of the date can be made more fun. To do this, you need to go to “Settings”. “Lock screen”. “Clock style” and change the parameters as you like. First, make sure that AOD is turned on, and then click on it and in the dropped settings change the style and color of the clock display on the lock screen.

Adjusting the screen resolution

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, you can change the screen resolution whenever convenient. Just select “Settings”. “Screen” “Screen resolution” and get three options: HD. FHD and WQHD. This will allow not only to achieve the optimal size of the displayed information, but also to save battery power when setting a lower resolution.

Customizing the status bar

Traditionally, the status bar is located at the top of the screen and displays all the vital functions of the smartphone, here you can find out the time, track the battery level and see how reliable the mobile connection is.

When you receive a lot of notifications, this overload of unnecessary information makes it difficult to quickly find out the basic information. In order to avoid this, you can limit the number of displayed notifications, select “Settings”. “Notifications”. “Status bar” and activate only three icons at a time or completely disable this function.

How to change the theme?

When there is no desire to look directly for a new lock screen or specific wallpaper, then you can completely change the entire theme of the smartphone OS desktop. This is done through the same menu item “Settings”. “Wallpapers and Themes”, which also has a lot of all kinds of Galaxy Themes to choose from.

And if you can’t find a suitable one, you can use the Zedge Companion application or any other. But you need to take into account the factor of full compatibility with Samsung smartphones, otherwise distortions may appear or some functions may not work correctly.

Setting up lock screen notifications

By default, notifications appear inside a solid “bubble”, blocking the selected wallpaper on the lock screen. If you want to get rid of these annoying alerts once and for all, then go to “Settings”. “Lock screen”. “Notifications” and set the transparency level to maximum, so everything will disappear. Also in the “View Style” section, you can change the amount of content display or simply activate the display of some icons or completely hide the content in order to remain as anonymous as possible, because often third-party people can see unwanted information.

ways to customize your Samsung smartphone

What’s the best way to personalize your Samsung smartphone? You will learn about this from our recommendations in this article.

Despite the fact that modern models of Samsung smartphones have added a lot of various functions that allow you to individually customize the appearance and other functionality, many users still want to expand their capabilities in this regard. over, for this on Google Play there are many programs that are easy to download and convenient to use.

Most of them are suitable not only for the latest Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy M30, M20, M10, Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50, A60, A70 models, but also for last year’s devices, increasing their functionality.

We have selected ten methods, where we will also offer several Android applications that will help you customize your Samsung smartphone and turn it into a unique device in terms of visual effects and software chips.

Personalize your navigation bar

Usually, most Android smartphones have a standard arrangement of navigation buttons, but Samsung can change the arrangement of the buttons. Go to “Settings”. “Display”. Navigate bar and customize positions as you like. For example, “Back” can be positioned not on the right, but on the left. In addition, it is possible to activate gesture control to speed up the work with the smartphone.

How to enable or disable the indicator

So, if the user is annoyed by a specific application, we wait for the next light notification to appear, unlock the smartphone and drag your finger across the display from the top edge. When the list of recent events appears, look for the line “Notification settings” at the bottom and tap on it. After that, turn off the function for the application on the Galaxy.

Not all Samsung models have this convenient functionality, therefore, if you do not have the “Notification settings” line, follow another instruction:

  • Go to the directory.
  • Tap on “Settings”.
  • We are looking for the “Notifications” tab in the Samsung settings menu.

samsung, screen, customization

The window that opens contains a list of all installed applications in which notifications are enabled or provided. Opposite each item on the list there are switches used to enable or disable the function. To change the parameters and move the slider, just touch it. Thus, Samsung owners can customize the smartphone for themselves, changing the standard settings, adding an indication for important applications. This simple method, how to turn on the indicator on Samsung, also works in the “opposite direction”, allowing you to remove annoying and distracting signals from the device’s functionality.

What is a notification or battery indicator?

All Galaxy smartphones have built-in LED indication, and modern innovations allow using a specific color for each event or application. So, while charging, the red signal is on, and the green one indicates that the phone can be disconnected from the outlet. White, blue and purple LEDs notify the owner of new events:

  • missed calls;
  • sent to the SMS number;
  • new messages in messenger chats;
  • new messages on social networks.

The light indication serves to draw the attention of users to the events that have occurred, while users do not need to unlock the phone to find new messages or missed calls. By setting up a smartphone, owners can turn off unnecessary indication or, conversely, use a convenient function for applications important in work and life.

Where is the indicator setting on Samsung

You can customize the indication or turn it off for certain applications in the corresponding section of Android settings. By sliding the switch, users can choose which events are “worthy” of attracting the attention of the owners with colored blinking, and which programs should run “silently”.

If you don’t want to go into the settings, you can turn off led notifications by tapping directly on the notification itself from the annoying application. This direct and short path allows you to instantly remove an unnecessary function for a specific program.

All About the Notification Indicator on Samsung

The notification light on Samsung allows users to know when events have occurred without unlocking the phone or opening applications. Smartphone owners can use a glance at the screen to determine that the battery is charged or a new message has arrived in WhatsApp.

Turn off the indicator

You can turn off the light indicator on Samsung, which works when events occur in applications, on all models, through the smartphone settings:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Finding “Notifications”.
  • Switch to “Application notifications”.

Use the sliders to turn off light notifications on applications where they are not needed. The method helps to remove the flashing function on all programs, even not active at the moment, but available on the device.

Another method does not work on all models and is applicable only for active applications that are currently displaying the next notification:

  • Drag your finger across the unlocked screen to open the notification area.
  • We tap for a long time on the application annoying with led notifications.
  • Open application settings.
  • Turn off the light indication of events in the settings.

The method is laborious, but it allows you to remove the flickering light indicator on Samsung exactly on those programs that do not need constant attention of the owner, while leaving the convenient functionality for instant messengers, social networks and the phone itself.

Editing and deleting

To remove unnecessary channels, add new ones or sort them by placing favorites at the top of the list, use the “Change” option.

How do I set up channels? To adjust TV channels, follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the menu, select the section “Broadcast” or “Live”.
  • Push on the remote control to the right.
  • Select the “Modify” option.
  • Select the channels to be deleted with the checkboxes.
  • Use the arrows on the remote to move the TV channels.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to adjust the TV broadcast grid. It is enough just to follow the previously described algorithm.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that by moving a channel that has a name, you will simply swap it with others. For example, if you want to transfer TNT from position 20 to position 2, on which the CTC is already located, then there will be no displacement, they will simply change positions.

However, if the TV program does not have a title, then the entire grid will shift to a certain side. Sometimes the exposed location can get confused, so you have to periodically repeat this procedure over and over again.

Locking individual channels

There are many reasons why the TV does not show certain channels, in some cases the user has blocked them. What is the purpose of this? Everything is very simple and straightforward, setting a password for TV channels allows you to block it from children. To tune channels by setting some password, follow the instructions:

  • Opening the main menu.
  • Select the section “Broadcast”.
  • Click on the command “Lock”.
  • We activate it by selecting “Enable”.
  • We select the channels that you want to block, just put a tick next to them.
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By default, the system locks them with the standard password. 0000. However, before saving the changes made, the TV will offer to set its own password.

If at a certain moment the need for blocking disappears, then it is very easy to cancel it, for this you need to go to the “Broadcast” section again, select “Block”, and then simply disable this function by entering the set password.

Features of Samsung TVs

For example, TVs of the 6 series with an LED matrix are mainly equipped with the Smart TV function. Potential buyers who have not previously used “smart” technology do not want to configure such devices on their own, so they pay fabulous money for the services of specialists. This is not the wisest decision, since the operating system is in Russian, therefore, to set up the technique, you just need to follow the step-by-step tips that pop up on the screen.

What if you lost your instructions? Manufacturers are well aware that only a small part of consumers continue to use traditional paper instructions, so they try to simplify the interface as much as possible and make it intuitive.

You won’t find any overly complicated or confusing commands in the menu. You just need to connect the TV to the network and turn it on using the remote control. You can tune free TV channels by connecting to the most common antenna.

Of course, devices released by Samsung have their own “chips” that distinguish them from other brands, but believe me, they are more related to additional functionality, so they will not be a special problem.

Manual mode

To re-tune TV channels on an already old Samsung TV model manually, without calling the wizard, you need to take into account several extremely important nuances at once:

  • old models differ from new ones in a complex and incomprehensible interface, because of this problems arise;
  • outdated TVs are not equipped with auto tuning
  • old Samsung TVs are not capable of broadcasting high-definition images.

Manual tuning involves changing many important basic parameters. Sometimes this scares off users, although in fact there is nothing difficult about it, you just need to adjust the frequency correctly, you definitely cannot break the TV.

How do I tune my TV manually? Follow the simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Open the main menu, and then go to the “Antenna” section.
  • We select “Setting manually”. “Setting up digital TV channels”.
  • Click on “Create”, as a result of which a window will open with additional indicators: purity, module, transfer.
  • First you need to set the following parameters 170,000 kHz, 128 QAM and 6900 KS / s.
  • The TV will tune in for a certain time while searching for channels. The images will change and TV footage will start to appear.
  • After the end, you need to click on the “Save” button, after which a window will appear for adjusting the frequency, module and transmission, leave the last parameters unchanged, but indicate a new frequency. 178000 kHz, start the search again.

By the same principle, you can continue to search for TV channels, constantly adding 8000 kHz to the frequency. Experiments of this kind can be carried out up to an indicator of 226,000.

In this way, the sound and picture quality can also be significantly improved by making them very clear. Go to the menu and select the “Image” section, and then arbitrarily adjust the clarity, brightness, contrast and other parameters.

You can also sort the channels manually. To do this, open the main menu, and then go to the “Broadcast” section. Check the boxes next to the required programs. Here you can add your favorite channels to favorites or save the current arrangement.

Channel setup

Of course, right after connecting the TV, users have the question of how to properly set up the reception of TV channels? The predominantly Russian-language interface is selected by default, so you just have to perform simple actions in accordance with this step-by-step algorithm:

  • Open the main menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control.
  • Go to the basic settings section.
  • Click on the section “Search and configure TV channels”.
  • Choose one of two ways to search for channels. manual or automatic.
  • Wait for the TV to find channels, then save the programs to your Samsung TV.

If the user nevertheless begins to set up television broadcasting in automatic mode, then, in fact, the whole process will take several minutes. The device will find available channels, and then assign them numerical values, by the way, you can change them later.

As soon as you finish setting up your Samsung TV, the first channel in the list will automatically turn on. For a complete list of broadcasts, use the corresponding buttons on the remote control.

How To Change Fingerprint Animation In Any Samsung Device (One UI 2 & One UI Devices)

Many do not know how to connect and configure an external receiver, especially if it is a satellite box. In fact, it is also not difficult to do this, since mainly the interface of modern receivers has also been translated into Russian and is as simple and understandable as possible.

Now let’s talk about the features of automatic and manual channel search, which are included in free digital TV multiplexes.

How to set up your Samsung TV yourself

Many owners of television equipment from Samsung are faced with various kinds of problems in the process of self-setting the basic parameters. Especially when it comes to Smart TV models.

In fact, setting up Samsung TVs is far from the most difficult process, the main thing is to follow the instructions, and then you can achieve the desired result, while spending a minimum of free time. Of course, first it is advisable to study the tips for setting up the TV, this is what we will talk about now.

Auto mode

It is the auto-tuning function that is the reason that many experts define Samsung TV-equipment as the “smartest” among all on the market. Each user will be able to automatically tune TV programs, arrange them alphabetically.

First you need to choose a signal source: antenna, cable, satellite. Some Smart TV models are offered to the user by the most popular providers: NTV, Telekarta, Rostelecom, Tricolor. If you want to use the services of the listed operators, the channels will be found automatically and arranged according to the traditional order.

After completing autotuning, select the programs of a specific provider. They will be arranged in accordance with the settings of the TV broadcast operator. To change the location of channels, use the “Move” function:

How To Customize Samsung Galaxy A50, A70, A80 & Any Samsung Devices Like A PRO

  • Press the Main Menu button on the remote control.
  • Then select the command “Broadcast” it is presented in the form of a white satellite dish icon.
  • Scroll down until we come across the command “Change the channel number”, activate it by selecting “Enable”.
  • To proceed to the next step, return to the “Home” tab, and then open the “Broadcasts” section again. press right and select the “Modify” command.
  • Select the channel, the location of which you would like to change, select it with a tick, and then click on “Change number”.

Automatic search can be started without a remote control. If you are using LCD TV Smart TV, then you can enable auto-tuning using a keyboard, mouse, or the most ordinary smartphone. Regular TVs can be configured via the navigation buttons located on the front of the device.

Adjusting the picture and sound

Many users run into problems when it comes to how to adjust the picture or adjust the volume. This is actually very easy to do. You will need a remote control.

Often, the picture is too dark or light, to adjust the optimal color reproduction, go to the appropriate settings. Open the service menu by pressing the button on the remote control, and then go to the “Image” section.

  • by changing the contrast, the user adjusts the ratio of dark and light tones;
  • clarity allows you to get rid of the blur effect, the sharpness of the image is adjusted;
  • adjusting the brightness will make the picture darker or lighter, depending on the situation;
  • color correction allows you to make the image as saturated as possible.

Correctly adjusted color reproduction will provide the best possible picture quality. Samsung TVs also allow advanced picture adjustments, but this command is more suitable for advanced users.

Also, a few words need to be said about how the sound is tuned. Believe me, this parameter affects viewing no less than image adjustments. Go to the service menu, namely the “Settings” tab, and then select the “Sound” subsection, here you need to select “Quality and method of sound transmission”.

Newer models of television equipment are equipped with additional functionality for adjusting sound parameters. First off, EQ, Dolby and Surround Mode should be noted.

The speaker system of absolutely all TV models has individual characteristics, which undoubtedly need to be taken into account in order to properly adjust the sound. Each parameter in the final score affects the overall sound.

Of course, Smart TV models are equipped with a more detailed system of sound and picture settings, so the user will be able to adjust the operation of the television equipment for himself. When adjusting the picture, open the image and compare by it how much the template you created differs from the default parameters.

That’s all. We examined all the subtleties of Samsung TV settings and gave specific recommendations that will allow you to choose the optimal settings.

How do you know that the snapshot has been taken? It’s simple. First, you will hear a corresponding beep. If the sound is turned off, the corresponding icon in the status bar will tell you about the creation of a screenshot.

If this is not enough, call the shutter and you will see a system message about the created print screen.

You can view screenshots in the section of the same name in the “Gallery”.

Ok, we figured out with Samsung smartphones without a mechanical Home key, but what about those devices that have this key? Yes, exactly the same! Models such as A3, A5, A7, J2, J3, J5, J7, S6, etc. support the same algorithm. press the sound decrease and power-on buttons, wait for the screen to be created.

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In this case, the user has a choice. he can press other keys. So, in the case of the mechanical Home key, you can also press the Power and Home buttons at the same time.

Which of these methods is more convenient? But this is up to you to decide. In our opinion, both options are convenient in their own way.

Palm screenshot

A proprietary feature of Samsung smartphones, with which you can take a screenshot by swiping your palm across the screen.

Open the section “Additional functions”.

Take a screenshot by swiping your palm from left to right or from right to left.

Quite an interesting way, isn’t it? It is a pity, not present on all Samsung smartphones.

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung: Different Ways

Samsung smartphones are one of the most popular touch devices in the world, and even their owners often do not know how to take a screenshot of the screen on their smartphone or, as it is also called, a print screen. In fact, the process of creating a screenshot is extremely simple. However, it may differ depending on the device model.

Using third-party applications

Of course, you can use third-party applications if necessary.

For example, we brought a button to the display to create screenshots and use it.

The application is shown as an example, you can use another one according to your taste.

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Every smartphone owner wants his device to have maximum functionality and look good, even on the lock screen. In addition, the developers of modern gadgets have foreseen that, in addition to safety, a protective display can provide additional practicality when using the device. To customize the lock screen for yourself, you should know a few simple, free and useful applications.

Screen lock options

Standard Android features allow you to lock your phone screen using different types of lock. To configure this feature, go to Settings. Privacy. Security. Screen lock. Depending on the model, you can choose one of the following options:

No. there is no lock at all, protection is disabled, the screen will react to accidental presses and everyone can access the device and delete important information.

Slider. you cannot call it a full-fledged protection, it is conditional. The screen is unlocked when you move it from the center to the side. In this way, several functions can be accessed. On some phones, you can customize which programs to run.

Face control. the phone takes pictures of your face. The lock turns off after you look at your phone. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the fact that the function fully works only in good lighting conditions. In addition, the device can be unblocked by a person similar to you.

Voice unlock. you record a sample phrase with your voice, after which the screen lock will be unlocked. Several additional commands can be configured to launch other applications. Of the shortcomings, we single out those that are also with face control. a person with a similar voice can get access to the device. In addition, the function will be difficult to use in noisy places.

Graphic key. a grid of nine points is displayed on the screen, between which you need to draw a line. The picture is stored in the device memory in a protected form. It is considered a very reliable way, since without knowing the picture, you cannot hack the phone in a minute.

PIN-code, password. we will combine these two points into one. When using each of them, you enter a specific one. The only difference between the two is that the PIN only allows numbers, and the password also allows letters. This lock option is a very reliable way to protect your tablet or smartphone.

When you first enter the “Screen lock” menu item, you will be able to select the desired lock. Follow the instructions on the screen to set it up. Depending on the option you choose, Android will ask you to take a photo of your face, record a voice command, come up with a pattern, or enter a PIN or password. For reliability, you will need to duplicate the data. You can change the lock as much as you like, or even disable it altogether. With the screen locked, slide the slider to the side, on your face, say the coveted phrase or enter your PIN or password.

Remove screen lock on Android

  • After several incorrect attempts to enter, the system will display a message that the next attempt is possible in 30 seconds, in the lower corner of the screen you can see the inscription: “Forgot your password” or “Forgot your pattern.” Click on it. The phone will ask you to enter your Google account login and password. After that, the device will be unlocked, and you can enter a new combination or code.
  • If you do not remember the password or login for your Google account, you will need to use a computer. It may contain a password. If everything is so sad that it is not recorded anywhere, reset your password at It is logical to assume that in order to use this method of recovery, the Internet must be turned on on the device, and it must be synchronized with Google. Therefore, do not neglect the system requirement for entering credentials.
  • If you turn off the Internet, you will not be able to remove the password in the standard way. You will have to perform a factory reset. To do this, you need to enter Recovery mode. The combination of required keys depends on the device model. When the phone is off, most often you need

In this article, we will look at how to unlock the screen of a Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Customizing lock screens 1. Tap on the “Applications” icon, which is located at the bottom right of the smartphone display. 2. Find and click the “Settings” button. 3. In the menu that opens, select the “My device” tab. 4. At the very top of the list, find the “Screen lock” item that you need to tap. 5. The active lock screen will be highlighted at the top of the display. If you click on it, then you will be taken to the full list of available options for blocking the smartphone display.

For those who do not know, the English term Swipe means a specific sliding movement of one or more fingers across the device screen without lifting them off the surface. In the Swipe-lock mode, several options are available to allow you to fine-tune it.

Several views at the same time. If you want to unlock your smartphone screen with a swipe motion, there are several different ways to do this. The first method can be called multi-widget. If you select it, then you activate the ability of your display to display multiple widgets as a lock screen.

Lock widgets. Here you will be asked to choose what exactly you want to see as a widget on the unlock screen. For example, you can select one of your favorite programs, the Camera application, the clock, or an original personal greeting.

Face as unlock key If you select this item, the front camera of the Galaxy S4 will try to recognize your face, and if successful, the smartphone will automatically unlock the screen. Of course, first you have to teach your gadget to correctly recognize its own appearance, as well as assign an identification code, which you will need to enter in case the recognition turns out to be incorrect.

Mistakes are possible here if, say, your appearance changes over time (maybe you grow a beard or mustache). Similar difficulties can arise when identifying a shape in low light conditions.

Face and voice This option for unlocking the display works like the previous method. The only difference is that in addition to visual identification of the owner, the smartphone also adds voice recognition. It is clear that for correct operation, the system must have samples of your voice.

However, both proposed systems are not as reliable as it might seem at first glance. They can be easily fooled by showing a smartphone a photo of its owner or by scrolling an audio recording of his voice in front of a microphone.

Pattern lock This screen lock option is more perfect than the above methods, and also looks more elegant.

First, you should select a unique graphic pattern by swiping the line connecting in a certain sequence nine dots that appear on the smartphone display. When setting up the system, you will need to enter the pattern twice, as well as set a password in case you accidentally forget the unlock pattern.

PIN-code You are probably familiar with this identification method if you have ever activated a SIM card in your phone or have withdrawn money from an ATM. A PIN is a four-digit combination of numbers that only you know. Using a PIN code is a fairly reliable way to save data in the phone’s memory, unless you use a very simple combination (1111, 2222 or 1234).

Password By choosing a strong password as a means of locking the screen, you can be sure that your gadget is sufficiently protected. A strong password must be a complex sequence of characters (from 4 to 16), consisting of a mixture of numbers and letters, typed in different registers.

Try not to use your name, birthday or year of birth as a password, as well as your personal data, which can be learned from social media. networks. This is the only way you can be sure that such a password will not be cracked in the shortest possible time.

Correct setting of the lock screen will provide you not only convenience when using your smartphone, but also protect the personal information stored in its memory from outside interference.

By default, any smartphone or tablet, after pressing its power button, offers to make a swipe across the screen. Only then will you be taken to the desktop. This is done so that the device does not perform any actions on its own while in your Google is doing everything to ensure that the lock screen is as convenient as possible. But sometimes people still wonder how to disable screen lock on Android. This can be done very simply.

But first, a little theory. Disabling the screen lock completely can lead to some problems. Google increases the functionality of the screen for a reason, allowing you to go directly from it to taking photos, making a call, and sometimes some other functions. If you do not like the traditional way of unlocking the device, then why not try another?

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At the time of this writing, the following types of screen locks are standard for Android:

  • Swipe across the screen. the same traditional unlocking method.
  • PIN entry Is a very old method and is fairly secure. The simplest selection of a PIN-code does not work here, since after several unsuccessful attempts a timer appears. a new entry will be available only after its expiration.
  • Graphic key. ideal for those who are better at remembering visual information, rather than a set of numbers.
  • Fingerprint Is the most reliable way to protect the information contained on your smartphone. It’s almost impossible to outwit.
  • Iris. its scanning is implemented in Galaxy S8 and S8. In the future, this unlocking method will be implemented in other flagship devices.
  • Password input. the longest unlocking method. A password differs from a PIN code in that it can contain letters and other symbols.

Many other lock screens can be found on Google Play. They may use other methods, such as solving a math problem. But this is more of a pampering than a real improvement of the existing system.

Reset data

If you tried all the tips above and they did not help, then the device is faulty. a software failure has occurred. To fix the crash, do a data reset. Save important information before reset.

Highest security

The following application combines not only flexible customization of the lock screen, but also quite extensive access to the basic parameters of the Android OS. It is called CM Locker.

In the basic version, the user gets quite extensive access to customizing the lock screen. In addition, he can change the password entry methods from the application settings. In them, you can set a numeric password, a pattern, or completely turn off protection.

CM Locker includes many wallpapers of nature, animals, cars, space and more.

But they appreciate it not only for the specified functionality. The application can act as an operating system cleaner, disabling all unnecessary applications right from the lock screen. Thus, you can remove from memory not only heavy programs, but also unwanted software that can harm your smartphone.

Remove VPN

Simplified, a VPN is a more secure Internet connection compared to a regular connection.

To add a VPN to your device, you need to lock the screen with a pin code, password or pattern. Therefore, until the VPN is added on the device, you will not be able to unlock the display.

Select the “Connections” item / tab. If there is no such item / tab, go to the next step.

Select “Other settings” or “Other networks”.

VPNs will appear that are added to the device.

Remove all connections. Depending on the model, you need to press and hold on the VPN for a few seconds for a pop-up window to appear

or click on the gear next to the name, and then the “Delete” button.

If the VPN is removed or it was not there, but the block is still not removed, try the following tip.

A reminder of the past

One of the most popular apps on GooglePlay is Hi Locker. This screen lock program combines two themes. The first is an old classic theme for Android devices, the second is elements of a modern Lollipop.

The program is free, there are no advertising banners and other elements that annoy users.

Several functions are available to customize the lock screen: clock, messages, weather, wallpaper. The application is very flexible, it has a lot of parameters for each individual element. You can even play with fonts and customize them for yourself.

Customize the keyboard on your Samsung phone

Let’s look at how to customize the keyboard in Samsung phones using the Galaxy S6 Edge as an example.

Let’s go to the Settings menu.

And click on the Virtual Keyboard.

If you don’t need Google Voice Typing, you can turn it off via the Keyboards Management menu.

Click on the switch opposite google voice input to disable.

Let’s go back and see that Google Voice Typing has disappeared from the list and only Samsung Keyboard remains. Click on it. And the first item there will be Languages ​​and Types. We press.

The list will contain several languages ​​that you can switch to for typing in a particular application on the phone. To add a new language, you must click on MANAGE INPUT LANGUAGES at the bottom after the list of languages.

We accept the agreement by clicking on ACCEPT.

And then on the contrary, we need to turn on the language switch so that it appears in the list of languages ​​in the previous step.

If you click on the vertical menu in the form of three dots at the top of the screen on the right, you can refresh the list of languages.

If you return to the list of languages ​​and also click on the ellipsis menu at the top of the screen on the right, you can manage the languages ​​that have already been added. For example, we need to remove some language. Click on the Delete menu.

Click to select, for example, in English (US)

Then a button will appear to delete the selected language.

Or if you choose Change instead of Delete from the menu, then you can change the default input language to, for example, English, not Russian. To do this, it is enough to move to the first place English (US).

There are additional settings in the Samsung KEYBOARD menu. Let’s consider them in turn in the order of numbering as in the screenshot below.

The ADVANCED FUNCTIONS menu allows you to set up continuous dialing and cursor control.

In the KEYBOARD LAYOUT menu, you can configure the display of numeric keys above the main letter keys, edit special characters and the size of the keyboard itself on the screen.

In the PRESS FEEDBACK menu, it is better to turn off the sound and vibration when you press the keys and turn on the Symbol Viewer

When you turn on the Contrast keyboard, it turns from white-gray to bright as in the screenshot below. You can also enter the keyboard settings menu by clicking on the keyboard itself on the gear icon to the left of the SPACEBAR.

Home screen settings on a Samsung smartphone

You can change your home screen, desktop wallpaper, add widgets and much more through the home screen settings menu.

5 Simple Ways to Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Change the layout and settings of the home screen

Procedure if the message “main screen is locked” is displayed:

  • Activate home page management as described above.
  • Click the “screen settings” icon.
  • Deactivate the item “lock the main screen” or “protect from changes”.
  • Go to the parameters of the main page.
  • Select Layout Settings.
  • Change the display layout of apps on the home screen.

Restoring the home screen to its original appearance:

  • Restore original widgets.
  • If you need to add an application to the home screen, go to the applications screen, select the icon, hold it, and then drag it down or up.
  • When moving applications, they may have been automatically merged into a folder. Go to the folder, hold your finger on the application until the control is activated and move it back to the main screen.
  • If all applications disappeared from the screen, use the application display setting.
  • You can hide rarely used shortcuts.
  • You can also change the wallpaper and screen theme.

How to disable protection on Samsung a50. PIN or password

Under the usual blocking, it is customary to understand the key (figure), since it is used for protection most often.

The first thing you must remember is that what you put, for example, the drawing, otherwise it will be more difficult to turn off (how to proceed then I have already described earlier).

Remember? Excellent. Then we break into the settings (gear icon), click on the line “Lock screen“.

Now in the first line “Lock Type” notice in blue the one you have installed.

For example, I have set a PIN-code, but you can have a picture or a password. In any case, click on this section. You will be prompted to enter twice what you put in the code or password. I have a pincode.

After that, at the very bottom, select “No”. That’s it, your Samsung a50 won’t bother you anymore.

How to disable screen lock on Samsung a50. fingerprint or PIN and password

You are trying to turn off the screen lock on Samsung a50, but this option is locked or located in an unknown place?

Locking on a50 includes different types: 1 PIN, 2 password, 3 fingerprint and 4 face recognition (now there are others, but they are not in Samsung a50).

Some users cannot find the option to completely disable protection, while others have problems using it.

It turns out that even when we find this option, the following message disconnecting is prohibited may appear, but there is a solution.

How to disable fingerprint on Samsung a50

To do this, enter the lock area (as I wrote above), only now you need to enter a registered fingerprint.

Then move the slider to the right opposite the “Fingerprint” line to the left so that it becomes gray (inactive).

What to do if you can’t turn off protection on your Samsung Galaxy a50

Sometimes you will not be able to select the “No” option, because the information is displayed that this option was disabled by the admin.

What to do if the options for disabling protection are on a gray background with a message about its deactivation by the phone administrator?

This can happen due to encryption or data storage policy. You will not be able to set the No option in the passwords section and you will not be able to disable the lock screen using the programming options.

There is a solution to this. First of all, check if encryption is enabled when you enable it, blocking cannot be disabled.

The only solution is to turn off encryption. To do this, go to “Settings Advanced Settings Security”, find the encryption tab and select the option to decrypt the entire device.

If the error (or rather unavailability) still appears, another solution applies here.

You must enable another type of protection, deliberately lock the device by entering the wrong pattern, and then unlock it with a spare PIN.

Then all options will be unlocked and the specified error message will not appear. Thanks for visiting. Success.