Samsung a 20 does not turn on

SAMSUNG GALAXY A20S SM-A207F/DS not turn on! what to do? / не включается! что делать?

The causes of failure

Before you turn on your Samsung phone without a power button, it is important to understand the causes of failure. Let’s highlight the main options:

  • The mobile device is wet and the power key on the Samsung does not work. In such a situation, you must immediately disassemble the device and dry it with a hair dryer.
samsung, does, turn
  • If your phone accidentally crashes and shuts down, try to turn your device on by pressing the Power button for a long time.
  • If the smartphone was damaged in a fall, you may need the help of a service technician.
  • In the case of a faulty button you should use alternative methods of switching on (via PC or Recovery). You can do the repair at home without going to a service.
  • If the battery is deeply discharged you need to turn on the Samsung to charge.

The task of the user is to determine the fault and act according to the circumstances.

samsung, does, turn

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy phone that won’t turn on [Ultimate Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S10 / 9/8 won’t turn on. This is one of the most common problems. When your Samsung Phone suddenly turns black and does not turn onIf your Samsung phone is stuck on the logo or does not charge at all, you have difficulty identifying the problem.

What you should do? Article 10 talks about simple ways to troubleshoot your Samsung phone. Even if you’ve been working on a Samsung phone that won’t turn on, you can check out the main causes and solutions for Samsung boot problems.

Smartphone does not turn on or hangs on the logo screen solutions for Samsung

Android users often encounter a problem when turning on their device. That is, when trying to turn on, it just hangs, showing either the manufacturer’s logo of the device or a green robot. This instantly lets us know that there is a failure in the system, most likely caused by a mis-installed app, or a failed attempt to root your device. Or it’s much simpler, your device is attacked by viruses. In some cases, the device cannot boot up when the memory is full

In this article we will give an answer to the most common question among Samsung smartphone owners why it hangs on the screen saver or the logo. In this case the causes are both software and hardware. Most often, of course, the cause of this failure is a programming error.

Samsung Galaxy A3 is turned on but there is no sound

This means that your Samsung Galaxy A3 turned on. The display seems to be damaged or the cable is broken, torn or burned out.

Solution: you can try to open the device and check the contacts.

The operation is not recommended for inexperienced users! When you remove the housing it is recommended to use suitable screwdrivers from a special kit, so as not to dislodge screws thread.

If you decide to open the device, remember. this will definitely deprive you of the warranty. If none of the methods helped, the reason lies in the breakage of a physical component on some board or in the wrong algorithm of work outlined above. In this case you can determine the real reason only in the service center after the diagnostics.

Protection from breakage: helpful hints

To avoid the above described problem, when the display does not light up, you can use a number of measures. Follow these rules when using your Samsung phone:

  • Turn on Power Saving Mode. This can help reduce your battery consumption. Also close the applications which are not used.
  • Emphasis on dark wallpaper. Using this background is safer for the screen and looks very stylish.
  • Set the screen time to a minimum. Set the Samsung display to turn off in the absence of action for 7-10 seconds. This way you can prolong its service life.
  • Protect your smartphone from shock or moisture. Above we considered that the screen often does not light up for these reasons.
  • Turn off gesture response. If you do not use gestures to control the functions of your smartphone, it is better to turn off this function

The above tips help extend the life of the display and protect against premature failure. You are less likely to encounter a situation where the screen does not light up, does not work, or it glows white.

Why the Samsung phone does not turn on and does not charge

Such attempts can further damage the gadget, and you may end up with an expensive and time-consuming repair. And the most frustrating thing will be if the mobile does not turn on and does not respond to charging due to a broken charger or broken power button.

The only thing an android owner can do is to remember under what circumstances it stopped working. If water has gotten into your Samsung phone, it may not turn on or get infected because of the liquid that got there. If you keep trying to charge it, the board may be damaged. And this is a very serious breakdown.

Reasons why the Samsung is stuck on the logo screen

Or what is the reason why your device hangs in the Android boot cycle?

Here are some possible reasons for your reference.

  • Software errors. Errors in the software can cause a problem. But fixing the software can be solved by updating the software.
  • Manipulation of the software. Android software can be easily manipulated and configured, but sometimes we can make mistakes when we try to make these settings, leading to an endless boot cycle.
  • Stuck after updating. You can also run into the problem of getting stuck in a boot cycle if the software update is not completed properly. This is why you need to have enough battery to avoid disabling the update.
  • Virus attack. Many apps have malicious codes and viruses that can cause your device to malfunction. To avoid this, make sure all apps are downloaded from the Google Store and you have antivirus software installed on your phone.
  • Defective memory card. A bad memory card can be a problem that causes your Android phone to freeze in the boot cycle.

What to do if the Samsung does not turn on and hangs on the screen saver. solution

The situation when the Samsung phone does not turn on hangs on the Samsung splash screen, can indicate both a temporary malfunction, and a serious failure. The problem may be caused by a lack of memory, a stuck button, a bug, a virus, a software failure. To solve it, you need to do a series of steps. from simple to complex. You may be able to start the device by simply pressing a few buttons. What to do if the Samsung does not turn on and hangs on the screen saver, I will tell in the article below.

If your Samsung phone won’t turn on, the problem may lie in one of the following categories of breakdowns:

  • The mechanical damage. one of the “iron” systems broke down, or just an important module is not working.
  • The software. the failure occurred in the operating system or firmware completely. It is noteworthy that if the mechanical failure the user usually can not fix it himself (requires special equipment or skills), then with the software woes can be managed without the involvement of a master.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones or tablets are the company’s most popular line of gadgets. Statistically, it is these, due to their large number, that most often fail. The hardest thing to do with monolithic (non-disassembled) devices. For example, if the battery is swollen and prevents you from turning on the gadget, you can’t replace it yourself.