Samsung A 10 Screenshot

The first way to take a screenshot of the screen in Samsung Galaxy a 50 2019 phone combination of buttons

Samsung A 10 Screenshot

The first way to make a screen for samsung a50 2019, using certain buttons, is so fast, but not very convenient.

To use it, open on the screen whatever you want, be it an application, a game, a web page, a photo, etc.

Then just press and hold the On and Volume Down button for a while until you hear the sound button and notice the picture with the options below.

This gives you an audible and visual prompt telling you that the phone has taken a screenshot. At first I didn’t work very well, but I quickly got used to it, but if you do it with one hand, you need to get a handle.

The second way to take a screenshot on the samsung a50 swipe gesture

You can also take screenshots on samsung a30 with simple motions. Screenshots can be taken by swiping your finger across the screen from right to left or left to right.

Then also get audio and visual prompts when you take a screenshot in Method 1.

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This gesture can be used in Settings. Additional functions. Switch and look for the option Hard sliding screen capture and open it.

There, if necessary, move the slider to the right making it blue (active, by default it should be enabled).

Theoretically, this method looks quite tempting, but in practice it very often fails.

Check your result. Suddenly everything will go smoothly for you, although I always prefer the third way.

The third way to make a screenshot of the screen on the samsung android a50 with one click

You can set multifunctional virtual button for android phones all in iOS style.

You can download this Assistive Touch assistant right here. This is essentially a quick shortcut to certain functions that you use frequently, in particular when taking screenshots.

The usefulness lies in the fact that the application can be customized to your needs and it can be useful in many cases.

As soon as you install it, then immediately enter the settings, the button will appear on the home screen and on any tab you have, which will indicate that the application is ready and running.

If you click on the symbol, you will have quick access to several basic functions (depending on which you choose) I find it useful to quickly lock the phone without having to fuss after a physical button or quickly activate silent mode.

I also find it useful, and if you have problems with the physical buttons on your phone, this app may well make up for them.

Remember that this virtual button can be placed anywhere on the phone screen, just touch it and drag it to the desired location.

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Only by default the application does not take screenshots, you need to spend no more than a minute to add this function yourself.

The fourth way to take a screenshot on a samsung a 50 with a scrolling screen

There is also an option called scroll capture. If you don’t see these options after taking a screenshot, switch to the Settings menu. features and enable Screenshot.

Scrolling screenshot is a very useful option that allows you to take a long shot, not just one image on the screen.

It can be used to grab entire pages or long lists in specific applications. Here’s how to use the scroll capture feature.

Take a screenshot of the samsung a50 by the first or second methods mentioned above. Remember that scrolling is only applicable if the page has more content to grab.

The scroll capture option should now appear at the bottom of the screen. Press this button and the phone screen will scroll down to grab more content.

When you get the screen you want, you can save it by clicking somewhere on the screen, or continuing to press the scroll capture button to stop it.

5 ways to take a screenshot of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy a30

Those who recently bought a Samsung phone were at first confused because it didn’t have a traditional physical home button.

The Samsung Galaxy A 30 also doesn’t have it. The operation of the Home button in it is carried out using the volume keys.

But the buttons are far from the only way to take screenshots on the Samsung a50. Therefore, I will immediately present you a series of tips from which to choose the most effective for yourself.

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Personally, I liked the third method most of all because of the convenience, everything happens in one click, but we are all different, so experiment.

Also do not forget that after you have taken a screenshot on your samsung a50, the device will offer many functions such as sharing or editing the screenshot.

Options include drawing, cropping and sharing, which appear at the bottom of the screen.

The fifth way to take a screenshot on a samsung with a 50 voice

You can take screenshots on the samsung a30 using your voice. You can use the Google Assistant with a voice command, but you need to activate it first.

This is something we can easily do on our phone. Thanks to this, you can take screenshots at any time with a simple voice command.

The fact is that in this way we do not use buttons or quick settings will only use the assistant-assistant.

To do this, first of all you need to activate this function on our Samsung a 30. To do this, first you need to open the Google application on your phone and enter the settings.

In the next step, click Google Assistant. Then we go to the assistant section Assistant. There we go to the option with the phone.

You will see a menu with several options available. You need to activate two options: use screenshots and share screenshots.

Of course, we will have to constantly activate Google Assistant (hold your finger on the home button for a few seconds). Success.