Samsung a 10 phone settings

Preparing for a hard reset

Before proceeding to restore the mobile gadget to factory settings, if the situation allows, copy all important information from it to external media, such as a computer hard drive or the cloud.

Contacts are conveniently stored on the Google service of the same name. To do so, copy them from the SIM cards to the phone memory and sign in to the device with the Google account you want to transfer them to. Synchronization will take place automatically.

If not, install a cloud client on your mobile device, such as Google Drive or Yandex.Disk, go to Files, click Download to Disk and select the data to save.

It is not necessary to make backup copies of installed apps, because you can easily find them in the Google Play store under My apps and games. It makes sense to back up only what is installed from third-party sources or has already been deleted from the Market. Samsung recommends using the proprietary Smart Switch utility, which, in addition to apps, saves user files and some settings.

To avoid having to enter the owner’s login and password when launching the device after a reset, delete the Google account from the system.

Immediately before recovery, charge your device to at least 25-30% or connect it to a power source, and remove the memory card and SIM card.

Google Account Setup

Set up your Google Account. You need it primarily to back up your personal data and contacts, so that if you lose your device you can easily restore it.

You also get access to services from Google: Gmail, YouTube, the Play Market, music, movies, and more.п. Don’t forget your Google username and password!

Increase battery life

If you’re a stone jungle outdoorsman who never stops living for a second, and you’re used to staying connected, socializing, and browsing social media from morning till night, you’ve probably had to pull back and focus on finding an outlet at some point. But if you do not want to depend on wires and external power sources, it is worth adjusting the power mode of the smartphone to extend its battery life.

In the “Power Mode” quick settings bar, you can choose the medium or maximum power-saving level.

To see exactly how long your smartphone will last without recharging, in “Settings” go to the “Notifications” tab, select the “Status Bar” and turn on the “Show charging percentage” option.

Saves energy and “Night Mode. Displaying the interface in dark colors does not actively consume power, as the black pixels for the AMOLED display of Samsung’s flagship are actually disabled elements. Activating “Night Mode” replaces light pictures with dark ones, and your smartphone runs down more slowly.

Turn off apps you don’t use, so they don’t consume power in the background. To do this in the settings go to the item “Using the device. “Battery.”. “Settings” and in the menu activate the items “Adaptive battery mode”, “Switch to sleep mode”, “Auto application shutdown”.

Optimize the performance of your smartphone: select “Device Maintenance” in the settings. “Optimize.”. The smartphone will then consume energy and remember which applications you prefer and how you use the smartphone. The easiest thing to do on the “Device Maintenance” settings page is to select the “Auto Optimization” option. If you activate it, the smartphone will automatically optimize the settings at a given time.

Instruction: Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A10 32Gb SM-A105F Black

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The manufacturer reserves the right to change the construction, design and accessories: Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A10 32Gb SM-A105F Black. Please check the product information with the information on the official website of the manufacturer.

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Policy on processing of personal data

Basic concepts used in this Policy

Basic rights and obligations of the Operator

The main rights and obligations of subjects of personal data

The operator can process the following personal data of the User

Principles of personal data processing

The purposes of processing of personal data

Legal basis for processing personal data

Terms of processing personal data

The procedure for collecting, storing, transferring and other processing of personal data

List of actions made by Operator with received personal data

Cross-border transfer of personal data

Privacy of Personal Data

Return Process

To initiate the return of goods purchased from us, you must write a free-form appeal to e-mail, in which you must specify the date of purchase and describe the reason for return (references to warranty issues are not accepted by phone). Specification of e-mail subject is obligatory, otherwise the message can get caught by spam-filter.

Return/exchange of goods of proper quality

In the case of purchase of goods remotely from the Internet. Store

In addition to the right to exchange goods of proper quality provided by the Act of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 About protection of the rights of consumers, you have the right to refuse the goods purchased remotely, at any time before their transfer, as well as within seven days after the transfer of the goods.

If the information on the procedure and terms of return of goods of adequate quality was not provided to you in writing at the time of delivery of the goods. the specified period is extended according to the Rules of distance selling of goods.

Return/exchange of goods of improper quality must preserve the appearance, packaging and equipment. The presence of traces of use can be a reason to refuse your claim.

The return/exchange of goods of improper quality

In case of detection in the purchased goods a defect, the buyer has the right to claim at his discretion one of the requirements specified in Art.18 of the Law of 07.02.The consumer rights protection law of 1992 N 2300-1 About protection of the rights of consumers.

In this case, if the product refers to the technically complex, approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The Decree of November 10, 2011. N 924, then those specified in Art.18 claims can only be made within 15 calendar days from the date of purchase.

After 15 days, such claims can be filed if

the product cannot be used for a cumulative period of more than thirty days during each year of the warranty period due to the need to eliminate manufacturing defects.

Checking the quality of the goods

When you file a claim, the seller has the right to inspect the quality of the goods. In this connection we remind you of the necessity to deliver the purchased goods with a claim to the point of product return or to give the seller an opportunity to take the goods to the authorized service center to confirm the defect.

The delivery service employee fixes the fact of acceptance of goods for diagnostics by the relevant act, filled in two copies, one of which remains at the buyer’s hand.

samsung, phone, settings

After this quality control, the seller will give you an answer to your complaint.

If you do not agree with the results of a quality inspection, you have the right to make a written request for an independent examination of the product. The expertise is conducted at the expense of the seller. You have the right to be present during the examination. If the expertise establishes the presence of defects that are not the fault of the store or the manufacturer, you are obliged to reimburse the store for the costs of the expertise, as well as the costs associated with its implementation.

Error “file system limit” is typical not only for Samsung models, but also for other phones with the Android operating system. It occurs as a result of certain applications malfunctioning.

Which ones cause it. it can be difficult to determine. The text of the error means that somehow the system does not have enough memory. This can happen even if there was quite a lot of free space quite recently.

To delete the entire cache of programs and games on your Samsung A10 phone, you need to do the following:

  • Open the smartphone settings;
  • Looking for the menu item “Applications” and select it;
  • In the list of all programs under the name there is information about the size of the entire application. Select the most voluminous files;
  • On the page with the application description, select the “Memory” section;
  • Next, find the “Clear Data” button.

Delete the application cache using this method. Check in the general list of programs all and manually clean the memory of your smartphone. When most of the data is deleted, you can check if the “file system limit” error has been resolved.

In addition to the cache, it is also worth doing a more thorough revision of the phone for unnecessary applications. Delete everything from your smartphone that may be unnecessary and interfere with the system’s stability. To quickly find programs with a large “weight” in the general list, you can sort them by size.

How to set up a USB connection to transfer files on your Samsung Galaxy

Modern smartphone and Personal Computer (PC). these are two electronic devices with a rudiments of Artificial Intelligence, which entered our daily life and became our indispensable assistants.

Artificial Intelligence (AI). “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), (according to the website is the property of intelligent systems to perform creative functions that are traditionally considered the prerogative of humans. Of course, we will never agree that a set of flint parts, called radio elements, laid out and soldered together with tin on a textolite (gethinax) plate, can create a highly artistic work that can evoke compassion or generosity in anyone. It never does!

This can be confirmed by a simple example: these two actually “siblings” connected by a USB cable may simply not “see” each other. And it happens very often. And yet they share the same flint soul and are both of the digital gadget family.

Accounts, an important step

What we can not ignore for security reasons, as well as mobile security falls into the accounts. In Samsung terminals, it is just as important to use a Google account as a Samsung account, each with its own added value.

To get it up and running, all you need to do is go to Cloud Settings and Accounts, then click Add Account and select the Google option. You just need to log into the e-mail, as well as the password.

But that’s not all, because you also need to add our Samsung Account. We’re going to do it through a similar process, we’ll go into Cloud Settings and Accounts to later write our linked email account, or we can select or continue with Google, and that it’s the same Gmail account that was used before the one that was linked to the process.

How to increase the performance of a Samsung phone through Settings

There is a hidden section in the Phone Settings, which contains additional settings for the smartphone. This section is “hidden” by default due to the fact that it is intended for users who have practical experience in operating a smartphone and setting it “for themselves”. Therefore, if you take advantage of competent advice from experts, anyone is able to turn on some useful settings of this section, called “Developer Options”.

Of course, every smartphone owner wants to increase the performance of his faithful assistant. And over time, many feel that the speed of his phone has dropped markedly, compared to the time of his purchase, when the “response” phone was faster. This is partly true because over time, most of the newly installed applications are now run in the background, overloading the resources of both the processor and RAM. Activation of applications in the background enables to launch them faster in case of need, as they have been partially activated right after turning on the phone. But the number of such applications working in the background over time is only increasing, thereby overloading the processor and reducing its efficiency. And this is just one of the reasons for the decline in the apparent performance of the phone.

Initial setting up your Samsung smartphone

If you have bought a smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy series, then you have to configure it further. You can’t do without it when you run it for the first time.

First the smartphone will tell you to choose the language of the interface. The Android operating system is translated into many languages. The Russian language is also present among the options. Choose it. Or English, if you prefer.

If you can not see or hear well, the first screen, in addition to selecting the language, you can go to a special setting of your Samsung smartphone. They will increase the font and perform other actions to facilitate the further process.

The next step for configuring your Samsung smartphone is to connect to a Wi-Fi network. You need this to sync with your Google account. If your Samsung smartphone already has a SIM card inserted, you can skip this step. But remember that you will spend some money for the traffic used to download applications and perform other actions.

After being prompted to connect to Wi-Fi, the date and time will need to be set. You can check the box next to “Automatically”. In this case the device will take the time and date data from the Wi-Fi network. Sometimes it is not possible to do this. Or you skipped the previous step without connecting to the network. Then enter the date and time manually. There is nothing wrong with that. When you are done with the settings of your Samsung smartphone. no one will prevent you to activate autodetection of time again.

Every owner of a South Korean Samsung smartphone is required to have an account in the Samsung online service. A prompt to register or enter the data of an existing account will appear after setting the date. This service allows you to create a backup copy, as well as participate in various promotions. Creating a new account takes a minimum amount of time. The service is very useful, so do not skip this step. In the future you need to enter your e-mail. You’ll receive an email from Samsung. Be sure to follow the link in the email. This is how you confirm your email address.

Next, the smartphone prompts you to connect to your existing Google account or create a new one. This also takes a minimum of time. You can’t do without an account, because it gives you access to Google’s online store. If you have a Picasa, YouTube, or Gmail account, you can enter it in. You can skip this step. In a quieter atmosphere no one interferes with registering a new account or entering the existing username and password.

samsung, phone, settings

This is usually the end of the initial setup of the Samsung smartphone. But the devices from Samsung will offer to use the function of determining your location as a last resort. It works with the built-in GPS chip in the device. If you want it, you can use only partial location. In this case, the voracious GPS is turned off and data is borrowed from cellular towers and public Wi-Fi access points. At any time you can change the type of determination of your coordinates.

20 Best Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy A10

Some more Samsung smartphones offer the Dropbox service. It’s a cloud storage service. Here you can save your photos, music and any other files. You will be able to access them from any device, be it a computer or a smartphone. At this point, you can create a new Dropbox account or log in to an existing one.

This completes the initial setup of your Samsung Galaxy. The device is completely ready to use!