Rollback Meizu M3 Note

Rollback Meizu M3 Note

Users rarely have to roll back firmware to previous versions. New versions of the Flyme shell come to Meizu infrequently, especially when it comes to global updates. And smartphone owners are trying to install the update as early as possible, even the beta version. New items come across raw, crookedly working with a smartphone, or the user simply does not like the new interface. And you have to go back to the old, tested version. It is not difficult to roll back the meizu firmware. the main thing is to carefully follow the instructions.

How to prepare with a flashing

Rollback from flyme 7 to flyme 6 is best done with a complete cleaning of all data. Therefore, first we make a backup (backup) of all important data on a third-party medium. Important contacts from the phone book can be copied to a SIM card, but it’s more convenient to enable synchronization with Google so that when you log into your account all phone records will be restored automatically.

You will need to download the necessary firmware from the Flyme website. We go to the page, select the model of the smartphone and download the file of the required version in the form of the archive. All current smartphone models are presented, including m3 note, m5s and m6. Here you can see the changes in the version.

If the phone is a Chinese version, not a global one, then the firmware is downloaded from the site Installing global firmware on a Chinese phone is not recommended. As well as downloading it from a third-party site. custom firmware may not work correctly and turn your smartphone into a “brick”.

What you need to roll back

You will need a downloaded firmware file and a smartphone charged at least up to 50% or more. And the computer with which you need to drop the file into the phone’s memory.

How to find the right version

On the official website for a particular model, all the necessary versions are collected, sorted by number and release date. The name will not be indicated there (for example, firmware m621 for m5 note). just look at the version number and, if you wish, read the list of changes.

How to roll back firmware using the example of meizu m5

How to roll flyme 7 to flyme 6? We take the downloaded and copy it to the internal memory of the phone. You need to put it in the main folder. If the archive name is different, the smartphone will not be able to recognize it as a firmware file.

Now, how to roll back the firmware to the meise m5 and other models. Turn off the smartphone, and start it by holding the button to increase the volume. The menu with two checkmarks will light up.

We mark both, and to install the firmware on m5, click “Start”. Enter the password from the phone (if any). The installation process starts. All that remains to be done is to wait for the device to finish and start, which will take time.

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Possible complications

From complications it happens that the installation window does not open. This happens for two reasons:

  • Archive with firmware not found.
  • The archive is corrupted.

In this case, we exit their mode by holding the power button. We transfer the file, copy it to the main folder of the internal memory and try again.

How to understand that everything went well

The first launch of the rolling firmware is lengthy. Sometimes the whole rollback process takes more than one hour. After launch, the smartphone should behave like new. offer to choose the language, connect to the wireless network and Google account, and also accept the user agreement.

Next, we check the operability of the smartphone. the operation of communication, sound, network, etc. If there are no errors. the rollback was successful, you can safely use the phone.