Rollback Iphone 5 Firmware

Rollback Iphone 5 Firmware

If you are not ready to put up with the optimization and bugs of iOS 11, you still have 2 weeks to roll back to iOS 10.3.3.

This is not much more complicated than installing a new firmware.

What to do

Step 1. We connect the iOS device to the computer and open iTunes.

Step 2. Hold down the power and volume down buttons on the iPhone 7/7 Plus or the power and home buttons on earlier devices.

Step 3. Hold the buttons for about 5 seconds until the gadget reboots.

After turning on, iTunes will detect the device in recovery mode and offer to return it to the factory settings by installing the current version of iOS.

Step 4. Press and hold Alt / Option (on Mac) or Shift (on Windows), and select “Restore iPhone “.

Step 5. Select the firmware ipsw file you downloaded earlier.

Step 6. Select Restore and Update and follow the on-screen instructions.

That’s all. We are waiting for the installation to finish and use iOS 10.3.3.

Artyom Bausov

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something. I did not notice any special bugs, the flight is normal (Iphone se)

@zanders, with the exception of the inability to disconnect the wafer with a button from the quick access panel, everything else is normal.

@zanders, it may not be special, but they are.
I suggest that the editors create an article in which we will collect the bugs found.

1. The item showing the size of the updated application in the App Store has disappeared.
2. Settings Search…
The search bar moves directly to the status bar.
3. In the medical card phone numbers are not synchronized!
I don’t know which version it started with, but this is a serious flaw.
Yesterday I went to the medical card and found that all the numbers I added were old. Plus, I didn’t enter them in the international format before, and then I updated all the numbers taking this into account. in general, this is a flaw in the developers.

And fonts, vile animation, clipping the keyboard in the landscape, bold labels at the top for whom? I remember which section I am in !! (in settings, dialer, messages), braking when flipping the phone are such features so fashionable?

@Kaizer Soze, that’s exactly it. I have no brakes on SE anywhere and none, but wretched fonts and a wretched shortcut menu move me to a rollback of 10.

@Anton Ruzanov, but how do you like “Recently deleted.” In the photo? Tin of course A bunch of tin

@Kaizer Soze, but what’s wrong with fonts and animations, for me all the rules. What kind of keyboard clipping? I don’t see the brakes, everything works, like on 10k

@triller, start writing me an answer and turn the bodies over to Landscape mode, plus tap on these cropped edges is a tap on a nearby character. Because of this. again hidden behind the “123” key
Open the phone, the messages at the top are the MOST MESSAGES, RECENT “Autoresponder.” “Recently deleted.”

@Kaizer Soze, it also pokes fun at the strange way to exit the camera, when you lower the notification curtain, go to the camera and everything to get out you need to do Two Tapas on “Home”.

@Kaizer Soze, I have all the rules on 7ke, no cutoffs, all keys are visible.
And I wouldn’t have noticed the message font if I hadn’t said) I don’t even remember how it was in 10k, I don’t even look there) With the rest of the headers the same
In any case, this is only a release and bugs are a normal occurrence, usually Apple corrects everything quickly, so wait a bit

“Screen recording”. I do not remember this in 10ke

Topics of the day:
New iOS 11.0 released
How and where to download OS 11.0
Where and how to install iOS 11.0
List of differences in iOS 11.0
How to roll back with iOS 11.0

@iMACsimka, September 25, we are waiting for similar articles on Mac OS High Sierra

I have the last 6 beta public, and put it on top of the previous one, and dropped it to the factory ones. Incredibly slows down. Using a smartphone is simply impossible.

@ Chrispriest21, 1, iPhone 6 noticeably slows down on iOS 11. over, if I sat for a long time on different beta versions of 11 iOS, and then rolled back to 10, then the performance gain is felt in all applications. How I bought a new phone 🙂

I personally didn’t put it. I will stay until 10.3.3.

6Plus 128. the brakes are not real.

Of all the mega chips, you need the family sharing function of disk space in the storage. Can this be somehow turned on without iOS 11?

Almost everything began to work slower for me. I roll back unambiguously! (se64)

The fonts have changed you need to urgently roll back drops are no longer the sunset of the company. another reason to switch to sasungs

@denoli, this will not help you

Others, remind someone, pliz, which (and where) to put the profile so that the update does not automatically download? Like, for AppleTV it is necessary if I do not confuse?

What is the difference between iPad Air 2 (WiFi) and iPad Air 2 (Cellular) if the links are the same?

The links for 5s and SE are the same!

The links are the same, but the files themselves are different. 🙂
For SE, the checksums should be:
MD5: 8bb80cae8e6ac9525be24873add61b25
SHA1: 46067e863e47f93bc867e865063bd8848cd80e9e

on 6 Plus 128GB also slows down iOS 11, although there is a lot of free disk space.
Tell me, professionals, who rolled back to earlier versions of iOS (10.3.3) in version rollback.
Are contacts, photos, messages saved on the phone in VIBER Whatsap and other instant messengers during rollback? only settings reset?
A copy is saved on the computer

@Viktor Krasnov, Everything will remain as it was at the time of saving, the only cards will be erased from the wallet and fingerprints from Touch ID. Although I can’t say for sure about Viber and WhatsApp.

Guys, help, please. After the 3rd step, the phone boots up, but the tuna does not respond to recovery. It just loads it and information about the phone appears. How to be Thanks! iPhone 7 Plus

@Ksenia Nikolaevna, it should not load, the screen remains black, and iTunes should display a message, something like “Phone recovery detected”, I don’t remember exactly. On YouTube there ares about DFU, with a stopwatch, you just press synchronously and everything turns out.

5s slows down. And such a proser in design! I’m rolling back.

@ 46romik, The same crap! Not a word more about design. This is the “top”, bl.b, of design art! One calculator is worth it! I am sure that the “artists” from Apple wrote this night away from an old Chinese calculator! And the quick access menu is just a bunch of! Sorry for the pun, this is the top of the bottom in the fine art of a compass! or not yet? rollback

And what will happen in two weeks.

That’s all, all data is lost!) This is for those who did not make a backup copy before upgrading to the 11th axis. It only remains to hope that something remains in icloud.

iPhone 5s
iOS 11
The black screen with an incoming call, you can not see who is calling.
Logs in many places.
Battery insignificant.
Well, the interface is the smallest of all problems.

iOS 10.3.3
everything is fine, it works smartly, stably.

P / S If you do not use the phone actively, do not write that everything is fine with you. My phone is a tool for work, entertainment, leisure, navigation.

SE hangs periodically tight when working on wifi. Small bugs are present, definitely rolled back to the old version.

How to roll back correctly, after selecting the firmware, the phone boots to version 11 (

Guys, tell me, I have iphone 6 ios 9.3.2, ios 11.0.1 hangs in updates. If I upgrade to 11.0.1 and download: “iPhone 6: iPhone_4.7_10.3.3_14G60_Restore.ipsw”. will I do everything as it is written, will I have 10.3.3? Or will I get a brick?

@ p003ek, you just need to flash manually through aityuns right away at 10.3.3 and then prohibit updating to new firmware. No need to upgrade to 11, which would then roll back to 10.

@Cidonix, but how to do this, upgrade to 10.3.3 through aityuns, and then prohibit updating? please tell me nirazu did not.

I also rolled back to 10.3.3 while the raw 11 ios is very bad and I don’t like that you can’t turn off wifi and bluetooth on the curtain, and everything else the battery life doesn’t eat much too much ios 10 more economically.

The question is this! I had ios 10.2 and I immediately upgraded to 11. If I roll back to the downloaded firmware 10.3 is this normal or do I need to roll back only to 10.2?

After rolling back to 10.3.3, can I accept updates automatically? Or manually need to be updated?

All. This is PPC
In general, I will start with 0 problems
1. Suspensions, lags, slowdowns EVERYWHERE but periodically.
2. The player in the same YouTube lags in full (it’s 10 times the screen, it’s not shutting anything)
3. Also a player with In general, I watch the, everything is ok then bam repeats the place in the random interval
For clarity, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,4,5,6,7,5,6,7,8,9 and so on
4. Contacts have disappeared and I can’t return them anywhere (I’ve re-tried everything)
5. I am silent about Claudia with her glitches
6. Poor design that will be redeemed only by connoisseurs

And so in catch-up
In the distant past, there were 4 iPhones and 6 AXIS and JailBreak which allowed almost everything that you have been waiting for all this time
Even the screen went blank and on from tilting and gestures could be controlled without touching and assignments to your own keys do
So on it I already had half the chips of the “new 11”
And night mode (also worked)
And the coolest thing is that the equalizer and individual tabs already then I had
And another screen split but it’s a fan

No progress. no apple
Just watch the presentation of up to 5 iPhones