Rollback Iphone 4 Firmware Without Shsh

Rollback Iphone 4 Firmware Without Shsh

iOS 7 on iPhone 4 can only please a very undemanding user. The system works slowly, the iron works at the limit of its modest (today) capabilities and its resources for third-party applications are almost not enough. As a result. delays, brakes, crashes, etc. attributes of the new system on the old iPhone. At first, Apple retained the ability to roll back to iOS 6, then they closed the bench. Except that.

iFaith and saved SHSH blobs from iOS 6.1.3 are a recipe for a successful downgrade. What we need to create a miracle:

iPhone 4 on iOS 7. The newer iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch, or iPad will not work.

The iFaith utility from the famous iH8sn0w, download here. Only works on Windows.

SHSH blobs from iOS 6.1.3 or earlier. There is no full confidence, but you need to try.

Properly save data from the device.

ITunes backups are not backward compatible. That is, after downgrading to iOS 6 it will not be possible to restore the state of your iPhone 4 from a backup of iOS 7. Those applications that are synchronized with iCloud (if enabled, Calendar, Notes, Reminders) will be restored after flashing. With third-party programs, everything is individual. Pictures can be manually transferred to a computer or saved to the Dropbox cloud. Voice recorder audio. transfer to a computer or send it to yourself by mail.

Backing up to iTunes or iCloud will not be superfluous.

iTunes version 11.0.5 or lower. First you need to uninstall your current iTunes, then download the old version of the program from the link below and install. After a successful downgrade on iOS 6, you can update iTunes:

How to roll back iPhone 4 from iOS 7 to iOS 6:

1. We check whether all the preparatory steps described above are completed. Particular attention to data storage.

2. Connect the iPhone 4 to the computer with a native (or 100% working) cable.

3. Open iFaith and click on the button “OK”:

4. Click on the button “Show Available SHSH Caches on Server”:

5. The program will ask if you want to use the connected device. Push “Yes” to continue.

6. Three options will be offered. Choose the third one in the list. “Show list of available SHSH blobs on TSS server (s)”:

7. The program will show all SHSH blobs from Cydia servers. If you previously saved SHSH blobs using iFaith, they will also be available:

8. Select the appropriate file for firmware 6.1.3 and wait for “Download selected blob (s)”. The program will ask you to specify where to save the file on the computer. Save to the desktop.

9. The program will notify you when SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.3 are downloaded, click “Ok”. It will also be reported that the file verification was successful. Click again “Ok”.

10. iFaith will ask if you want to use the connected device. We answer “No” and close the program.

11. Open iFaith again, click “Ok” to continue.

12. From the available options, select “Build signed IPSW w / blobs”:

13. Click “Browse for blobs” and find the saved SHSH blob file (in our case on the desktop):

14. When the program reports that “the provided apticket looks valid”click “Ok”.

15. Select the “Browse for the IPSW” option and indicate to the program the previously downloaded iOS 6.1.3 firmware. If you didn’t download it, you can let it be downloaded by iFaith. To do this, click on the “Download it for me” button:

16. The firmware will pass the test, and then the “Build IPSW” button will appear. Push:

17. iFaith will create custom firmware (IPSW file) from the original firmware and SHSH blobs. It will take some time.

18. When the process of creating the firmware is completed, a message appears: “finished creating your custom “signed” IPSW”. Remember the file name and press the button “Ok”.

19. Enter the device in DFU mode. Turn off iPhone 4, press the button “Start” and follow the instructions on the screen:

  • Prepare to press and hold Power and Home button in 5 seconds
  • Press and hold Power and home button for 10 seconds and prepare to release Power button
  • Release the Power button and Continue holding the Home button for 30 seconds.
  • Get ready to press and hold the Power and Home buttons after 5 seconds.
  • Press and hold the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds, get ready to release the Power button.
  • Release the Power button, but keep the Home button pressed for 30 seconds.

20. After the program detects the device in DFU mode, it will launch the iREB ​​utility and report that your phone is successful “pwned dfu”. Push “Ok” once again “Ok” to exit iFaith.

21. Open iTunes 11.0. The program will inform you that the phone is detected in recovery mode, press “Ok” to continue.

22. Holding the Shift button, press “Restore iPhone ” (“Recover iPhone. “) Specify the location of custom firmware created using iFaith. The file in the title will contain the words “iFaith” and “signed”.

23. iTunes will begin the process of restoring iPhone 4 to iOS 6.1.3 firmware. Wait for it to complete and do not disconnect the phone from the computer.

24. When the firmware recovery is complete, set up your phone following the prompts from iOS.

Your iPhone 4 now works on iOS 6.1.3!

Downgrade instructions for iPhone 4 from iOS 7 to iOS 6 were borrowed from iPhoneHacks. In the near future we will verify the method personally and record the instruction in Russian.