Roll Back iPad Firmware If It Is Blocked By Icloud

Almost all users of Apple technology can get into an unpleasant situation when their tablet was intentionally or accidentally blocked. The most common reason is a forgotten password. If the iPad has a password to protect it from outsiders, then after several attempts to enter it incorrectly, a very “sad” message appears on the display informing that the iPad is locked: “Disconnected: Connect to iTunes”.

One way to insure yourself against forgetfulness is to configure your iPad so that after 10 incorrect attempts, the memory will be cleared. Of course, you will lose all your data at the same time, but the iPad will be unlocked and when connected to iTunes you will have the opportunity to restore data from a backup.

By default, this cleaning feature is disabled. To enable this parameter, you should do the following aLGorithm of actions: go to Settings Password and enable the function Erase Data.

But what if your iPad is already locked? The correct solution would be to unlock it with the help of specialists from the nearest service. But you can try to fix this problem yourself.

1. Ipad blocked by your fault (forgot password)

Your PC has a backup of your iPad without a password

If the iPad previously connected to iTunes, you can try to unlock it by resetting the password using the recovery procedure:

  1. To the computer where the iPad was previously connected, connect the device and start the iTunes program.
  2. Right-click on the device icon in the left column. Select the Restore command, specifying the most recent backup.
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Ipad has never connected to iTunes before

If during connection appears: “ITunes could not connect to the iPad because the device is password protected. You must enter the passcode on your iPad before you can use it with iTunes. ”, then to unlock the tablet you must do the following:

  1. Disconnect USB from iPad.
  2. Turn off the device by pressing and holding “Power” for a couple of seconds until the red slider is visible. Move it. Wait for iPad to turn off.
  3. While holding the Home button, connect the cable to the tablet. Ipad should turn on.
  4. The Home key must be kept pressed until “Connect to iTunes” appears on the tablet’s display.
  5. When a message appears in iTunes that the iPad is in recovery mode, press the OK and Restore keys.

If in this way you cannot unlock your iPad, you can try to “restore” it in DFU emergency mode.

  1. Connect the iPad to the computer. Open iTunes.
  2. Hold the Sleep / Wake button for 3 seconds.
  3. Without releasing the “Sleep / Wake” key, press and hold the “Home” button for 10 seconds.
  4. While holding the Home button, release the top Sleep / Wake button. The computer must detect the new device “Apple Mobile Device (DFU mode)” and install the driver on it.
  5. As soon as point 4 is completed, iTunes will detect the iPad and can be unlocked by fully updating the software.

Attention! It is important to know that after restoring your iPad all information on the device will be deleted!

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2. Ipad blocked by scammers

Example of a fraudulent message

In addition to the “forgotten password” option, some Apple users are faced with remote tablet blocking by fraudsters. You, quite unexpectedly, can see the following message on the screen: “Your device is locked. To unlock, write to the mail. ” The options for such messages can be very different.

How is this possible? Very simple. Ransomware hack Apple ID. To protect your iPad from such scammers, it’s better to use a mailbox with a more reliable service, for example, Gmail, for registration. Apple strongly recommends setting more complex password options. Even “forces” users to make secure code when entering the iPad control page.

If you become a victim of such fraud, you should first make sure that the iPad is really locked. Often, scammers crack the Apple ID password, but are too lazy to change it to a new one. Thus, there is a great chance to unlock the iPad without any help.

What to do when the iPad is suddenly locked

  1. As soon as possible, use the Find iPhone app with your own Apple ID password on or any other iPhone / iPad.
  2. If it works out, then you can solve this problem yourself by removing the lock from the iPad and quickly changing the Apple ID password.

If the ransomware took their bad business seriously by changing the password, then contact Apple technical support before paying fraudsters to unlock the device. As a rule, they help to unlock in such cases, if you prove that the device is really yours. To do this, you need to present a photo of the device’s box with a clearly visible serial number and a receipt from an authorized Apple dealer to purchase the device.

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Unfortunately, there are times when for some reason you may be refused support, or the box and check were not saved. Then there are two less honest options:

  • Find on the Internet a photo of the check and the box and use Photoshop to make the “correction” of the serial number to your own, and then contact Apple technical support. On this in the.
  • Contact a professional Internet service through which similar issues are solved, where, for very immodest money, they will remove the block from the iPad, which is blocked. However, you will be calm, and scammers will not get a penny!
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Roll Back iPad Firmware If It Is Blocked By Icloud

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