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How to unlock your phone if you forgot your password or PIN

Human memory is the most extensive data storage in the world and the most unreliable, too. What to do if you forgot your PIN and how to unlock your Android or iOS phone if you forgot your password. The whole difficulty of the situation lies in the fact that the device usually stores the necessary or important data and contacts, which you do not want to lose at all.
At the same time, it is quite difficult to hack the hardware protection of modern smartphones and tablets.

And in some cases, on the contrary, the data is not so important, how much you need to unlock your phone in order to use it corny. I want to give you some tips that any user can follow. And if they do not help, you just have to carry the gadget to the service center.

Unlock Android Smartphone

The recommendations below are very dependent on the version of the operating system installed and on what additions the smartphone manufacturer has made to it. However, each is worth a try.
On the old now, version of Android 4, you can unlock the PIN or pattern quite simply after several attempts to enter incorrectly, you will have a link to restore access. And if you remember the password for your Google account, which is registered on your phone, then you can easily remove the lock via remote access! Here the truth is to make a reservation, the smartphone must be connected to the mobile Internet or to the WiFi network.
Another method that works on newer versions of the operating system is Android remote control. It is available here link. This is a very convenient and rather functional tool with which you can track your device, as well as control it from a computer.

To unlock your phone, first select Lock and set a new password. Then unlock and log into the device with a new password. Profit!

For smartphones and tablets Samsung there is a special proprietary utility Dr.Fone. It also allows you to restore access to the phone’s operating system, reset the graphic password or SIM card lock.

Sometimes you can unlock Android as follows:

1. At the bottom of the screen, tap on Emergency Call.
2. Enter the character ten times
3. Double-click on the entered character string and select Copy.
4. Paste the copied characters at the end of the already entered sequence of asterisks.
5. Repeat the action. This should be done until the machine has filled the entire field length and refuses to insert characters. The result will be the copied long-long line of stars.
6. Return to the lock screen. Open the Camera app by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
7. Open the settings by clicking on the gear icon.
8. Android will ask for a password. Click on the field and hold until the Insert command appears. Paste the copied stars into the input field.
9. Repeat the procedure until the screen is unlocked and access to the system appears again.
10. Profit!

In the case when you need to unlock the phone in order to use it and at the same time the data is not important, you can reset it to the factory parameters through the boot menu of the device.

To do this, turn off the device, hold down the volume rocker downwards together with the power key. We keep them in this state until the phone boots into Recovery mode. We select the wipe date / factory reset option. After that, the device should reset all current parameters and settings, which will help to remove the lock through a pin code or pattern.!

How to Unlock iPhone

The situation with Apple phones from Apple is even more complicated. The way to unlock the device depends on the version of iOS installed on the iPhone. Based on this, you need to search the Internet for vulnerabilities that allow you to bypass the blocking.

Also, sometimes this can help. Press the Home button on the lock screen of your smartphone. This will enable you to call the Siri voice assistant. Ask a question What time is it now. In response, a clock should appear on the screen. First tap before the clock, and then tap the plus sign in the upper right corner of the display. Next, you need to enter several arbitrary letters into the input line. Select them and copy them. Then double-click on the entered letters to bring up a context menu. Select the arrow and the item Share. Select the Messages option and paste the previously copied characters into the To line. We wait a few seconds and press the Home button. The phone should then unlock. Done!

Here’s another option on how to unlock iPhone:

If there are no other options other than resetting to factory settings, you can try this option as well. Reset iPhone can be done through the iTunes application directly from the computer to which you will need to connect the phone with a cable. Of course, all data will be erased.

Removing the lock from Apple technology: iPhone

In our practice, there have been cases when the owner forgot his password or, for other reasons, remained with a locked smartphone or computer. There may be several options at once: buying an iPhone on the secondary market, setting a password by a third party (a friend or a child who decided to play a joke), a banal human factor (you can forget the password or accidentally set the wrong combination of characters).

In this case, there are exactly two scenarios for using a locked iPhone. The simplest is the most obvious. Is to sell a phone for parts. It is recommended to consider this option only as a last resort, as resetting the iPhone password. It’s a simple matter, especially against the background of the Activation Lock function, which is extremely difficult to bypass on your own.

Second option. Try resetting iPhone password yourself. The most obvious is the password guessing method from the simplest options (or, if the user has forgotten their own password, an attempt to remember it when guessing). This process is quite laborious and is associated with one unpleasant feature of the system. If the corresponding function is enabled, after the tenth incorrect entry, all data is erased from the device.

However, the counter of incorrect entries can be reset by normal synchronization of the device with the computer. But, since Apple has taken great care of the security of its users’ data, the device can only be synchronized with an authorized PC or Mac. So, if the iPhone has never been connected to the computer in use, it will not work to reset the counter of incorrect entries.

On the other hand, if the user does not even have a rough idea of ​​what the lock code installed on the smartphone looks like, it will be almost impossible to reset the iPhone password by simple selection.

The options described below are related to a full reset of the device, so it is worth backing up your iPhone before performing these operations.

If the smartphone is not linked to an iCloud account, in order to reset the password, you will need to enter the iPhone into recovery mode (DFU or Recovery Mode).

If the device is entered into DFU mode, the switched off phone should be connected to the computer, then hold down the Power (power button) and Home (home) buttons for ten seconds, then release the Home button and hold Power until iTunes recognizes the iPhone in recovery mode.

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To activate Recovery Mode, the Home button must be pressed while the iPhome is connected to the computer. The smartphone must be turned off. After that, when the cable image and the iTunes logo appear on the device screen, press the button in the program interface “Restore”.

In both cases, a full reset of the device will be performed, so that after recovery, the initial setup of the smartphone and a new password will be set. The iPhone can then be restored from a backup made in advance.

If you have an iCloud account and a wireless network on your smartphone, you can reset the device remotely. Iphone will automatically connect to a familiar Wi-Fi network, if one is not available, you can use mobile networks LTE, 3G or (in extreme cases) Edge.

This requires an application “Find iPhone” (the latest version of iOS is preinstalled on iPhone and iPad). The app is also available through the web interface of

In section “Find iPhone” on the site, select the desired device and press the button “Erase iPhone”. In the case of using the iOS application, you need to select a device, press the button “Actions” and choose “Erase iPhone”.

After that, you will be able to reconfigure the device, select a password and restore from a copy.

In addition to a hard reset, in some versions of iOS, a forgotten password can be “restore” via iCloud recording.

In addition to the methods described above, provided that there is JailBreak on the iPhone, there is a rather archaic method to reset the iPhone password. If your smartphone has an iOS version lower than 4.0, the file com.Apple.Springboard.Plist will be available in the device folder / private / var / mobile / Library / Preferences. Editing the file and changing the PasswordProtected value from 1 to 0 will reset the password. Removing the keychain located in the / var / Keychains folder can also result in a password reset. Since iOS 4.0, this method is irrelevant, and changing the key file will invariably entail a permanent lock of the device.

In addition to the usual four-digit password, iPhone can be locked by the Activation Lock function. This can happen if the old owner of the phone did not log out of his iCloud account for some reason during the sale.

In this case, when updating the firmware or resetting the device, a window will appear asking you to log in with your iCloud account. Activation Lock is available since iOS 7.

If something like this happens, the easiest way to reset your password is to ask the previous owner of the phone to sign out of the account. If this is not possible, then there are several options for how to bypass Activation Lock.

For iOS versions below iOS 7.1, Activation Lock is bypassed using VoiceOver. To do this, during the initial setup, you should select the language and country, then go into the emergency call mode and dial 112, then make a call and immediately reset it with the Power button.

After that, when you unlock the device, a list of contacts will open, where you should create a new contact and press the Home button three times to invoke the VoiceOver function (if the corresponding function “universal access” included). Next, you should add the contact to the black list twice. If the re-blocking fails, you will have to repeat the steps described above with a new one.

If all went well, the device’s home screen will open. In this case, you can use all the functions of the iPhone except cellular. The described method works most stably on iPhone 4; on later versions, the chances of successfully bypassing Activation Lock in this way are significantly reduced. Among other things, icons on the desktop may not work.

In addition, there is a way to bypass iPhone blocking proposed by the developers from SiriPort. To do this, you need to redirect the request from the Apple server back to the device, where it reads the data and releases the Activation Lock.

To do this, just add the line to the hosts file and restore the device from DFU mode. The hosts file can be found in the etc folder; in the case of Mac OS, you should call a quick jump with the ShiftCommandG key combination and enter / etc in the search box, if you are using Windows 7 or higher, then the file is opened with the notepad C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts command, executed through the command line (Start.Search.Cmd).

This method is also to some extent fictitious, since the use of a SIM card by a smartphone remains inaccessible.

In the event that the owner decided to lock the device or a stolen iPhone fell into the hands of the user, it will be impossible to reset the Activation Lock. In this case, an inscription will be displayed on the unlock screen that the smartphone was lost or stolen, and the owner’s phone may also appear and “a note” From him.

The described methods of bypassing protection are relevant only if the user has forgotten the password or the seller has not signed out of their iCloud account. The security of Apple equipment is maintained at a sufficiently high level, so that in case of loss of the device, the user will not have to worry about the safety of personal data.

Before buying an iPhone hand-held, the first step is to check if your phone is linked to iCloud. This is done in paragraph “iCloud” smartphone settings. You can also check the device on the activationlock page of the website, for this you need the IMEI number located in paragraph “The main”. “About this device” phone settings.

All described instructions are also valid for iPad (you should pay attention only to the iOS version).

The second important class of devices for which sometimes you have to recover passwords. Apple desktop computers. Macbook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, that is, all devices running OS X. How to act if you lose your password in this case, you can learn from our instructions on how to reset your password for iMac.

To diagnose or repair your iPhone, we recommend that you contact only a trusted iMac, iPhone or MacBook service center.

If you have any questions, our specialists are always ready to advise you by phone, e-mail or online chat on the pages of our website.

Remove iCloud LOST Lock: Provider Secrets

There are quite a few situations when it becomes necessary to remove the iCloud lock from the iPhone and switch the device to FMI: OFF status. You can forget your username, lose your documents or let your child play without supervision, which will eventually lead to one iPhone being blocked. If the purchase receipt has long been lost, there is only one way out. Use paid services to remove blocking. And we have been successfully providing such services for many years.

But it is not uncommon for a device to be stolen and erased and put into FMI: LOST mode by the owner. How ethical it is to unlock such devices and how these methods work will be discussed in our article.

Imei- server has changed its policy to provide iCloud lock removal services. We have refused on principle to work with providers that may not be completely legal or assist someone in fraud. And now we will talk about how not to be deceived and not lose control of your device.

Let’s look at two main cases:

  1. Your iPhone is stolen.
  2. Your iPhone is still in your hands, but it is blocked by third parties.

First case. Iphone physically stolen.

If your iPhone has been stolen, then the first thing that usually comes to mind is to turn on Lost Mode, as well as leave a message for the one who gets / buys your device. In more than 60% of cases, they try to implement your iPhone as soon as possible, the sooner the better. The fraudster will try to sell it before you have time to turn on the lost mode, or will look for a victim on any trading platform, swearing that this is his phone, but he forgot / lost the box and he urgently leaves and he needs money for a ticket 🙂 Or any other story that would be perceived very positively by the victim. At such an exclusive price, many tend to believe what they are told. But as it always happens in such cases, soon the lucky one makes an update, sees someone else’s iCloud and slowly begins to realize what is happening: the successful seller does not get in touch, and he has someone else’s phone in his hands, for which money was paid.This is one of the many stories that are shared our clients. The victim usually sees for himself only 2 options to try to remove the lock, or sell the iPhone for spare parts, thus returning at least part of the money paid (they usually do not even mention about returning the phone to the first owner).

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For the rightful owner, there is not much chance of getting their device back.

But if you are patient enough and really want to return your iPhone, the most correct step, however strange it may sound. Do not turn on Lost Mode! The only thing to do. This will appeal to law enforcement agencies with a statement of theft and wait for the result. Surprised by this advice? Let’s explain why.

First, they really CAN find your iPhone, and there are many such cases.!

But for this, the device must be in working order. Simply put. It should be used. Also, you should have a box and a purchase receipt as proof that the device is really yours. A stolen iPhone can be found by a unique IMEI number, which is always indicated on the box (there are no two identical IMEIs in the whole world).

Secondly, law enforcement agencies have agreements on cooperation with major large mobile operators, mainly with those that have their own cell towers (there may be no agreements with small virtual operators). After you write a statement about the loss of iPhone, based on this statement, your IMEI will be transferred for monitoring to all operators with whom you have established cooperation. If the new owner installs a SIM card from any of these operators, then your iPhone will be detected by IMEI with an accuracy of one meter. As a result, the new owner will be taken for interrogation, and the device will be confiscated and handed over to you.

Such a search may take several months or more, and it does not matter how many owners the device will have along the way, and how much money each of them paid for it, these problems will be the problems of the buyer of the dubious device, not yours.

That is, in order to return an iPhone, it must be in working order so that you can insert a SIM card into it and use it. Plus, the new owner “pure” iPhone probably doesn’t even suggest it is using a stolen device. This fact will ultimately play into your hands and help restore justice.

And what do they do in such cases most often? In desperation, many turn on the iCloud lock and put the device in Lost Mode, forcing the device to be returned for spare parts. Locking the device to LOST mode will not allow using your phone, as a result, with a high probability, you will not be able to return this iPhone / iPad, which will befall “spare parts donor”.

But if you have already come to terms with the loss and the only thing you want. So that no one gets the device and no one can see your personal data on the phone, then turn on Lost Mode correctly. Unknowingly, many make gross mistakes, thereby helping to untie their iPhone from iCloud. It is categorically impossible to leave a message with a phone number or email to contact you, this is a big critical mistake and half of the success for those who will work on disabling FMI on your device. If you want to securely lock iCloud, you can do the following:

  1. Put the iPhone / iPad in the LOST status, but do not leave any phones or e-mail for communication.
  2. Call your cellular operator and report the theft of the device. If you have a receipt for the device, the operator will add it to the black list and this phone will no longer be able to work in the network of this operator. Remove the lock from a device that is simultaneously blacklisted by both Apple and the operator. Extremely problematic.

Second case. Iphone is in stock but has someone else’s account.

Many will be surprised that the worst thing most people think is to lose the device in the literal sense of the word. Nevertheless, there are a lot of situations when the phone remains in your hands, but is locked to someone else’s account. Those who like to use open WIFI networks in cafes or at hotels on vacation can find themselves in such a situation. We will not describe exactly how they act when accessing your phone, but it is worth focusing on the fact that those who do not have an Apple ID prompt are at risk first. If you have not created an account on your phone, then you are at risk. Even if you have an account, fraudsters can try to get your data, to deceive you with the necessary information in any way. It can be a fake page where you enter your data yourself, or by hacking your mail, but the result will be as follows, a request will appear on your screen to pay the specified amount to unlock your phone.

Repeatedly we were approached by clients who found themselves in a similar situation, their phone was in the lost mode, which was turned on by the fraudster, the screen could have a phone number or account for payment, or the mail address of the blackmailer.

Let’s say right away that not a single unlock site can help in solving such a problem. For the one who gained access to your device knows perfectly well what can and cannot be done in order to stay in their own interests. If for you this is a matter of principle, the advice is the same, contact the law enforcement agencies and act with their help, or seek consensus with your abuser, who left contacts to communicate with him.

And now let’s touch on the methods of work of those who remove the blocking from phones in LOST mode and answer the following questions: what providers are silent about, why we strongly did not recommend leaving your contact information and how not to become a victim of scammers.

In the unlocker environment, there are two different directions, ways of removing a lock from a device in LOST mode. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

1. The most popular and relatively cheapest method requires you to know the phone number or email address of the current owner. With this information, the provider runs a special script that sends a message to the rightful owner on behalf of Apple support. The kind of message that will be sent to you will be identical to those that can be sent by Apple. The message usually does not raise the slightest suspicion. You don’t lose your phones every day. How do you know, maybe this is how the advanced company Apple informs its customers that the phone has been found. Why else would it be necessary to include this search at all. Obviously, with such thoughts, the former owners are greeted with a joyful letter stating that “Your iPhone has been found”. And now, to confirm that it is yours or to apply for receipt (or any other reason), you will be asked to enter your username and password for your account. Usually, the victim does not notice that following the link, she enters her data on a fake page. The page may give an error, you can start entering the data again and until you realize that this is a setup, having received your data, they manage to remove the lock. Do not think that you are sufficiently aware of everything and that no one will deceive you. Time does not stand still. Become smarter not only you, but also those who are trying to deceive you. In some cases, the modern script methodology is such that you do not need to enter data, you just need to open the letter you received, or click on the link (without even entering your username or password). For new devices, for which there is correct owner data, the productivity of some scripts is more than 80%. Do not leave your contact details. Means to save yourself from the risk of receiving such a message.

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2. The second, more expensive and complex method is called phishing. The method of work there is completely different. Having the phone itself (or high-quality photographs of your phone), the alleged owner begins to “storm” official Apple support, telling heartbreaking stories that this is his phone, that it was blocked by scammers and required to be unlocked. It is difficult to say what arguments ultimately lead to a positive result. It is possible that for this device, fake documents can be sent to support, or one of the Apple employees is involved in this scheme, but such services exist. They are available in the price range of 200 and with a probability of about 90%.

Method 2. How to fix black screen on iPhone using iTunes

When a restart does not help, the option remains with resetting the smartphone to factory settings. In this case, you can choose any version, preferably the latest, personal data is restored from a backup copy, but all subsequent content may be lost. Traditionally, this is done using iTunes and rebooting the device itself.

Step 1. Launch iTunes application on your computer. Connect smartphone to computer via USB cable.

Step 2. If the device is displayed on the computer, you can make a current backup to keep the latest additions: Settings Overview Create a copy now. When finished, check that the date and time of the last copy was saved correctly.

Revert Iphone Lock

To reset to factory settings, click here the Restore [device] button (marked in red). When prompted to confirm, click Restore again. Next, the program reinstalls the latest version of iOS, the device automatically restarts. Now you can configure it as new and return the saved data with the Restore from copy button.

Step 4. If the device is not displayed, restart the iPhone depending on its model (see the previous paragraph) and continue to hold the buttons until the recovery mode is activated and the image appears:

Next, a message should appear on the computer:

Select Refresh. In this case, an attempt is made to reinstall the iOS OS without deleting personal data. Do not interfere with the program, the download will take less than 15 minutes, otherwise the device will automatically end in error mode. Then you should repeat points 2 and 4, or refer to special applications such as Tenorshare ReiBoot.

Black screen on iPhone 11 but it works, what to do ?

One of the most frequently asked questions My iPhone works, even rings, but it has a black screen. What to do? This often happens when the device is dropped. In the simplest cases, you just need to reboot your smartphone. But sometimes this happens even with a careful attitude to the device, and standard advice does not always help. The root of the issue could be a beta update or a conflict between third-party applications. This means that you need expert advice, but keep in mind that there is no single one hundred percent solution, options are possible. So

Method 1. Fix black screen through iPhone hard reset

Better to start with the simplest option. The procedure is common for all smartphones, the only difference is in the combination of buttons, depending on the model:

On iPhone models 5 and 6 and their versions, a long press of two buttons at the same time: Power (On / Off) and Home (Home) is required for about 10 seconds before the logo (apple) appears.

On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the same action, but with the Power (On / Off) and Volume Down (Volume Down) buttons.

On versions 8/8 Plus, quickly press and release in sequence Volume Up and Volume Down, then hold Power / Sleep until the Apple logo.

On 11 / XS / X versions, press and hold the volume up or down button and the side button until the Disable slider appears.

If these steps did not help, then go to the next point.

The iPhone has gone blank, but it works what to do

Method 3. Fix black screen on iPhone using Tenorshare ReiBoot

A very high quality application that works with any Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) in operating systems from iOS 7 and including iOS 12. The application is available in two versions: Tenorshare ReiBoot and Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best free software that allows you to solve the most common problems such as stuck iTunes (Enter Recovery Mode) and get your iOS device back (Exit Recovery Mode). These operations are performed literally in one click with saving personal data and without asking for a password. Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro additionally solves the problem of black (blue, frozen, etc.) screen and freezing on the logo, reset and unlock, and more than 50 more crisis cases that even iTunes cannot handle. This is done without the need to know the password by conveniently downloading and installing the selected package of the latest version of the factory firmware (Fix Operating System mode). Unfortunately, in some critical cases, the latest data may be lost. So, to eliminate the black screen:

Step 1. You need to download and install the latest version of the program on your computer. Launch the program and connect iPhone to computer using USB cable.

Step 2. After recognizing the device, click the Fix operating system button (Solve All iOS Freezes).

Step 3. In this mode, click Recovery deep. Please note that in this function, which is only used in difficult situations, data saving is not possible.

Step 4. Click Start. In the case when the iPhone is not automatically recognized, the program may ask you to restart the gadget according to the instructions, depending on the type of device.

Step 5. After recognizing the device, you will be prompted to select the firmware version (by default, the latest available on the official Apple website), as well as the location to temporarily save the package. You can specify the version already available on this computer. After selection, click Download.

Step 6. Download will take some time, then use Fix it now.

Step 7. After reinstalling the gadget, click Finish and exit the application.

Your iPhone is now ready to go. If you have a backup, you can return the content saved in it.

Bottom line: If the smartphone is restored, please note that the simultaneous operation of the following two functions can lead to just the black screen effect:

Turning on the display when the gadget is picked up:

Settings Screen and brightness Raise to activate;

Turning on the display after pressing your finger:

Settings General Accessibility Home Swipe to open.

Choose one option for yourself and perhaps avoid repeating the problem.

If the Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro program did not help you, then it remains to advise you to contact the nearest Apple service center. Since it is impossible to solve the problem of a black screen using software methods, that is, the likelihood of a malfunction of the hardware of the smartphone.