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TOP 5 ways to restore WhatsApp correspondence Android

Communication using the Internet is very popular today. you can easily send a message or make a video call to the person who is on the other end of the globe using the WhatsApp messenger. One of the advantages of WhatsApp is the absence of a use fee, you can share files for free, conduct correspondence and much more. Is it possible to restore WhatsApp correspondence if you deleted it? Definitely, yes. Do not worry about the lost correspondence in WhatsApp on Android. Check out this article and you will learn 5 effective ways that will help you restore android correspondence.

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Let’s start with the simplest way for which we do not need to use programs. During the dialogue, you can accidentally delete the message. this is quite often happening and this is a solution. Your correspondence is saved not only with you, but also your interlocutor. Therefore, you can ask him to redirect the messages that you deleted.

To restore WhatsApp correspondence, you need to do the following:

  • Click and hold for a long time the message that needs to be sent.
  • Then the messages will stand out, and you can send them using the arrow, which is at the very top.

Click on this arrow and select the interlocutor who needs to send messages.

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Ready. We restored messages very quickly and simply, without using additional programs. This method can be applied if your interlocutor has survived your correspondence.

Restore the correspondence in WhatsApp from Google disk

The service that Google Disk offers is very popular among gadget users. You can store data for free, create and edit documents. In addition, using Google, you can create backup copies. If you have not done this yet, then turn on this function: press other options for settings of chats reserve copy of chats backup on Google disk

To restore WhatsApp Android correspondence, you need to take these steps:

  • Delete the WhatsApp application if it is installed on your device.
  • Then download it on Google Play and install on Android.
  • Click “accept and continue” to accept the conditions for the provision of services.
  • Next, you will need to enter the phone number. You need to enter the phone number that you used earlier.

Then you will receive an SMS of 6 digits. Enter a combination in the field.

Disconnecting the function of hiding applications

Some smartphones have a function that allows you to hide the shortcuts of some applications. For example, so that someone who saw the screen of your phone does not see an application there that it is undesirable for him to see.

On the latest Xiaomi models, such a function is definitely. Check if you have it for Watsap. Maybe you accidentally hid the messenger.

  • Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone. this is the gear icon on the desktop.
  • In the search line at the top, type “Hide” and select the “Littlement of Appendices” section.
  • Find WhatsApp. you can use the search line again.
  • If the toggle switch is in the “inclusive” position. Click on it once to turn off.

This is also not your case? Maybe the next instruction will help you?

Reloading a smartphone

Sometimes different system errors arise, the causes of which are not available to a simple user. It even happens that for some reason the Vatsap icon appears and disappears. Some of these problems are often eliminated by a simple reloading of the device. Do it!

  • Unlock the device screen. Click on the side button on the smartphone case and hold it until the menu appears on the screen. Click “Reloading”.

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  • If the WhatsApp icon is missing on the iPhone, press and hold the volume or decrease button and the side button. Move the slider that appears on the screen. After turning off the device, press and hold the single side button. the iPhone will turn on.

After rebooting, check if the WhatsApp label returned to the desktop. If not, read what else can be done if the WhatsApp icon on Android or on iPhone disappears.

WhatsApp Web via observers

To communicate in WhatsApp, browser plugins were invented. They differ in small size, do not clutter up RAM, do not require a large amount of free disc space. They tune in the same way as WhatsApp Web or a WhatsApp program for a computer. there is no difference.

The plugins are written for all modern observers, especially since most of them are built on a single engine. How to download, install and configure a browser. is told in detailed instructions below.

Use through Yandex Browser

For Yandex.A separate plugin is written by the browser, the installation of which is carried out in a couple of clicks with a mouse. The label of the installed plugin is placed on the side panel on the right side. They launched a browser in the morning, clicked on the label and started communication. that’s the whole instructions for launching. But first you need to set up.

Installation of the plugin in Yandex.The browser is as follows:

  • Go to the official website WhatsApp.
  • Go to the “WhatsApp Web” section.
  • The “Install the application” button will appear on the right side of the browser line. click on it.
  • The WhatsApp shortcut and two checkmarks will appear on the left panel. “Automobile application of the application” and “fasten on the taskbar”. Make a decision on installing checkmarks. they will provide automatic launch at the start of Windows and fix the label of the messenger on the system panel (where the running programs hang).
  • Pill your author with a QR code.

Installation and configuration completed. proceed to communicate in WhatsApp web on a computer without downloading.

Plugin for Opera

Opera browser admirers were more fortunate than others. the perfect client WhatsApp is built here. It is not necessary to install it, it is already, it only needs the initial setting, like other plugins.

The advantages of the full.wing plugin of WhatsApp in the Opera browser:

  • Works in the background without unnecessary windows.
  • Does not require a separate tab.
  • Indicates the presence of unread messages.
  • Starts with the observer.
  • Called in a separate window with one click on the label.

In addition, there are customers for Telegram and Messenger. instructions for launching the client WhatsApp in Opera:

  • Download and install the browser from the official Opera website.
  • Find a messenger label on the left panel, click on it with a mouse.
  • A QR code will appear-scan it with an application from a smartphone according to the first instructions from the article.

Ready. the plugin is configured. If necessary, the window with dialogs can be closed, the messenger will work in the background. As soon as the message arrives, a red light will light up on the label. You can also allow receiving notifications in the browser.

The next time the messenger will start automatically, together with the browser. Repeated authorization is required only if the user independently interrupts the communication session.

How to use on Mozilla Firefox?

A convenient Web Messenger for WhatsApp is written for the browser. The file volume is only 228 KB, it does not load Firefox, does not require a powerful computer. Installation is carried out from the official application store Firefox Browser Add-INS.

Instructions for the installation and tuning of the plugin:

  • Run the browser and go to the store with additions.
  • Enter the name of the observer in the search bar.
  • Find the Web Messenger for WhatsApp plugin and install it.
  • Run the installed plugin by clicking on its icon.
  • Log in using the first instructions from the article.

Similarly, you can try to install any other suitable plugin.

WhatsApp through the Google Chrome browser

A huge expansion store has been created for the Google Chrome browser. There are thousands of them here. for any needs, including whatsApp messenger. Some of them allow you to communicate at once in several messengers as part of a single window.

As an example, consider the plugin “Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp”.

  • Launch the installed Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to the Additions online store.
  • Enter the name of the messenger in the search line.
  • Find the Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp plugin list, click “Install”.
  • Run the installed plugin by clicking on its icon.
  • Log in photographing a QR code on the screen with a mobile application.

Ready. you can proceed to the exchange of messages.

How to remove WhatsApp label from desktop

You can set the WhatsApp link to your phone’s desktop in seconds. If the icon is no longer needed, it can be quickly removed, following the instructions:

  • Find the icon on the desktop of your smartphone.
  • Click for 2-3 seconds.
  • The basket / removal button will appear at the top or below the display.
  • Drain the link to the removal area.
  • If necessary, confirm the action.

The conversation in WhatsApp is not deleted. The icon will disappear only from the mobile phone screen. You can view it again through the messenger menu.

Copy and restore WhatsApp on iPhone

Now let’s find out how to restore WhatsApp on the iPhone phone. As you already know, there the data reserve is created in the ICLOUD storage. To do this, do this:

Here you can configure the automatic creation of a reserve. We talked in detail about transferring chats from iPhone to iPhone here.

When ICloud is ready, you can restore WhatsApp on the phone after removing. Remove the application on the old iPhone. And download the messenger from the App Store to install on a new phone.

Then the standard procedure for authorizing and confirming the number. The messenger will ask if you are going to restore the remote WotSAP. You just have to agree and wait until the backup is loading.

Difficulties and problems

Sometimes, when recovering, failures may occur and an incorrect action will occur, which will not allow the restoration in full. Let’s look at a few reasons:

  • Internet. If the connection is unstable and constantly interrupted, then you must connect to Wi-Fi to avoid difficulties.
  • Memory. Check if your storage is filled and there is a place to install past data. This is important because some fragments can not recover.
  • Authorization in Google disk or ICLOUD DRIVE. Since the backup is saved on cloud data, it is necessary to authorize in these services. Otherwise, there will be no data where it will get.

After that, you can say that you have successfully coped with the operation “Restore my WhatsApp”. All your data is safely transferred to a new phone. See further how the installation on the computer occurs.

Frequently asked Questions

How to install WhatsApp after removal?

How to restore remote WhatsApp? If you just want to restore the WhatsApp application on your phone, then there is nothing easier. It is enough just to go to the application store for your operating system. Google Play for Android or AppStore for iPhone. and download it again.

Why does I do not work WhatsApp?

If WhatsApp does not work on your phone, try cleaning the cache and Google Play Market data: Open your device settings, then click the Google Play Application Applications Storage Clean Classes.

Why whatsApp does not restore chats?

If WhatsApp does not detect backups, the reason for this may be as follows: you have not completed the entrance to the desired Google account. You do not use the phone number that was used to create backup copies. Your SD card or chat history is damaged.

How to return the WhatsApp icon to the main screen of the phone if you accidentally deleted

After installation, access to the application automatically appears on the desktop. After clicking on this shortcut, we get access to the contacts with which we can exchange messages.

If you delete the Watsap icon from the home screen, you do not need to reinstall the program, because, like on a desktop computer, only a label will disappear. You can return it by restarting the phone by holding the closed or power key pressed.

If the restart did not help, you can restore it through the settings menu. The process does not take much time and is similar to almost all brands of phones. You can read more about this on

If you are sure that Watsap was not completely deleted and the chat messages are displayed on the top panel and / or notifications, you can easily restore the icon (if you remove the icon from the desktop on some models, you can accidentally delete the application itself). In the list of all installed applications, find the WhatsApp icon, touch it and hold it for a few seconds, then drag it to the desktop.

If both options do not work for you, you need to clean the phone cache. The method is quite radical and possible not on all types of gadgets, but with its help you can solve complex problems. For example, when WhatsApp freezes.

When the power is turned off, hold the power buttons and volume buttons until the name of the operating system appears. In the opening menu of the smartphone recovery using increased / decrease the volume, select the Kesha section. Before clicking, make sure that you do not dump to factory settings, since sometimes the aforementioned functions can be combined. If there is no reset to the factory settings, start cleaning the cache, then reboot the phone.

There is another way that is more suitable for Samsung phones and allows you to display the icon on the lock screen. After the opening of the “home” screen, you need to go to the settings, and then to the “lock screen” and “shortcuts”. After clicking “Chaton” you need to choose an icon of interest to you from the list of applications. Wastasp will appear on the lock screen instead of “Chaton”.

How to add a chat icon to the smartphone screen

With a large number of conversations, you can often skip some messages in a continuous stream. To simplify navigation and quick access to important contacts, you can display the most important chats on the main screen of the phone as follows:

  • Open the WhatsApp application;
  • Select the chat that you need to be assigned;
  • Select the chat by pressing the button for 2-3 seconds;
  • At the top in the selected row, select the menu (three vertical points);
  • In the menu, select “Add to the desktop”;
  • In the window that opens, click the “Add icon” tab.

After that, the chat icon will appear on your desktop. By clicking on it, you will get right into the chat window without going into WhatsApp. There are no restrictions on the number of repetitions of this procedure. However, this function is available only for Android phones. If you cannot fix this, you need to take a picture of the screen in WhatsApp and send it in the commentary. We will try to help.

If you find WhatsApp and failed

Often users who could not find the Watsap icon on the worker became completely deleted by the application. But there is no need for repeated installation. If the icon is gone, then the first user action is the reloading of the device. You need to clamp the power button or select the option in the smartphone menu.

Often the presence of problems is explained by a reduction in memory. If the resources are “clogged”, then “glitches” are observed in the work of systemic and non.systemic applications.

The user needs to clean the cache, temporary memory. But before that, make sure that the phone will not return to the factory settings.


If the WhatsApp icon is gone on Android, then it is necessary to do as follows:

The identical algorithm is also developed for cases if the chat is lost. The user enters the menu and selects the settings (three points vertically). Then he presses the “adding chat icon to the desktop (or working screen)”. If you make a folder separately for important dialogs, then the navigation process will become easier.


On the iPhone, the icon of Watsap may also be an abyss. Reloading is performed from the desktop. First, the user of the apple gadget presss the power buttons and home at the same time. Keep a few seconds before the start of the device forcuting the device. Turning on is by pressing the “Food” button.

Emergency reboot solves small flaws in the system. If the icon did not appear, then you need to squeeze the label in the messenger until it starts to move around the display freely. Then the user drags the Watsap icon on the desktop screen.

Worry about the fact that WhatsApp is not worth it. The deallation is unlikely to occur, so the data in reliability. First you need to look at the Watsap icon in the menu of the installed applications. If he is there, then they just drag it to the desktop. If not, forced rebooting will help, cleaning the cache. It is necessary to check the smartphone or iPhone for the presence of viruses, as they also cause systemic failures in the WhatsApp operating application. In extreme cases, you can reinstall WhatsApp, but the data will be lost.

Reload the iPhone, iPad and iPod device

Sometimes the icon temporarily disappeared, while through rebooting you can return it from the desktop. Click the power buttons home at the same time, and hold the two blockers while the iPhone screen goes out. And then click on the power to restart.

This method only corrects minor errors in the system, does not fully get these problems. If this option does not work, then try forced reloading.

Restore factory settings

After updating to iOS 11/12, they noticed that not only the WhatsApp icon disappeared, but also another application slows down or works non.melting, then you should restore the iPhone before factory settings. Before this, do not forget to create a backup through iCloud or iTunes to restore lost applications after updating.

I hope that one choice of the above methods can solve the gap “After the update, the WhatsApp icon on the iPhone disappeared”.

In addition, if you want to manage data between PC and iPhone, throw photos/videos/music from a computer on the iPhone (C iPhone to a computer), you can also use icarefone.

Repeated installation of WhatsApp

Regardless of what caused the disappearance of the WhatsApp icon. failure, error, user’s inaccurate actions, you can restore the application without problems. You should not exclude the option when when cleaning the phone, the application was accidentally erased. All that is required to re.install it through Play Market.

If we are talking about mobile phones of the Chinese brand “Huawei”, then their owners can use the branded application “Appgallery” to return the WhatsApp application to the screen. What will be done for this:

  • In the search line, a request is required in the form of the name of the application;
  • After the system issues the result of the request, select the desired;
  • wait for the completion of the process;
  • Find the label of the messenger on the screen and start it in the usual way.

Sometimes, there is no need to re.install WhatsApp. If his icon has disappeared, you can try to return it through the reloading of the phone. All that is required is to squeeze the inclusion/off button of the gadget.

In some cases, the problem can be caused by the device clogged with memory, as a result of which its work will inhibit the operation of individual applications and the operating system as a whole.

How to add a chat icon to the main screen

If the user has many conversations, he can skip some messages due to their large flow. In order for navigation to become more convenient and access to the right chats becomes quick, important conversations should be brought to the main screen of the smartphone. This can be done in the following way:

  • Open the application;
  • choose a chat that you need to fix;
  • highlight it after 2-3 seconds;
  • In the new line that appears, select a menu in the form of three vertical points;
  • stop at a item that allows you to add a shortcut to the working screen;
  • In the new window, click on the “Add ICK” tab “.

The desired icon will be displayed on the desktop. When pressing it, the user will immediately get into the correspondence window, without turning to the application itself. Repeat these actions can be an unlimited number of times. The function is available only to Android devices.

If the WhatsApp icon has disappeared on the phone, do not panic. Perhaps you just should look for the desired shortcut in the menu of installed applications. If he ended up there, move him to the desktop.

If this action has not helped, you should clean the cache and try to install the program again by downloading the file in the Play Market, AppStore or Appgallery.