Restored iPhone does not see the network

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Damage or failure of the SIM card

In the process of independent decision of a problem with network search, it is necessary to pay attention to SIM-card. Often it can be damaged when cutting, can fail due to moisture or other reasons. Take out SIM-card with a key, which is in a box under the phone, put SIM-card back. Switching on and off the “in-plane” mode several times.

How to distinguish a new iPhone from a refurbished

If you buy your iPhone from an authorized reseller or a major chain, you can be sure that instead of a brand new iPhone the box will not contain a refurbished gadget. But buying a smartphone from hand or little-known store, there is no such warranty. How not to get caught on the hook of sellers-fraudsters, we tell you below.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the box. Packages of remanufactured iPhones are different in that they have no picture or engraving of the smartphone. They’re just white, with the model name in the center and “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” on the bottom.

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Second, look at the model number of the iPhone on the back of the box. The first letter indicates the state of the phone: M for new, F for refurbished. There should be an acronym RFB between the model number and the name of the remastered device.

You can also check the model number through “Settings”: go to the menu “Basic” → “About this device” and look at the information in the line “Model”.

It is also recommended to check the serial number through iTunes and compare it to the one on the box.

Is it worth buying a refurbished iPhone

An officially refurbished (manufacturer refurbished) iPhone is worth buying if you have a limited budget. There are virtually no differences with a new device, and for the money saved you can buy accessories. We can not recommend to buy a seller refurbished iPhone, because Apple is not responsible for their quality. If you decide to buy such a smartphone, choose a trusted seller.

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How to check the tethering of iPhone to the operator

There are two types of iPhones: neverlock and contract. The former works with any SIM-card, the latter is tied to a particular operator and can only be used with it.

With the help of special SIM cards, it is possible to unlock a contract iPhone. Because of the difficulty and instability, these phones are much cheaper. Unless you have the goal of saving money on your purchase, these kinds of iPhones are best avoided. And to verify that you are really in front of a neverlock, you can do it this way:

  • Remove the SIM card tray with your own hands and make sure there are no foreign objects in it.
  • Install your SIM card and make sure that the phone finds and connects to the cellular network immediately.
  • Make a test call to someone you know.
  • To be sure open “Settings” → “Main” → “About this device” and make sure the “Operator” line is the name of your operator.

If everything is okay, you can move on to the next step.

How to distinguish a new iPhone from a refurbished one by its model number

Open Settings. Basic. About this device.

Pay attention to the Model line.

This item will show your model number, the first letter is responsible for the “status” of the device:

M. new device for retail sale F. refurbished (Refurbished) iPhone N. smartphone was changed under the program of service warranty replacement (replaced iPhone) P. personalized iPhone (engraved)

In addition, the same number contains the country for which this iPhone is intended. Look at the last two letters:

RU. the device has Rostest status and has a two-year warranty in Russia

LL. American device which has only a guarantee from Apple (some Russian service centers may refuse to service)

And of course do not forget about the appearance of the box. What are the boxes from iPhone, we have already told in a separate article.


How to fix an error for MTS operator on your iPhone?

  • Go to and press the button “Reset”. Then re-enter the cellular network data for MTS:
  • APN:
  • Username: mts
  • Password: mts
  • Via dialing. Call 0500 for automatic Internet settings.
  • Via sending SMS. Send an SMS with the text 1 to number 5049.
  • Go to and press the button “Reset.”. Then re-enter cellular network data for Megafon
  • APN: internet
  • Username: gdata
  • Password: gdata

No network after firmware, iOS update, factory reset

Sometimes it happens that after repairing the device, upgrading the operating system, reflashing it or resetting it to factory settings iPhone loses network, and the operator’s logo is not shown on the display. Instead you may see “Searching” or “No Network” on the screen. This is especially common with iPhone models 7 and 8, and earlier models. 4, 5 и 6. First of all, in such cases, you should make sure that the SIM card is working properly. You just need to install it in any other phone.

If the SIM card is working, but the problem remains, you should pay attention to the correctness of the time display on the device. If current date and time are displayed incorrectly, which often happens after repair of smartphone in the service center, as well as after independent flashing or updating, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi;
  • Go to “Settings” menu;
  • In the submenu “Main” find “Date and time”;
  • move the slider “Automatic” to the active state;
  • if this item is active by default. deactivate and reactivate the slider;
  • restart your smartphone.

Remember that the phone in this case must be connected to Wi-Fi network, otherwise there will be no change of the cellular network.

If you don’t have an access point nearby, you can create a Wi-Fi connection with a second iPhone that has access to mobile Internet. This can be done as follows:

  • enter the “Settings” menu and go to the “Cellular” menu;
  • click on the item “Cellular data network“;
  • go to “Modem Mode”;
  • In the APN field, enter the network ID, which you can find out from the technical support of your operator;
  • The fields “Username” and “Password” do not have to be filled in;
  • Go back to the “Cellular” submenu and switch the “Modem Mode” slider to the active state.

After these manipulations the gadget will start to “distribute” the Internet.

How to distinguish a new iPhone from a refurbished one (CPO, RFB)

for Apple equipment in general do not want to fall, so in demand began to enjoy these devices, which are called “refurbished” (refurbished), aka Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). We decided to find out how these smartphones differ from the new iPhones, how not to get caught in a fake and whether you should consider buying them at all.

What is CPO on the iPhone?

If we refer to the deciphering of this new acronym, it means Certified Pre-owned. In general, these are smartphones that have been used.

Apple has had this practice for quite some time where they refurbish iPhones and then put them up for sale.

If you briefly describe the process, it looks something like this:

  • The customer gets a new iPhone and when they find a problem, they return it to Apple;
  • Apple usually does not return refurbished devices, but simply exchanges them for a new device;
  • gadgets with malfunctions go back to production and are brought to a new state, replacing everything that is necessary;
  • then packed in a standard box and complete with all the necessary accessories;
  • next we get a smartphone that’s already been used, but it’s like new.

If you go through all the sites, you can also find such titles as “refurbished iPhone”, “like new”, “ref”, “refurbished”. Now we got “CPO” and it’s exactly the same.