Reset Xiaomi Redmi 3 To Factory Settings Using Hard Reset

Reset Xiaomi Redmi 3 To Factory Settings Using Hard Reset

All users know that the smartphone’s uptime is limited, since any device on the Android software platform slows down after a while. Such signs are quite natural, as gadget manufacturers are constantly updating the lineup for the end customer. But since owners get used to their devices or they are happy with them, not everyone wants to switch to a new model after a year or two. To improve the quality of Xiaomi Redmi 3 and extend the operation, experienced users are often advised to reset to factory settings, which may also be called Hard Reset.

The procedure allows you to eliminate many software errors, delete unnecessary data and application cache, which gradually accumulate, as well as restore damaged Android components. In addition, a full recovery is performed for cases when it is necessary to install a new operating system so that it is not used on top of the old one and no problems of any kind arise, as well as when selling the device. Therefore, further operation will be carried out on the popular representative of the Redmi line.

Easy way

On the proposed model, the Hard Reset procedure is very easy:

  • Go to phone settings;
  • Select the “Recovery and Reset” section;
  • Perform the deletion of personal data with subsequent reset;
  • Restart your device.

The smartphone system returns to its original state, which allows you to install new software, sell the device or continue its operation without changes. As a result, a significant increase in performance is noted in comparison with past results.

Via Recovery Mode

The next option is effective for situations when the smartphone is running a Snapdragon processor and has an unlocked bootloader. In addition, the method remains relevant for almost all Xiaomi devices, in addition to Redmi 3, for this:

  1. Turn off the device completely and remove microSD and SIM-card to protect personal information and prevent its damage;
  2. Next, hold down the power key until you feel a vibration signal, and then hold down the top sound control button for 10 seconds;
  3. By displaying the inscription Xiaomi, continue to hold only the increase in volume;
  4. In the section that opens, find and click on the option with the English language, while confirming the action occurs using the power key;
  5. Before you, the main menu is activated, in which you should click “Wipe Reset “and then” Yes “;
  6. Wait until the deletion of your personal settings is completed. Restart the machine.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3. Reset via other Recovery

If your gadget uses a third-party operating system, then the previous method of restoring to the factory state is not relevant. Since most of these firmwares use a different version of the basic recovery menu, accordingly, the standard version may not work.

As a rule, resetting via a third-party recovery menu occurs with a similar sequence of actions:

  1. Disconnect the gadget, and then remove the SIM card and microSD from the case;
  2. Switch to recovery mode by holding the power keys and volume up at a time;
  3. Use the component in the Wipe all user data menu. You should not choose a language, since in most cases English is used by default;
  4. Having activated the deletion process, confirm the actions using the “Yes” command;
  5. At the end of the cleaning, select one of the displayed options. “Wipe Dalvic” or “Wipe Cash”. If both teams are present. click on each one sequentially;
  6. Wait until the end of all necessary procedures. Further, it only requires a restart using the “Reboot System Now” item, after which the system will return to the factory settings.