Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 5

Reset Samsung Galaxy Tab 5

While using any gadget “clogged” and even surface cleaning the phone does not give any results. And at such moments there is no other option but to make a hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 or how it is otherwise called in the Russian-speaking space. factory reset. This will completely delete all information and reinstall the software.

And you will have a completely empty phone in your hands, as if you had just arrived to you from the manufacturer. Therefore, it is worth worrying in advance about the safety of the data that is dear to you, which are located on the internal memory of the device. The built-in memory card will remain untouched, you can transfer contacts to it and more, the SIM card will remain untouched.
With regard to security, you can use the storage located on the Internet, their use is free, accessible to everyone. They are rational to use, not only if you need to reset the gadget data, but also with daily use. Technology can fail at any time and “to get” what is stored on the internal memory of a smart can become a costly task or completely impossible.

There are two ways to resuscitate the Samsung Galaxy A5.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. method 1

The first option involves 5 steps, which will be discussed below:
– in the menu of your smart you need to find and go to the directory “Settings”;
– this is where the element is located “Backup, reset”to be activated;
– Next, pay attention to the line “Reset All Data”;
– “Device reset” click next;
– last step to complete this action “delete everything”.

After carrying out all the above actions, you will have a device in your hands that requires your close attention, because smart is like being born again, you will have to configure it “from scratch”but isn’t that what you achieved? The speed of response to requests is surprising, no freezes, braking and other inconveniences.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5. method 2

The second method may show a little more complicated, but in any case it should be described in stages. Perhaps this is how you will be able to bring your phone back to life. It will suit you if you forgot the Galaxy A5 graphic key or password, and also if your smartphone cannot boot.
– First you need to connect the phone to the charger, charge and disconnect as much as possible not only from charging, but also turn it off completely;
– then you will need to hold several buttons at once, namely: “volume plus”, “House” (located in the center on the front of the smart), as well as a button “Turning on”;

Resetting the Samsung Galaxy A5, of course, is an extremely effective method for cleaning your smartphone and returning it to a full life. But using this method too often is not recommended. You should pay attention to the signs that your device gives you. Their “glitches” and “braking” it lets you know that somewhere there are problems that need to be fixed. Licensed software and high-quality antivirus software can protect your smart and you will not need a reset.