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Operation hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F will be necessary for you if:

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 started to slow down and freeze;
  • If you forgot your google account password on Galaxy A5 2017;
  • Galaxy A5 2017 writes “Too many pattern entry attempts”;
  • If a Galaxy A5 2017 user has forgotten the pattern;
  • If you need to return the Galaxy A5 2017 to factory settings;
  • If you just want to clean your Galaxy A5 2017 smartphone.

Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F will perform a factory reset, all user files and settings will be deleted. Therefore, before the procedure for hard resetting a Samsung smartphone, save the data you need (contacts, photos, music).
All applications previously installed by the user will also be removed. To save information, you can use Titanium Backup, here is information about the possibility of data recovery after hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.

Galaxy A5 2017 factory reset instructions:

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F / DS

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press and hold the keys at the same time: Volume Plus, Home (Center), On / Off. Release the buttons when the display lights up.

Reset Samsung A5

10sec. The smartphone will enter recovery menu. If the robot logo is displayed on the screen, press the button On off and without releasing it, press once Gr. (). Release the buttons.

Select stitch Wipe data / factory reset. Move by buttons Loudness, and confirmation with a button Turning on.

The phone will ask you to confirm the reset. Please select Yes. Delete all user data.

Restart your smartphone by selecting. Reboot system now.

  • Wait for smartphone loading.
  • Resetting Galaxy A5 2017 settings using the menu:

      At the bottom of the screen, go to Menu.

    Find Settings.

    Go to point Recovery and reset.

    Tap on the name Reset.

    Give your consent to reset by clicking Reset and Erase All.

    Wait for the phone to load.

    Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F / DS. Reset settings, password, pattern

    Instruction (bypass FRP on Galaxy A5 2017):

    If you have problems with a locked Google account, or you forgot your pattern, here’s how to unlock your Galaxy A5 2017:

    Factory reset codes on all smartphones

    We often encounter problems when working with a mobile device, for example, the smartphone turns off during a call or starts to work slower. Factory reset can fix various errors.

    Before doing a factory reset, you need to back up your data, such as photos, music, and more.

    Factory Reset Codes on Samsung

    If you forgot your Samsung phone password, don’t worry. The system code will allow you to return to a working state. To do this, open the dialer application and enter the following code: 2767637 # or 27673855 #.

    Also you can use codes to clear sections of internal memory.

    • 2767MEDIA #. Reset media (completely delete MP3 music and photos from internal memory)
    • 2767 WAP #. WAP Reset (reset Internet settings)
    • 2767CUST #. Reset custom EEPROM (Reset internal memory)
    • 2767FULL #. Reset EEPROM settings (Full format of internal memory)

    Factory reset codes for Nokia

    1. Soft Reset. Dial # 7380 # on Nokia phone.

    This way, you will clear all existing tasks and errors in the internal memory. This method returns the mobile device to normal mode. If the phone asks for a security code, enter 12345.

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    Hard reset is designed to completely clear the internal memory of your mobile device. Enter the code # 7370 # and click “Yes” in the confirmation window. Confirmation will be required again. Write the default security code 12345.

    Factory reset codes for LG

    To factory reset any LG phone, dial the following code:

    • # PWE668 (PWE = Phone Power Button)

    Factory reset codes on Android smartphone

    1. The first method to reset the settings is to dial the following code: ## 7780 ##. A screen will appear on which you need to click on the “Reset phone” option.
    2. The second code for a factory reset is 27673855 #. It is used to execute Format Factory and phone flashing.

    Factory reset codes for ZTE

    Dial the following code 938737381 #, then restart your smartphone.

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    Galaxy A5 2017 factory reset instructions:

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    Xiaomi Mi A1 (pure Android 8.1 Oreo)

    1. Click on the “Settings” icon in the application menu or launch them using the icon in the notification shade.
    2. Scroll down and go to the “System” section.
    3. Click “Reset”.
    4. Select “Erase All Data” (“Reset to Factory Settings”).
    5. Confirm your intention by pressing the button below.
    6. Enter the device PIN and click “Continue”.
    7. Select “Erase All”.

    The device will reboot and you will need to go through the initial setup again as if it were a new phone.

    Samsung a5 2017 factory reset. The first way to reset data is through the menu

    Select “General Settings”. If there is no such item, go to the next step.

    Select “Reset”. It can also be called “Archive and Reset”, “Archive and Reset” or “Privacy”.

    Select “Factory data reset” or “Reset device”.

    Select “Reset”, “Reset Device” or “Delete All”.

    The device will reboot and the data will be deleted.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 (shell Samsung Experience)

    1. Go to the settings in a way convenient for you.
    2. At the bottom, click on the “General Settings” tab.
    3. Select “Reset” (“Archive and Reset”).
    4. Tap on “Reset data”.
    5. Click on the blue reset button.
    6. Enter the device PIN and click “Next”.
    7. Click on “Delete all” (“Reset device”).

    Your phone will restart. It will remain to customize it as after purchase.

    How to record a conversation on Samsung A5?

    If you do not consider the legal and legal aspects of recording a telephone conversation, to enable this feature, use third-party programs from the Play Market. For example, “Call Recorder. Automatic Call Recorder”, “C Mobile”, “lovekara” “CallX. Call / Conversation Recording”. I was helped by the first program that records automatically. Its only drawback is the abundance of various advertisements.

    How to insert a SIM card into Samsung A5?

    Newer smartphones are getting bigger and smaller components. Now they use nano-type SIM cards. If you have a new large SIM card issued after 2011, you can cut it with a special device. Old cards are best reissued because they stop working after trimming.

    To install the SIM card into the phone, we will use the supplied pin to slide out the compartment for the SIM card and flash drive. Next, insert the card and push it back into the phone. The compartment on the left side is intended for card # 1. The upper compartment is for card # 2. For clarity, I suggest looking at:

    How to set a ringtone on Samsung A5 2017?

    To set the ringtone, go to the settings tab and from there to the “Sounds and Vibration” item. Choose where you want to put a melody or sound. A notification or SMS for a call. A tab with music will open, where we select the desired track. If you need a melody for a specific contact, then click “Phone”. “Contacts”. Find the required subscriber from the list. Go to “Details”. “Change”. “”. At the very end of the list with parameters there is a “Ringtone” item. Click “Allow access to media data” (if not already allowed) and at the very bottom, in addition to standard melodies, the “Add from phone” button will appear. Next, select the track you like and you’re done. To place the melody in the general list, using any file manager, place it in the sdcard / Notifications folder.

    How to open the back cover of Samsung Galaxy A5 2017?

    This question may appear if the battery or display needs to be replaced. For opening you need a thin spatula or something similar to it. Just watch the beginning of this here:

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    How to restart Samsung A5?

    A non-removable battery causes a lot of inconvenience to the owners of such devices. My smartphone has not frozen yet (ugh three times), but they say that this procedure will help in this case. At the same time we hold down the “on / off” button and both volume buttons “” “-“. We do not let go for a few seconds. If successful, the phone should restart. If this does not happen, try again, holding the buttons for a longer time.

    Samsung A5 2017 (SM-A520F): answers to the most popular questions

    Factory Recovery

    This hard reset option is applicable when the device cannot boot the system. For example, during a cyclic reboot (bootloop).

    1. Turn off your device. To enter “Recovery Mode”, simultaneously hold down the buttons for turning on the screen, “Volume Up” and “Home”. If your device does not have the last key, then just hold down the screen turn on plus “Volume Up”.
    2. When the standard screen saver appears on the display with the inscription “Samsung Galaxy”, release the screen power key, and hold the rest for about 10 seconds. The recovery-mod menu should appear. If it didn’t work out, repeat steps 1-2 again, while holding the buttons a little longer.
    3. After accessing Recovery, press the Volume Down button to select Wipe data / factory reset. After selecting it, confirm the action by pressing the screen activation key.

    This system reset option will clear the memory by bypassing Android, allowing you to fix the above bootloop. As in other methods, this action will delete all user data, so a backup is desirable.

    Factory reset Samsung smartphones

    How to reset Samsung to factory settings

    This seemingly difficult task can be solved in several ways. Let’s consider each of them in order of complexity of both execution and problem.

    System Tools

    Samsung has provided users with the option to reset the device (in English hard reset) through the device settings.

      Enter “Settings” in any available way (via the shortcut of the menu application or by pressing the corresponding button in the curtain of the device).

    In the group “General settings” there is an item “Archive and reset”. Enter this item with a single tap.

    The application will warn you about the deletion of all user information stored in memory (including accounts). At the bottom of the list is the “Reset device” button, which you need to click.

  • You will be presented with another warning and a button “Delete all”. After clicking, the process of clearing the user’s personal data stored on the device will begin. If you use a picture password, PIN or fingerprint sensor, or iris, you will first need to unlock the option.
  • At the end of the process, the phone will reboot and appear in front of you in a pristine state.
  • Despite the simplicity, this method has a significant drawback. In order to use it, the phone must be loaded into the system.

    Service code in the dialer

    This cleaning method is possible using the Samsung Service Tag. Works only on some devices, and it also affects the contents of memory cards, so we recommend removing the USB flash drive from your phone before use.

      Open your device’s dialer app (preferably standard, but most third-party apps work as well).

    Enter the following code in it

    27673855 # The device will immediately start the reset process and reboot when finished.

    The method is extremely simple, but fraught with danger, since no warning or confirmation of the reset is provided.

    Summing up, we note that the process of factory resetting Samsung phones is not much different from other smartphones on Android. In addition to those described above, there are more exotic reset methods, but most ordinary users do not need them.

    Your-mobila.Ru. Samsung Galaxy A5 2017.Hard reset, factory reset

    It is important to remember or write down the data (login and password) to log into your google account. After resetting the settings, you will need them to synchronize your data (contacts, applications, etc.) with your phone.

    Instruction :. Reset settings using the menu:

    1. At the bottom of the screen, go to Menu.
    2. Find Settings.
    3. Go to Restore and Reset.
    4. Tap on the name Reset settings.
    5. Give your consent to the reset by clicking Reset and Erase All.
    6. Wait for the phone to load.

    Set up your phone correctly! Internet, hard reset, graphic lock. Hard reset:

    To factory reset Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 follow these steps:

    1. Make sure your phone is charged and turn it off.
    2. Press the buttons at the same time: Volume is positive Home (center) Turn on.
    3. Release the buttons as soon as you see the Samsung logo.
    4. After 5-10 seconds, your device will automatically enter the recovery menu. If the robot’s logo appears, hold down Power on and, without releasing it, press Volume () once. Release the buttons.
    5. Go to the item “Wipe data / factory reset”. Moving the cursor is done with the Volume buttons, and confirmation with the Power button.
    6. The phone will ask you to confirm Hard reset. Select “Yes. Delete all user data”.
    7. Click the Power button once, thereby selecting reboot system now.
    8. Wait for smartphone loading.
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    Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 from recovery menu

    If you cannot turn on your smartphone, it freezes or you forgot your password, then try to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 from the Recovery menu.

    1. Make sure your smartphone is turned off.
    2. Press the Volume Up button, Home button and Power button at the same time. This may take some dexterity.
    3. Hold all three buttons for about 10 seconds.
    4. The recovery menu will appear on the screen of your smartphone. Androidrecoverymenu.
    5. If you could not go to the recovery menu or the smartphone booted up normally, repeat the procedure from the beginning.
    6. Once you have entered the recovery menu, press the volume down button three times to highlight “wipedata / factoryreset”.
    7. Press the power button to select.
    8. Then press the Volume Down button seven times to highlight “Yes– deletealluserdata”. Press the power button again to select an option.
    9. Wait a minute or two for the Samsung Galaxy A5 to hard reset.
    10. Once the process is complete, press the power button once to select “rebootsystemnow”.

    Your smartphone will be turned off. The reboot may take a little longer than usual. Don’t worry, wait until your smartphone is fully loaded.

    Samsung Galaxy A5 hard reset: 4 working ways

    There are many reasons to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A5. Firstly, before you sell your smartphone, you should definitely do a factory reset. Thus, you will delete personal data from the internal memory of the mobile device.

    Also, the hard reset of the Samsung Galaxy A5 can be useful in situations when the smartphone started to work incorrectly, errors appear, applications do not open, etc.

    We are going to show you 4 ways how you can hard reset your Samsung Galaxy A5.

    Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 remotely

    If you lose your smartphone or it was stolen, you must erase all personal data from the internal memory of the mobile device so that the new owner does not get access to your photos, contacts, bank accounts, etc.

    1. Go to the Android Device Manager website using this link.
    2. Sign in to your Google account that is linked to your smartphone.
    3. Once you see your phone, click the “Clear” button.
    4. Confirm that you agree to erase all your data by clicking the “Clear” button again.
    5. As soon as the smartphone connects to a Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet, all personal data will be deleted.

    Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 from the settings menu

    If your smartphone turns on and you can go to the settings menu then use this method. It is the fastest and easiest.

    1. First, open the Settings menu.
    2. Then go to the “Backup and reset” section.
    3. After that, click the “Reset data” button at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Then click “Reset device” to confirm the operation.

    Hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 via computer

    If you can’t hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 using the first 3 methods, then use your computer.

    To do this, you need a microUSB cable and Samsung Kies 3.

    1. Download Samsung Kies 3 from this link. Install the program on your computer.
    2. Open Samsung Kies 3 and then connect your GalaxyA5 to your computer via USB cable.
    3. As soon as the program recognizes your smartphone, you will see it in the upper left corner. Click on the name of the smartphone.
    4. After that click on “Tools” in the top menu bar.
    5. Click on “Firmware update and initialization”.

    Click on the image to enlarge.

    That’s all! You can use these Samsung Galaxy A5 hard reset methods to quickly clear the internal storage of your smartphone, fix software bugs, or remove your password.

    Dear Reader! If suddenly the method described in the article did not help you. Help, please, the rest. Write how you dealt with the problem or ask a question. By the way, the answer to your question may already be in the comments.

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